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Consistent crashing since version



  • Consistant crashing since the last 2 versions. 

    Currently running 5.59 and it only runs about 30 minutes and crashes every time. It started about 5 versions ago. 

    Anyone have anything similar happen? I think it may be the scheduler...
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    Yep happens to me on the scheduler too.

    Turned back to 5.22 as well for stability and LPM.

    I want speed of submissions vs managed functionality bells and whistles.

    For me LPM = backlinks = ranking = $
  • @nicerice : i want to go back to that version too but i cant . When i run the downloaded v5.22, it will ask for product key. And my Employer said that he forgot. :/

    Do you know how to recover it?

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    I keep mine in my GSA folder where the new engines are
    by renaming it to 5.22.exe...
    then it recognises the licence file in that directory I'd assume.

    if you try to run it outside of that directory then you will find it wont work.
  • @nicerice : will try that later. thanks
  • v5.77 and v5.78 cant handle testing emails while running projects

  • SvenSven
    what does "testing emails" mean?
  • @sven sorry for the very late reply sir . But its already been fix since v5.80. But thanks for asking.

    Here is the SS of what i mean testing emails

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