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Consistent crashing since version



  • enabling re-veryfication takes my LPM down by like 80% :/ There should be an option that re-veryfication is only once per 24 hours per project. In my case, no matter if I do 7200 minutes or 1440 minutes for checking verified links, re-veryfication is runnig almost all the time.
  • Funny, i think Sven mentioned elsewhere that RE-verfication actually does happen only once every day and not all the time
  • Can someone please upload an older version to mediafire? Preferably 5.26 or earlier?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Most people set the verification on t2+ to every 24hrs.

    Thats partly to help speed up link building

    Why then go through daily verifying the same links. So much time wasted

    Once a week, I could understand. But one moment they are using tricks to cut back on time wasting and then they add another feature to slow everything down again

  • @LeeG - u mean veryfication. Im talking about re-veryfication which I use only for 1st tiers. 

    I dont know exactly how often that happens, but from what I see - there are re-veryfication threads clogging my GSA SER completely. They seem to run all the time.

    I run it on 1gbps connection and awesome CPU, but still cannot use 1/20 of my server config. Its killing me as I just bought/rented that server a week ago and had 3 days of running before GSA problems. What is interesting for me, GSA shows 99% CPU all the time, when my CPU hardly reaches 40% in task manager even on 1200 threads. How is it calculated?

  • Ok... I don't know if this fixes everyone's problem but here it goes. I recently updated to 5.33 and it was still going kind of slow. I deactivated all my projects. I went into each project and unchecked global lists. Activated all my projects again and now I'm moving like I used to. 400 threads, no freezing, crashing, etc. 
  • I've never had issues with GSA before, until now. V5.33, I don't know what's going on, but it won't stay on for longer than a minute. I was away for about 2 days, which means I was 3 updates/versions behind, so I did the updates and now it's just a constant crash sesh.
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    Interesting new development. I had projects running with no scheduler (12?) and it seemed like they were running fine because CB was solving captchas but GSA SER UI was frozen. I stopped it (to update to 5.33), could not start it again...rebooted my VPS and now it won't start at all. It shows in task manager as a service but the UI never shows up.


    EDIT: It started after about 20 minutes...
  • Freezing SOLVEEED ;)

    Sven - u r the best.

    Finally I can start 850 threads and everything is sweet!

    5.34 solved all the problems.  

    Also - new proxies - that is a cool feature. I was thinking about exact same solution lately and Sven must be a mind reader. 

    Great job and thank you!
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    5.34 still causing problems for me.  Threads seem to be very slow after I stop GSA.  I run 200 threads and clicked Stop about 7 minutes's down to 156 threads and I have a 60 second HTML timeout so I don't know why it is taking 7 minutes to throttle down the threads.

    Last couple of versions were VERY quick, like under 30 seconds to go from 200 to 0.
  • ronron

    5.34 seems to be running great.

    People need to look at the new proxy feature. Everything has changed - so look at it!


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    5.34 GUI seems to be buggy. The log stops and starts sporadically, not a smooth run like it has been in the past.  I went back to 5.33 and that was the same so something might have changed before that.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im noticing threads have dropped right off

    I aint seen 25LpM for ages, it aint right :O

  • Ran 5.34 for about 2 hours and the usual hangup and crash...
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    I get a very low LPM for v 5.34.  Previous version 5.32 has massive LPM for me but freezes after a few hours and I can't stop it unless i control alt delete.  when i do a lose the last few links.

  • I get shitty LPM as well, but its not crashing etc. Was running whole night at 850 threads and its still smooth!. Got 23 LPM right now (100 LPM before) but Its still better than NO LPM ;)
  • 5.34 on scheduler is moving alone nicely for me :)

    thanks Sven for the updates
  • 5.34 is running fine but like LeeG said.... low threads and LPM.
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    same here on 5.34. low thread usage = low submission rate.

    i thought it could have something to do that i didn't marked my proxies as private when i turned down any public proxy option previously. but that didn't change that much at first glance.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I have been version hopping :O

    Seems like 5.33 is good for LpM and high thread count :)

  • Upgraded to 5.35 and still getting low thread count :(
  • Just to chime in, i don't seem to be having any problems at all. I'm running on 300 threads and it's currently pushing out 150 LPM. This is without scheduler, using global site list, and without allowing GSA SER to search for itself.
  • Upgraded to 5.35. Still low LPM (40 instead of at least 150+) but no crashes...I will keep an eye on it. OK after 2 hours.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Just had my first freeze on the latest version

    It was checking emails and then froze for a short period


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Constantly being hit with not responding now
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    squirrelhunter  said?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Has anyone else noticed that their verified links have dropped right off?

    I used to average about 1k an hour

    Now Im lucky to get 1000 in 12hrs

    The problems started from about version 5.23 onwards

    5.23 I never run live because of the problems with how spun emails displayed under test

    Now I get very few forum profiles and very few blog posts verified each day

    5.22 I could leave running for several days without any problem

  • What I've been scratching my head about is my percentage of verified/submitted. I was normally getting around 20% to 25%. Now I'm getting 12% to 15%. I'll end up with over 10k verified today, but that used to be 20K plus.
  • Very low LMP after 6+ hours running. No crashes but speed about 1/10th of what it used to be (25LMP now, 200+ before). 

    I also have it set to 250 threads but seems to be only using 10 most of the time.
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