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Consistent crashing since version



  • Running fine here... I had these problems in the past when I was running it insanely fast and I realised that mine was going into mega verification mode simultaneously. I staggered all my verification times so that they would not clash and also changed up my search engines even turning a few tiers on to scrape from all search engines as they were adding to site lists and weren't massively critical to be running fast. The result is that now mine is more stable for longer periods and I get on average about 100LPM so I am happy with that. Mine does use a lot of memory but it does so efficiently from what I am seeing. If I run it on scheduler it uses memory even better but sometimes locks up so I prefer to use it without scheduler. Just thought to add in my experience to see if it helps others.
  • Well, I turned off global site lists and the scheduler and it's been running for well over 3 hours with no crash.   that sucks that I can't use the global site list and this more than likely won't be fixed until monday.  Understandably though. :)
  • I just turned global on for select tiers... and that helped mine too...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Its scheduler partly at fault.

    I altered the time to 60 minutes between changes.

    One project was stuck pulling lists from the global lists from 01.56am until now 11.22am

    No rotation, just stuck on that one project

  • edited March 2013
    Just for another point of reference;

    V5.30 working great for me for last 12 hrs.  Scheduler used for 5 projects; 15min rotation
    Global site lists being used but no verification process been run through as yet.
    CPU usage seems higher than in previous versions, sometimes flat lining at 100%
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im kicking myself for not backing up the 5.22 exe

    That version, I could run for 48hrs and not need to do a vps reboot

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    just crashed.... lasted 17 hrs. Last info in log; "waiting for threads to finish"

    Unfortunately after reboot it lost all todays submitted links so they won't get verified / pushed into indexer. Nevermind, just have to build more!
  • are the submitted links really gone or is just the counter in the status bar resetted? please check with right click projects -> show urls -> submitted -> today
  • Yep, think you are right Oz, just did that check and it seems only the counter bar was reset.  Thanks for pointing that out! 
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Still crashing at the same point with tonights release 5.31

    01:31:05: [ ] Loaded 0/442 URLs from site lists
    01:31:13: [ ] Loaded 29/209 URLs from site lists
    01:31:36: [ ] Loaded 27/302 URLs from site lists
    01:32:05: [ ] Loaded 0/742 URLs from site lists
    01:32:12: [ ] Verifying links...
    01:32:34: [ ] Verifying links...
    01:33:05: [ ] Loaded 0/814 URLs from site lists
    01:34:05: [ ] Loaded 0/625 URLs from site lists
    01:35:03: [ ] Verifying links...

  • :( I am there too now locked up on scheduler just now... same point exactly.
  • although i like the re-verify idea... i turned mine off completely on all tiers because of this lock up thinking it might be related... I can't be certain except to say that now I am running again and the speed is climbing up again :\
  • Seeing the same thing As well lee. 

    16:50:58: waiting for threads to finish.
    16:51:05: [ ] Loaded 3/212 URLs from site lists
    16:51:09: [ ] Loaded 1/177 URLs from site lists
    16:52:05: [ ] Loaded 2/198 URLs from site lists
    16:52:09: [ ] Loaded 9/198 URLs from site lists
    16:53:05: [ ] Loaded 2/178 URLs from site lists
    16:53:09: [ ] Loaded 0/169 URLs from site lists
    16:53:23: [ ] Reloading settings...
    16:53:23: waiting for threads to finish.
    16:53:54: [ ] Verifying links...
    16:54:05: [ ] Verifying links...
    16:54:09: [ ] Verifying links...
    16:54:24: [ ] Verifying links...
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    Same here, not sure which version I first noticed this problem but it's been happening for the last 2-3 days.  Very odd, the speed has indeed increased substantially but the program crashes every time like clockwork.  My VPS  CPU resources are always at maxed 100% even when I have the option checked to monitor CPU resources.  It wasn't like this just a couple versions before.  I'm not using the scheduler was running 35 projects on 170 threads and 180 timeout now switching to 100 threads and 110 timeout.  We'll see how that works.

    ***UPDATE***  Seems like whatever amount of threads I'm using (including threads for scraping & testing proxies), the timeout needs to be 30 more.  This seems to be working, although the LPM is down dramatically.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @CecilDee- what timeout? SE timeout or HTML timeout?
  • I am experiencing the same freezing of the software
  • Updated to 5.31...same issues.

    Working theory is that it's global site lists + Scheduler

    @ron are you using global site lists? I seemed to remember a post a while back that you had not implemented that...
  • I turned off Scheduler and Global Site lists and I am using the reverify links and it's not crashing at all for me personally but my LPM is doing just shitty since I'm not using the global site lists. :/
  • ronron
    Not using site lists. Thinking of using the way back machine and use 5.21 or something like that. CPU at 100% no matter what I do.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I went through mine earlier after reading someone disabled the kiddy feature

    Ended up going through everything after find the ghosts had hit mine and put a lot of ticks in the use gsa seo indexer box on random projects

    So far its been running very well

    Best part of three hours so far

    I also did a reboot last night and ran it on an older version for about 16 hours

  • 5.32 seem to help a bit. How about u? LPM Is shit now, but its responding...
  • I have rolled back to 5.28 until I see a consistent thread of people saying that the newest version is super stable. At least back on 5.28 I didn't have to baby sit it. I am now worried with all the new additions that GSA is in danger of becoming bloatware. Honestly I'd prefer it to not to be updated with new ideas so often and to iron out as many issues with current versions until most are happy.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    5,32 was blipping too much

    Kept showing red on resource manager

    CPU was not maxing either

    5.31 was running smoother and faster without that going on

    But blog comments are not being picked up, which is another reason to avoid the reverifying of verified links

  • I was at version 5.24 and it was crashing.  I am using scheduler and global site list.  I was just going to update to v5.32 today but reading comments here maybe I will go back to v5.22. 

    If @sven is ok - I can upload 5.22 to mediafire.  Please let me know its ok
  • @Rich2012 : that is good :D

    @LeeG : is v.5.22 a good SER version?
  • Cant even run a campaign in v5.32 T_T

    it goes NOT RESPONDING after starting project T_T

  • It was running fine for me, but only for 3 hours. Back to square one now :/ 

    Do u know if Sven is working on that? GSA guys are always really good on support. Anybody knows what is the status of this bug? I wrote to Sven but it was during the weekend so I guess hes gonna answer later today.
  • its 4 days now since v5.31 and SER still crash  @-)
  • Haven't been able to use my GSA for 4 days now, the program uses 99% cpu for couple minutes then crashes.
  • I had the same issue of a few crashes each day but it's running quite stable for the past 24hrs since I went through each campaign and unchecked "Also re-verify existing backlinks".

    I'm on VPS, though it is running quite stable it is still using around 99%-100% CPU most of the time, but it is running!
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