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SEREngines 2 Testing is Now Ready



  • edited November 2016
    @s4nt0s , I've delete the folder twice still show this error -> Invalid pointer operation

    I found that might cause by one of my old web 2.0 project, which use old serengine web 2.0 engine and built in web 2.0s and new engine.

    Here's a way to reduplicated:(this is what I remember)
    I ran the old engines first (built 50+ links) than add the new engines to the project, at first it ran with no problem after built more than 100 links, the error start to show.

    I just find a way to stop the error msg, but no link build by new engine yet.
  • @s4ny0s, I thought that I solve the error msg but in fact I haven't.
    The msg still shows up after submit 3 links: bcz, rediff,, and then the new engine stop.
  • @s4nt0s If the other platforms can't support that, then wordpress should have it.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @dannyorder - Ok, that's definitely odd. You're the only one reporting this problem at the moment (invalid pointer error) - We'll try to follow your steps to reproduce the error. Thanks for reporting the details.

    @antonearn - I'll have to talk to James to see how practical something like that would be to add. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston is the only one right now i never seem to get any made.....
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @steelbone - Hmm, my last campaign had successful in the verifieds and I just setup a new one with only and I've got about 6 verified so far. This is mailru, 2captcha + private proxies.

    Are they awaiting account verification or are you seeing some kind of error message?
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I will try again

    My set up is the same as yours

    Thanks for the feedback

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @steelbone - Sounds good :)
  • edited November 2016
    Awesome! Excited to give the new SEREngines a try.
  • @s4nt0s , I have Question about 

    Some Do's and Don'ts
    1. Always check your emails and proxies are working before starting
    2. Don't stop and start the project
    3. Always use fresh email accounts, don't reuse them from other projects

    Number 2, Don't Stop & Start the project.. It means I stuck and can't stop the project at all? @_@.. After I stop it, I must create new project? For me, it's hard to do.. 
    About email : so we can't use for email? >_<........ And I just thought that I didn't need another email anymore.

    And I just try it out , I really tired type over and over again the captcha and only a few that registered right. It's weird... I don't even know what's wrong with it. I'm using dedicated proxy, email catchallboxes only though...

    some platform never success register and I must type all the captcha over and over @_@.. 
  • @akiratoya13, To save both you and @s4nt0s time, which is the only luxury we have in life, please go back and read what's being said about captcha solving and the other stuff you're asking. Thanks! 
  • @antonearn , I'm sorry.. I don't have any intention to waste your time and @s4ntOs time. I just reading the documentation, and that's what it said and just trying my self. Even bought private proxy just to do that.

    I found all the answer after reading your reply to me, and try to read from the start. And I don't know why the documentation still said to "Don't stop & start the project".

    And actually, I already read this from the start to the end ( page 5 ) because I'm interested to bought this, but my eyes set on web 2.0 that can be made using this. So I'm sorry to miss it when reading, I didn't expect there's already one questioning about it.

    Thanks anyway for replying.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @akiratoya13 - No problems.

    Did you find the answers to your questions or did you still need some help? Which part of the documentation said "Don't start and stop the project"? 

  • @s4nt0s

    Yes, I found the answer.. 
    Email : just using is not a problem.. but do not using catchall.

    Basically, it's covering all the question.. Because I'm using catchall. 

    And for the documentation, I got it from "member area" serengine... Download the pdf quick guide or something.. And that's the tips.


  • I got error from ampedpages.. Always failed like this.. I type the captcha manually, so I'm pretty sure I type right.. It's already happen to much :)..

    21:51:32: [+] 06/45 matches engine Ampedpages -
    21:51:32: [-] 06/45 SerEngines: OPEN_PAGE -
    21:51:32: [-] 06/45 SerEngines: CLICK_BUTTON -
    21:51:32: [-] 06/45 SerEngines: CLICK_BUTTON -
    21:51:32: [-] 06/45 SerEngines: failed with invalid captcha code -
    21:51:32: [-] 06/45 captcha error - trying again -

    This is the error message.
  • I'm sure it's very stable and usable right now, but any idea when it is heading out of beta? Or is it like a Gmail thing and will be beta for quite some time?
  • @s4nt0s had a good run last week, but the past few days it has dropped way off for me. I am not running the program hard at all. Literally every platform stopped for me across 12 projects.

    Do proxies appear to be an issue? I have 25 dedicated private. But am wondering if the platforms end up flagging the proxies at some point during the month and just shut them down?

    Also, where is the program pulling targets from? My SER folders (if box is ticked)? Or searching on its own via KW search?

    Finally do you have an ETA on adding new platforms?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @viking - I have projects running right now and I just checked one of my latest and so far I have links verified from amped, Bcz, edublogs, FC2, Onesm, Rediff & Wikidot.

    If you really aren't getting any verified from any engines across all your projects then I'd say its most likely the proxies. It's possible your proxies were flagged, but hard to say for sure. It does sound like a proxy issue to me though.

    About pulling targets, I'm not sure what you mean. These are web 2.0 sites so SER doesn't do any kind of scraping, it signs up on the home page like, etc.

    They've been working on Ning engine and its a bit more tricky then the others. More engines coming soon, but don't have exact ETA.
  • @s4nt0s hmm. I'm using dedicated proxy and I think it's pretty good.. I use buyproxies. Any chance that it's because of it's email? I'm using email because I still didn't get any cheap provider.. Still searching for it.

    and, for wordpress, are you sure it's working? I'm not getting any wordpress registered too.. And maybe it's because of the email too? hahaha.. 

  • Would it be possible for SER to throw an important error message if all the emails are used for account creation?
    Something similar to article dupechecking. Like "all the emails are used for wordpress account creation add some new."

    Also it would be useful if the log could show which proxies are used for account creation and which ones aren't working for a particular engine. Currently it only says (proxy related issue, please use another one) but doesn't show which one is it.
  • @TheGypsy Very good ideas. 
  • @s4nt0s thanks. I sorted it. It was my settings, which had the default '5' for max accounts. Duh. Changed the number and working like a champ again. Guess I maxed it out and the software did exactly what it was supposed to do. Thank you. Looking forward to more platforms down the road.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @akiratoya13 - In my project from last night, I had Wordpress verifieds coming in. It seemed like they were some of the last web 2.0's to get verified in my campaign though. Just make sure you let it run long enough to see some come through. 

    I've personally never tried emails in any of the web 2.0's so I'm not sure if that could be causing a problem or not. You can get accounts here if needed for pretty cheap:

    @TheGypsy - What email and proxy is used is up to SER. If it is rejected by the Web 2.0, SER should automatically retry. 

    Yes, the next update will work so that the proxy related issues pass back the ip address in the SER log. :)
  • I see in the log that SER keeps trying to create accounts with different emails with the error message (sorry that email address is already used). I would like to have a way to know when they are all used for a given engine or at least in the project. This way I would know when to load more emails into the project.

  • akiratoya13akiratoya13 Indonesia
    edited November 2016
    @s4nt0s hi.. Yeah, it's about email >_<.. I already bought it from site you said too.. And success made a wordpress :D.. 

    But, I don't know why the others still can't registered.. You can see the GSA log here :

    I already uploaded it...

    Using deathbycaptcha : 600 captcha solved, but submission only 3 and verified only 17.. I don't know why it is... So, it's too many using captcha and still failed to register.. one that I really often seen is ipernity.. It can get 3 captcha error in 1 time @_@.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @TheGypsy - If you just use the same or more emails than the amount accounts you have it set to create, you shouldn't have that issue at all. I believe the red error message should come up if all emails are used. 

    @akiratoya13 - The captchas might be from it trying to solve a captcha but it failing to register. If you hover over your API key in SER, you'll see a box pop up and at the bottom there is a support token ID. If you include this in your support ticket, he'll be able to see your logs and where the errors are occurring. 
  • The reason I mentioned this was because I haven't seen it happening yet. I had 10 emails in a wordpress only test project and the only error message I've seen so far is the "No targets to post to (no site list enabled, no url extraction chosen)"
    But if you say it's already happening then it's cool. In this case can you tell me if SER checks it per project or per engines, please.
    I mean if I have two engines enabled in a project will SER throw a message after all the emails are used on both engine or it alerts after all the emails are used on one engine?

    One more question just to be clear on this. In scheduled posting the " Time to wait on further registration" is per proxy?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @TheGypsy - It's more of a per project, not per engine. If the emails are used up for the entire project I believe you should get an error message. I will double check with everything and let you know for sure. 

    The "time to wait on further registrations" is just the time it's going to wait before registering on the same web 2.0 again. I'm not sure what you mean per proxy? SER chooses a random proxy but Sven worked on this recently to try and improve this. 
  • Thanks for checking it for me!

    Well you have sort of answered the question I guess. I thought it may keep track of which account was created by which proxy and bases the time on individual proxy level.

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