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Who really want the WEB 2.0 working properly?

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Ok guys I decided to open this thread to find a solution about the web 2.0 issue

We have 2 facts:

1- We all want web 2.0 working, but these engines change their registration process every week so spammers like us can't create content there.

2- We agree that GSA is the best tool out there, but Sven and his team are working to keep the tool running and don't have the resources to have someone dedicated to update 50 scripts of web 2.0 every week.

In other words. it is up to us to find a solution.

The question is:

How many of us will be willing to pay $5 or $6 a month (no more than that because I am not willing to stop being a cheap bastard), to hire a coder who will deliver a weekly update of these scripts?

The Scripts should be only available to those contributing, of course.

If you like the idea, stop whining about the web 2.0 and reply "count on me" so we can start working on a solution.


  • I suggested the same thing a while ago, but opening a thread to see who is really interested is really nice idea indeed... :) I have to say right away. I'm in for paying a guy (or girl) who will keep scripts up to date!

    So, I'm in aka "count on me"!
  • I am in as well.
  • i'd be in as well Maybe they also would be able to create new scripts?
  • I don't mind paying a monthly fee if I get a large list of working free blog sites (, tumblr, posterous, wikidot etc.) in return. But it is a huge work. So for $5-$6 a month you can't get much sites.

    Maybe GSA could release a "premium version". The premium version would introduce a monthly fee and hard coded working free blog sites.

  • Count us in too.
  • You'd be able to count me in at that price.
  • I'm in as well. Send the coder the scripting guide as a reference...
  • +1 for me as well.
  • count on me

    I also like the idea by @Charybdis
  • Count me in as well..though I would prefer Sven to do this as I said before ;))
  • Although I'd obviously like all of the Web 2.0s to be working perfectly, I wouldn't be happy with this arrangement unless it were approved by Sven. We could end up in a situation where Sven was still working every spare minute upgrading and improving the software for no reward whilst our hired hand (once all the Web 2.0s were working) would be sitting back counting the money.

    I don't have a solution, just don't feel comfortable with the current suggestion.
  • + 100000000

    I'm dying to see this happening.

    Count on me !

    I'm even willing to pay 10 to 20 $ a month to a premium GSA SER subscription to get this done by  Sven team which is gonna be much better of course. But I like your idea as well and I'm in for sure.

    We can even extend this a little bit to get more built in Blogs like the ones in Magic Submitter! , Man, this will be fantastic.

  • Yeah I agree with the others.  Not to discredit you or anything adventrious.  I'd do this only if it was approved by sven and he had some part of it. :)
  • edited November 2012
    A server based update of the web 2.0 engines (i.e. detected by Subscription + License details) - that automatically updates the 2.0 engines when the target sites changes (i.e. once a week).

    We'd be glad to pay a good premium rate aswell. Further, this means recurring income for Sven and his team :)

    Or separate the instances completely:

    1. ) GSA for a one-off payment as it is now (no update of web 2.0 engines)
    2. ) GSA² for a one-off payment + xx$/m to keep the (web 2.0) Engines updated.

  • I agree with the idea of consulting Sven.

    As a matter of fact, I think the Premium Service of GSA is making more sense than ever.

    Maybe with that extra money Sven can hire a coder to do this, instead of getting ourselves to organize the whole thing (if nothing else, we would have to do it).

    So, Sven: what do you think about the idea of the GSA premium to keep this properties up to date on a weekly basis? As you can see there's quorum to support it.
  • ronron

    Some software developers try to milk you to death with monthly fees. Sven never took that approach. He has relentlessly improved the product and used our suggestions without compensation.

    +1 for helping out Sven and making it attractive for him to participate.

  • SvenSven

    let me add my 2 cent to this...

    People are right that most web2.0 engines might change to quickly to monitor them and fix them for me alone. I just can not provide so much time on this. Especially as I could have sent the time to write other engines that are not based on a single site. 

    So yes if you want 100% working web2.0, you need to monitor them and keep fixing them contentiously and I can't provide this.

    I try to finish the editor to make it easier for people to build engines without knowing the script language in and out.

    Though as you might know, we are about to release this captcha solving program and that has priority right now. After that I will finish the editor and it should be, not easy but, way easier for anyone to build engines and fix them.

  • While the script editor will be a great addition, i really don't see it being the answer to the problem, but more like the croudsourcing feature of senukexcr that will help in enabling SER users to add more platforms to the bot, but not as a replacement for the work that's consistently needed to keep the web 2.0's up to date.

    I would really like to see SER competing with senuke and magic submitter in terms of the quality tier one links it can produce as well as the links it already is capable of producing.

    Why? Because while other tools like senukexcr and magic submitter are capable of doing this, and i own a copy of both, SER is the most automated of all seo programs i have come across.. no need for babysitting it, just set it up and let it rip, and with a catchall email and a plentiful supply of public proxies we could be blasting literally thousands of web 2.0 links,high pr bookmarking links, and high pr article links out per day.. something that just can't be done with any other program.

    Surely there are at least 100 users of GSA willing to pay $10 per month for an upgraded service of GSA. With this 100 x $10 per month im guessing you could easily outsource the coding and still have a profit to yourself.

    I feel this would take SER to another level, a level no seo program has ever even come close to. I realize you are busy with the new captcha solving program which i am eagerly awaiting also, but i hope you will please consider it.


  • @sven , Platform Trainer will be a wonderful feature. But most of us don't have time or don't want to spend time doing the fixing every single day. I'm using Magic Submitter and I never used the platform trainer simply because I'm too lazy to do something like that at least for 1 or 2 hours everyday!. That is a pain in the neck at least for me.

    Heisenberg Well said , I totally agree with you.

    What if sven is not interested ? are you guys gonna drop the idea or what ? let's move on!
  • id be interested
  • Guys, let's wait till Sven has released his Script-Editor. I think some of us (me too) are able to use this tool and fix web 2.0 sites and start adding new platforms.

    Maybe we implement a token system:
    The user who improve a script or release a new platform get token for download other users stuff and all other user can buy tokens to download platforms or improvements they want.

    I love the diversity of GSA SER, but i think Sven reached a point where to maintenance all platforms eat up his resources.
  • "i think Sven reached a point where to maintenance all platforms eat up his resources"

    That's why i'm asking can he outsource it instead.
  • edited December 2012
    "Guys, let's wait till Sven has released his Script-Editor. I think some
    of us (me too) are able to use this tool and fix web 2.0 sites and start
    adding new platforms."

    Marc, this is true but it's a lot of work to update all the properties for one person.

    Another solution would be to delegate the update within each of us.

    Let's say there are 25 of us who want to keep the web2.0 running.

    Once the editor is released each of us can become responsible to update only 2 properties a week. That's not a lot of work, specially considering that each of us will become very familiar with the property he is responsible for.

    We will share the scripts among those contributing. We can do this or proceed with the idea of finding a coder.
  • i am also agree to pay some small monthly fee for new engines & engine updates for gsa. However person must be work on it full time, to we have updates and new platforms every month.
  • Many of us are cheapskates whether we'd like to think so or not, so I agree with you adventurouslover and the web 2.0 issue is staring at all of us in the face.  Sure $5/month is fair for Web 2.0 upkeep.  If Sven, Santos, etc. implements it today, I'll sign up today.  Just joined the forum today, awesome experience thus far,  I wish I knew about your captcha solving tool Sven, I just purchased captcha sniper yesterday and trying to set it up now, Kinda sucks but you live and learn, I guess.  When is it scheduled for release?
  • edited December 2012

    Can we start ? , do you know a good coder who can handle this ? do you think we can post a new job at or whatever freelancers site ?
  • i was about to buy captcha snip, but will wait for sven one... i also agree for the monthly fee for the updates.
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