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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



  • How long does it take to see some links in your account showing up, i have build a 3K verified but i haven;t seen a single link yet.
  • @PaulieP
    GSA is sending all verified links every X minutes to indexers, they will appear in project list.
    So, just leave it and forget it.
    GSA first need to create links, then to verify them...
  • I have added your api key in my GSA SER but i dont see any option where i can add drip feeding or scheduling option to my links when they reach at your server. I see this option when i manually add my links project to your site. Kindly guide me how i can get drip feeding using API.
  • @idreesfarooq In GSA settings on Indexing page look at the bottom - there is drip feed option.
  • Okay got it, but it shows drip feed iff available. How i can setup these drip feeds to 7 days, 15 days or 30 days....Do you have any option like that for links sending by GSA SER?
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  • @idreesfarooq Our API allows all external programs to set whatever amount they want from 0 to 30 for drip feeding.
    We will add new option in member area that will overwrite default drip feed when sending via API, so if Sven doesn't add that option in GSA, you will be able to set it inside Link Processor.

    On API page you can set overwrite value for API drip feeding.
    GSA is drip feeding URLs randomly from 5 to 30 days, so if you want to use exact values here, simply visit API page and change your settings.
  • Thanks a lot @linkprocessor

    This is what i want exactly :D
  • Update:: after adjusting Api drip feed option i am getting this error in GSA SER

    22:16:02: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by (Unknown Error)
    22:16:03: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by (Unknown Error)

    Is this normal? or i am doing something wrong.
  • [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by (Unknown Error) - same here ...again...
  • Same error here.  Also link testing not showing a very high success rates - even on Web 2 sites.  Probably not going to continue.
  • Oh, maybe there is some bug in latest update.
    Let me test it please. I will be back soon with update.
  • @idreesfarooq

    But was fixed.
    Many thanks for reporting this issue!
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    Testing out the RPC option as well... sending about 50K a day... and nawshale (exactly what you said.... very good service).
  • @coneh34d There isn't need to RPC at all. API is working fine now and it is faster (less resources are spent on your GSA side)
  • I have something around 12 VPSs .Can i get a single API or is there some sort of bulk licensing ?
  • @spammasta
    In all your 12 GSA installs you can insert the same one API key.
  • @linkprocessor Any chance you guys can add a summary daily report with amounts of links received each date? That'd help a lot.
  • @system0102 Yes, that feature is already on the list.
    We had few small ddos attacks, so priority is to move user interface server to ddos protected environment.
  • Competitors never rest :)
  • @Linkprocessor

    one feature would be a great addition if it has the possibility of rescheduling of links to next day if limit has been reached. 

    Like if my package has 150k per day and my gsa is sending more than 150k, is it possible to add extra links after 150k to next day schedule.

    or @Sven may add a feature in GSA SER to send required number of links per day to any indexer like you.

    Hope you get what i want to say :)
  • @idreesfarooq Unfortunately our goal is to go in other direction. Feature that you have requested is lowering price of our service, but it is already the lowest on the market.
    If client who is making 150k links per day, doesn't make more then $30 in profit per month it means that something is wrong in his business  model and setup.

    We want to improve service, to have more circles of processing links, to make it faster, etc...but not to lower price more.
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    ok @linkprocessor

    I can understand. Thanks for detailed reply thought.
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  • @linkprocessor are the prices shown on a website still discounted?
  • @vorob Yes, as long there is subtitle "50% Off for Our First 100 Members!"
  • @linkprocessor Thank you. Just purchased.
  • I don't know what's the problem. i submitted 4k links two days ago. checked my backlinks on majesticseo and ahrefs the result is below 200 ... :(
  • Give it some time. Btw, difference between plans is not only in number of daily credits but also in higher link pushing values. On higher plans pushing is much higher.
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