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  • I added 20k+ links from GSA through API, but when i check the LP Account, only around 200 Links are added. :(
  • @Exclusive What GSA logs shows?
  • Is it possible to see how many credits I have remaining everyday? I just want to be able to see if LP is receiving every verified link when I'm using API
  • @xRift that feature is on the list for next update. You can see list of all projects in project list.
  • I'm sending links via the API key. How can I drip feed links within 1 day?...
  • @Olve1954 1 day? What is purpose of scheduling links for just one day?
    We have option for 7, 14 or 30 days and it is in API tab.

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    @linkprocessor, my VPS blast 90% of my 15k links within the first 5 hours of everyday. I want to spread out the rate google finds my new verified links by drip feeding within one day. It "looks" more natural. allows me to do just that. It can drip feed from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20,25,30 days...
  • @Olve1954 Yes, we can add 1,2,3...or whatever, I'm just trying to understand logic and purpose of it.

    So, if you want to publish all links from today for tomorrow and all links from tomorrow for day after tomorrow that is the same like you have published links on the same day. There isn't difference.
    There isn't different if google find all 15k links on day 1, or if it find 15k links on day 2 - it's the same.
    There is only difference if it find it during next X days (where X is some bigger number).
    Anyway drip feeding deosn't make sense at all when using with GSA or tools that build links on daily bases as at some point you will get the same amount of links indexed daily like amount of links you have created that day.
    Please think once again about it.

  • @linkprocessor, yes I understand. I'm not worried about the links google finds on a daily basis.

    What I'm worried is google finding 15k links to my sites/pages everyday from 12a.m. to 5a.m. It's just not natural. Of course I can slow down SER, but coming from, their service allows me to spread out the submission within the day (or 24 hours). That's my logic and purpose of requesting this feature...
  • @Olve1954 Ok, I got it. Actually you want link to be slowly indexed during 24 hours...
    Other indexers does not do that. They just start indexing process 1 day later, but once they start they will index it as fast as they can.

    Best way to make this work is to use GSA feature inside options "pause project after". You can fine tune link building process there.
    You need to understand that google might find your links even if you don't submit them to indexers.
    So, it is much better to control actual amount of links inside GSA then inside indexing tools.
  • >Other indexers does not do that. They just start indexing process 1 day later as fast as they can.

    I don't think the statement is true. I can see my campaigns (100 urls each) drip from 1% to 100% through out the day.

    I'm already using "Pause the project after X submissions reached in a day". Each project has a fixed number of submissions per day.

    Anyway thanks @linkprocessor for your prompt replies. All I wanted to know is if your service can slowly drip feed within 24 hours (like InstantLinkIndexer). If it cannot, than I may need to slow down SER, in order to use your service.
  • @Olve1954 You can use not "day" but "minutes" feature in GSA.

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    @linkprocessor, have you now some problems on your server? If not then I have and a big one: Some hours ago I was able to log into my account but now - not! My login data were changed and I didn't change anything! Maybe my accout were hacked.. Please help!
  • Thanks @linkprocessor, but if I want to submit only 1000 links per project per day, it's very difficult for me to "guess" how many submissions to make then pause for how many minutes.
  • @XXXX Everything is fine. If you can't login please send me your login info via PM or contact form at site.
  • buddy same problem...

    Its take ages to login..

    please solve this thingl...
  • Right now I was able to login again.
  • wtf is wrong with your form. I am trying to sign up and it keeps telling me my password contains invalid characters. I literally only have letters now, no numbers or symbols.
  • Now SER shows "Linkprocessor doesn't accept submission, uknown error".
  • chose a different super easy password and it worked, dont understand though.

    anyways, the for sure looks good, will come back with performance result.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I can't login to my account, tried different browsers, I'm sure login details are correct, when I click login site is refreshed and I'm back on the login page, am I the only one having this problem?
  • @grax1, I had this problem today but now I'm able to login again (maybe after I pmed my login to @linkprocessor, maybe not).
  • i'm getting this error . NO link accepted by linkprocessor

  • can not register account please help
  • Everything is working fine. We had again ddos attack. We are in process of moving site to ddos protected server, just waiting for server setup.
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    Problem has been fixed

  • Thanks Friend...
  • I'm getting this error in SER,

    01:25:25: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by (Unknown Error)

    And I cannot login to my account using my browser (firefox),

    Error 522, Connection timed out
    You -> Browser Working
    Chicago -> CloudFlare Working -> Host ERROR

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    Error 522 Ray ID: 11bfa42399c40835

    Connection timed out

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