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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



  • I picked one up and will test and post results. 

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I want to try this, but I'm already using Indexification and Instant link Indexer. Is there any kind of "risk" with using 3 indexers like will I get flagged or something, or is it best to have as many as possible?
  • @spunko2010
    There is not risk at all. You can just get more links indexed...
  • Just signed up and hope to see great results soon!
  • @linkprocessor if i subscribe for 1 month now to get the 50% off then next month i stop subscibe. if i renew for a month later after that will i got the $19 still ??
  • Alright I am giving it a go :)
  • I am gonna test your service :)
  • @lemonzer if you stop subscription and price goes up during that time, next time you want to join you have to choose higher price
  • And if I get now cheapest plan to test in the first hundred and then decide to upgrade to meatier plan, would I preserve the discount?
  • @Nikodim Yes, if you join now and keep active (paying) member you will keep these lower prices whatever you decide to upgrade, downgrade or keep the same plan.
  • Just subscribe 1 month 150k/days. let's take a look
  • @linkprocessor is there any difference between packages when it comes to indexing rate?
  • @mikpel Yes, biggest package has stronger link pushing compared to other two packs.
    Each of your links, that you submit to us will be send to 30 pushing services on smallest pack, up to 500 pushing services on biggest pack. So, there is big difference not just in amount of links you can submit per day, but also in what we will do with your links.
  • i am intrested in Purchasing now so is thr any discount ?? right now i am using instantlinkindexer and i am happy with it , but its price is little bit high so can you pls give me some Offer..

  • @maulik2425 Visit and choose any of packages.

    You can see prices at

    All prices are discounted 50% until we get first 100 members.
    There isn't discount coupon code as prices are already discounted, you don't need any code, just click on SignUp button.
  • edited April 2014
    @linkprocessor thanks for your reply. What kind of indexing percentage to expect with $9.95 and $19.95 packages? Ofcourse it depends on how crappy links I'm sending but let's say I use contextual web2.0 with highly spun, readable articles.
  • @mikpel Please browse this thread and take a look at reviews from beta testers or wait some time to see reviews from other members. Or if $9.95 is not much for your business, give it a try.
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    linkprocessor Just picked up an account. Is there a way to verify you are getting my link indexing url requests in real time? I have no way of seeing how many links are being submitted to you for indexing (at least I dont know how).... Thanks. service looks fantastic!
  • @coneh34d GSA is sending all verified links every X minutes to indexers, they will appear in project list.
  • I would be nice to have statistic for month and for daily submission.
  • @meph You mean to see how many links you have submitted per day for last 30 days?
    Ok, noted.
  • Yes, some stats for daily and monthly usage.
  • linkprocessor I see everything now. Thank you.
  • this is a great indexing service and i am already loving it
  • results guys ???
  • Just coming with a little late review. I was on the beta test of this indexer, and I'm loving it! I've had server trouble for a few weeks now, but I'm still loving this. I've not done any good tests on this to get a proper feeling for the index rate compared to natural indexed yet, but I surely will when I have the resources to spare. I can definitely see a difference on ahrefs though, so that's great! I'd like to come back with a more detailed review when I've got some data.

    I can't imagine I'll not be a paid subscriber once my free beta months expires.
  • First of all, I really appreciate linkprocessor that chose me to take a spot in his beta duration. I must say that this project is really promising. Everything is clear and easy to use. The panel is organized by projects, you can upload a text file with URLs and more. The index rate is insane, its something you must try!
    This is definitely going to be the best indexer for GSA.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    Today I bought 300k/day package, really nice interface and options for drip feed - more useful than interface of incredible indexer IMO, but there was no option to subscribe you through paypal, only option for 1 and 6 months.I hope I don't have to pay manually everytime in order to keep 50% discount :P
  • can you pls tell me how can i configure in GSA??

    i dint find any option in GSA..

    please let me know
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