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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



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    1. How much time did circle2 needs to complete?  (could anybody say how long their circle 2 has taken?)

    2. Any ideas why our paranoidal governmental Rosreestr service has blocked your main URL? surely your site did not contain any pornographic, suicidal and other such information?


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    About 2. Your website is hosted on the same IP as some drugs (stuff kind, not medicine) related website. Can you get your site dedicated IP as it would resolve problems with Rosreestr.


  • Can this be also used for Magic Submitter or basically as a replacement for Indexification indexer?
  • just purchased ..Will let oyu know the review ..

  • Also your site is slow ..Can you please increase the Site speed..

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    @linkprocessor Yesterday I bought 150k/day package. Am very impressed with the design, interface, statistics and so on. I just wonder how long it will take before it starts indexing? Has been in the position pending on all circes since I started sending links yesterday.
  • There were billing issue in taking new cloud servers. So, we are solving this issue with hosting company and growing resources.
    I will reply on all messages here in few hours.
  • I have been using linkprocessor since the beta. Great intuitive website and got nice results. I had a problem uploading indexing a 100mb file to index, but support was very fast and fixed it for me ☺
  • That`s still beta, right?
    I have regularly "No links were accepted by lincprocessor. Unknown error"..
  • We have small issue all day today and we are working on it.
    I will update thread once it is fixed.
  • All links are in pending..When they'll be processed? 
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    sign up buttons not working
  • @linkprocessor My links are being submitted from GSA - but some say "no" scheduling, some say "7 day drip" and some "14 day drip" - where can I set the option for all links that come from GSA via API?
  • Ok, we are back and everything is working fine.

    @wicherro Try now please.

    @newbieseo Is Drip Feed checked in GSA settings in Settings / Indexing ? Send me PM with your login name please.
  • @linkprocessor check pm please. I have purchased plan yesterday, payment processed but still dont have any options when I logged in.
  • @Sammy262 Inspyder has made API integration.
  • I have and instantlinkindexer for one month, but after that month will try your prices
  • can you give me the coupon lifetime, linkprocessor?
  • @phuongminhduy Sure, just visit this page
    and choose pack you like, on next page register and pay via paypal. It will make paypal subscription payment, so if you never cancel it will last life time.

    We don't use coupons, but simple order links. Let me know if you need any help.
  • hai friend i update the gsa and after the update gsa is not sending the verified link to indexer..

    So can you pls tell me the solution..

  • goonergooner
    @linkprocessor - Want timezone is your server time?
    I'm pretty sure only about 50% of my links are coming through to you.But i need to know the timezone to see how delayed it is.
  • @maulik2425 I guess that issue is on GSA side as it don't send links to any indexer.

    @gooner How do you know that only 50% links are coming? Server is in Chicago.
  • About not all links are sent to indexer issue.

    I see that some members have issue with number of links are sent from GSA and it seams that issue is on GSA side.
    At Link Processor we have RPC pinging API also.
    So, you can set that each of verified links in GSA is sent also via RPC to us.

    1- Click on API button in upper navigation and copy your "RPC Ping URL"

    RPC ping URL looks like this -

    2- In GSA Options / Indexing tab activate "Submit backlink URLs to blog search engines"


    3- Click Add button and paste RPC Ping URL from above

    IMPORTANT: Double check that RPC Ping URL does not have empty space in beginning (before http://)

    You can deselect all other pinging engines as we will ping to them and it will save GSA processing time.
  • goonergooner
    @linkprocessor - Thanks, i will test RPC.
    I can tell by the number of credits being used, at some point yesterday i checked and saw i had used 60,000 credits, but in SER i had built 120,000 links.
    Is there anyway you can see history of credits used per day? I don't want to have to keep babysitting it to make sure all links are being sent, much easier if i can just check at a glance using the credit history.
  • @gooner
    Credit history is already on the list of features for some of next updates.

    Link Processor removes duplicate links in one campaign during link submission.
    It means if GSA send 100 links via API and there are 30 links with the same URL, Link Processor will accept only 70 and decrease your credits for 70.

    Do you use some other indexer and do you see the same problem with them?
    Because I saw here on forum that people complain about this issue for some other indexeres.
    It means that problem is on GSA side.
    It is very strange that you got exactly half less links in Link Processor.

  • goonergooner
    Thanks for the quick reply. I doubt it's dups as they are sent in batches of 100. Very slim chance of getting a dup i would say. Or not for 50% of the links anyway.

    Also, it's not 50% of links all of the time. So far today it seems Link Processor has received about 40k (SER shows 54k), so maybe that's due to dups. I do have another indexer, i'll test it and let you know. Seems others are having the same problem so maybe it is SER.

    Awesome that you have another option with the RPC though :)
  • Do i have to create a new project if i want to sent links true GSA?
  • @PaulieP No, just enter API key in GSA and forget it..GSA will create projects for you.
    It takes some time for GSA to send links to link indexers, so just leave it.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    This is one of best indexer and crawling services i have used. I was a beta tester did split tests ( I didn't even tell that to @linkprocessor :P with many services including linkcilous , Instant indexer , Indexfication plus Express Indexer (EI also works great in my opinion ) and Link processor is one of best service i ever tried Thank you @linkprocessor
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