[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)



  • gsa_ser_jorah Yahoo is a little iffy with mobile verification. The services included so far do not need mobile verification. I will MOST likely include Yahoo with a workaround for mobile verification. As for Hotmail/Outlook, I have not full decided yet. I will most likely merge SuperHAC into EACFactory and offer EACFactory at a discount for current owners of SuperHAC, but also continue SuperHAC on its own. This is up in the air as of right now.
  • @Molex It is a steal at $50 w/o subscription. Alot of time and energy was put into the software and it will have to be continually improved and maintained.
  • Annoucement

    Everyone please list the email providers you would like to see added to EACFactory. The current list is the following:
  • Yahoo

  • The accounts will be created with Spam Disabled and everything we need to GSA?
  • @luckskywalker - Yes, please check out the images.
  • @jjumpm2

    Yahoo - needs mobile verification, but working on it
    Nokia - seem to have a problem logging in
    Mail.ru - will add this
    Webmail.za - same as Nokia, I can't login after registration

    Do you have these issues as well well registering manually?
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    EACFactory Users:

    generate password if no global password
    close browser.exe errors
    bad captchas reporting
    custom usernames editor

    Another update is on the way with Yahoo being included..

    7/16/2014 v1.0.2
    - added new service: yahoo.com
    - added link to buy proxies
    - added 1000 aol and yandex phone numbers
    - fixed custom output
    - ui fixes

    7/17/2014 v1.0.3

    - added new service: hotmail.com
    - fixed netcourrier punctuation
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    I have 5 copies left of EACFactory

    UPDATE (SuperHAC)
    7/18/2014 v4.3.73
    - fixed inbox rule
  • this software supporting Captcha Breaker ?
  • @adobacklink - You will need to train Captcha Breaker for the services
  • @acamso hmm. thank you.
  • Whenever i run superhac, out of 3 emails, one email always pops an error in GSA. This is happening always not the first time. I am using 10 semi proxies.
  • @redfoxseo - Whats your proxy source?
  • @acamso - buyproxies - 10 semi dedicated.
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    @redfoxseo Thanks, I am going to purchase some, run the program, and see where it's failing. Have an update for you shortly.
  • @redfoxseo - Just released an update with a small modification. Hopefully that solves the problem. Please report back if you are still getting errors in GSA.
  • Finally a yahoo added..
    Pm me on how to a purchase copy :)
    Its lifetime updates right?

    Any refund if ever it will not work or if no updates or no feedback for certain of days?
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    @acamso: I have created 9 accounts, 2 failed, the rest was ok. 

    When will be the EAF coming ?
  • @Molex - I'm finishing up an update right now and will send you the details right after. The BETA version will include lifetime updates of the full version. I have not decided on a refund policy for the full version. However, I am willing to refund the BETA version for right now.

    @redfoxseo - I'll keep on taking a closer look and working on it (having a hard time generating the problem)

    I don't have an exact date but I am shooting for a week or so from now. The BETA version is available and has 15 services including Mail.ru. It would be a good idea to grab it before the full version because the price will be going up and there will be a monthly fee for maintenance.
  • UPDATE (EACFactory BETA)

    7/21/2014 v1.0.5

    - added new service: mail.ru


    @Molex - PM sent
  • EACFactory BETA is closed. The full version will have a new thread and will be available to the public soon,

    Here is a preview:


  • Is there some trial version so i can try how it work before i spend my money?

  • @haris3 - SuperHAC has a trial. EACFactory will be released officially tomorrow and will have a trial.
  • acamso i'm still wait EACFactory public and buy it :)
  • @phuongminhduy - Coming shortly! I've been working on it way too long.. :)
  • waiting you acamso! Good luck :) Become your first customer 
  • phuongminhduy 

    Sent you a message!
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