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[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)



  • 5/22/2013 v4.2.3: SMALL UPDATE
    -added a preview feature & spin feature to the custom username editor
    -you can now access the menu bar items at the top under "tools"
    -a couple fixes
  • Hi 
    Is it possible to add an option to export data used from our files in a future update please ?

    Like : , passwrd , name , surname , master_email

  • @gotkseo - Sure, no problem. If I understand you correctly, you would want the wordlists added to the custom output? Or the name and surname chosen for the sign up form?
  • Not the wordlists but the name and surname chosen ( from my wordlists ) for the sign up form, because they are chosen randomly. In this way I could have all details in my csv file ;)

  • @gotkseo

    I can do this. Just so you are aware though, the wordlists are not usd to generate the actual first and last name for the form. I will add this option soon as well though. So what you are asking is for the word used from each wordlist for each username to be included in the custom output editor.
  • Hi @acamso, Could you make the app compatible with
  • @Alex, I could try. I'm not too familiar with adding in captcha solutions. So this type of stuff would take some time.
  • To all - A new update will be coming within the next couple of days. I would like some feedback on some new features and/or changes you would like to see in the new version. You can reply here or submit a request at


  • i am looking to buy 250 outlook emails, pop enabled, spam filter disabled
  • Any news with the catchall email?
  • The catchall feature does not seem to activate after a few days. The only way to activate the feature is by verifying the account, which requires SMS.
  • Ya I really need this to support GSA CB. I'm out of money on DeathByCaptcha and don't really want to spend any more money with them.

    Please but this on top priority.
  • Using SuperHAC with CB:

    Let web server mode running in CB.
    You can try this steps:
    1. In CB enable Decaptcher on port 80 .
    2. In CB enable Hotmail captcha solving (under email category in CB). By default, it's not enabled.
    3. In SuperHac add Decaptcher as captcha service.
    4. Set retries to 30 or any high figure.

    Hotmail is hard to solve captcha. Sometimes it solves at 3-5 retries.
    On my first run using this method I got 10 accounts in max 2 minutes.
  • If you consider to add a new email provider please consider adding ( CB has over 85% solving rate
  • LaPoste is nice, but they are proxy based, so not every IP can create emails.
  • Any other suggestion @ozz?
  • hey Maroso2602 i tried this with decaptcher and CB like you describen but somehow doesn't work any clue ?
  • edited June 2013

    On how many systems can we use? For example, what if I want to change my VPS tomorrow and run it in a new one? An idea on how the licensing system works would be great.

    And does it still work well?

    Any news on integrating with CB?

    Thank you.
  • edited June 2013
    Alright @acamso

    I downloaded your demo but it's really giving me a hard time. The options are not clickable or working, for example, selecting or checking a checkbox makes them unselect the checkbox automatically. When I click on "Captcha Setup" it does nothing too. Basically all options are bugged.

    Can't really think to buy when even the 1 day trial is giving hard time to even get started.

    How can this problem be curbed?

    Thank you.


    edit: I saw an option for flash and installed it and now it seems to work fine (tested options, not real creation yet). Didn't knew this ran on flash mainly. However I had flash installed but don't know why it didn't worked.
  • Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm looking into an email account creator and saw this and Account Creator Plus. What is the difference between the two?

  • Ya, I tried Maroso2602 method and doesn't work for me either. When will HAC work with Captcha Breaker?
  • @Pratik - As of now, the licensing system only allows one computer, however if you need it on a VPS, or change VPS etc. I wouldn't mind changing the license for you. Just submit a support ticket. The options don't use flash. Let me know if you are still experiencing difficulties and I'll take a look via Teamviewer.

    I don't have much knowledge when it comes to integrating new captcha services into the platform the bot was created on (UBot). Because of this, there is no timetable for CB integration, and will require some extra time and work to make it possible. Sorry about that guys. The only alternative for now is DBC.
  • @acamso

    It indeed is related to flash. I had to close it via task manager few times due to it getting stuck when I ran about 50 threads or so (strange, GSA goes well above 300 easily, I can see it opens browser.exe for each thread maybe and that's the reason, not sure if it makes http requests as I can see it launching separate webbrowser for each thread).

    When I opened it after force close, the options were still unusable and were unticked as soon as I ticked them, but after installing flash again every time, they worked. Perhaps the "Install Flash" option in the Help Tab in the menu area explains that it does indeed need flash enabled, however, I've to do this currently every time I start it.

  • @Pratik

    Yes, it opens a new browser for each thread.

    For the options issue, I can offer you support of Teamviewer. Just contact me and we'll get it fixed.
  • Hmm...acamso, could you answer my question?
  • jonathanjon - Sorry, I haven't used Account Creator plus
  • edited June 2013
    @KayKay and @Glennf try this: set Captcha Retries to 10 or 30 AND Total Retries to any high number like 600, and let it run
  • @acamso
    How can i add POP rule and Add Inbox rule to external created hotmail accounts

    I have a lot of hotmail accounts who need to modified to: "Add Inbox Rule" and "Add POP Rule"

    Thanks for help
    Rgds Marc
  • @Marc - the account editing feature hasn't been added yet, but is on the list for future features.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Could you tell me what each of these errors mean? (I replaced the actual emails and proxies with dummy things so no one else sees them)

    (myEmail) (my private proxy) - Captcha Error
    (myEmail) (my private proxy) - 130 Error
    (myEmail) (my private proxy) - 130 Error
    (myEmail) (my private proxy) - 130 Error
    (myEmail) (my private proxy) - Sign Up Error 450
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