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[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)

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  • I tried, it just sits there not doing anything. Then I tried to stop and start it but it doesn't log me in anymore with "can't create .dll" error
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    Yes, The trial doesn't work for me. Using Windows 2008 standard. After entering the Trial details, the software closes and cmd.exe is opened; which just sits there.
  • Thanks. Works now.
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    No problem - any time.

    Please refer to the Documentation for help/issues. For additional help, please contact Support.
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    hmm you should add a bit more output about what the app is doing ... looks like it does nothing for a long while then suddenly captcha pops up ..

    when i start it again .. and press the create accounts button .. it just idles there doing nothing .. but says running ...
  • Yes, in a future update, I will show what step each thread is doing. By default, manual captcha solving is enabled until you configure your captcha-solving service in the captcha setup window. You can choose between DeathByCaptcha (recommended), and BypassCaptcha, as of Captcha Sniper is currently unavailable because it does not solve recaptcha. I am currently working on integrating other services such as ImageTyperz.
  • If anyone needs help, I will work with you on Teamviewer to get the settings/options set up correctly for best results. Simply contact me.
  • sorry to say but in its current state .. this is not worth a single dollar for me .. a pretty bad working ubot thing.
  • Sorry about your experience. That is not true. You are not using it correctly. I can help you out if you need.
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    please post screenshot with optimal settings. i entered the popup captcha for 25 times and got just a single account. i set it to generate 5 and only use 2 threads pause 10 sec and working proxies.
    and nothing inside the error log window !
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    Optimal settings will vary based on the quality of your proxies. Ideal captcha-solving is via DeathByCaptcha.

    Try this set up with private proxies and DBC. Make sure proxies are turned on.

    If this does not work, email me at - I'll hop on Teamviewer and have you set up quickly.
  • Also leave other options as default for now - specifically custom usernames and password. If you do not set these up correctly, no accounts will be created because of the wrong format.




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    hmm i tried your settings with my 100% working proxies .. and with manual captcha .. tons of captchas pop up but no accoutns get generated and there is not a line output about the reason doh i only see retries count goes up (with dbc that could cost a bit if you let it run all day!)

    ah now at least a few in error  log -> Sign Up Error 450 ... how to fix  btw i didn't touch the other settings as you suggested!
    oh i see because of all the tries the proxies are "burned" out now
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Tried and it's working like charm. Already created 500 accounts
  • hmm @miren what are your settings ?
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
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    Just the default setup with private proxies
  • how many proxies do you have ?
  • Sign Up Error 450 means that the daily limit for that proxy has been reached. I highly recommend using private proxies for this software. Low quality public proxies can result in form and captcha problems even if they are "working proxies". DBC is highly recommended as well. I find manual captcha solving tough with recaptcha. Manual + public proxies isn't the ideal combo. Maybe try filtering your current proxy list based on speed so they have better connection thus resulting in less form and captcha errors.
  • Same results as Miren. Using 100 shared proxies.
  • Kaykay - still willing to help you out via Teamviewer. I can have you set up and working in no time. Let me know.
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    og i used priv proxies ! 20 of em .. but now i get error 450 and got only 5 accounts
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Sometimes i get message that Browser.exe is not responding and it needs to be closed.
  • it eats captchas like crazy and way too less accounts for all that captchas ..
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    I think that hotmail captcha is not so hard to solve. Maybe we can try to get a decent solve rate with CB.
  • hmm yep and i often get the same captcha .. CB maybe can do ,)
  • Pretty sure CB can't solve recaptcha.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    As I can see Hotmail doesn't have reCaptcha.
  • Yeah, I don't think they are exactly recaptcha.. but very similar. I know Captcha Sniper has a hard time solving them. I will see what I can do with CB.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    The hotmail captcha is much different from recaptcha. The good thing about hotmail captcha is that the characters are separated from each other, so this make them much easier to solve.
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