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[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)



  • Captcha Error - hit the captcha retry limit or captcha issue related
    130 Error - proxy connection error
    Sign Up Error 450 - reached the account creation limit for that proxy for the day
  • @acamso Great, will wait for this…
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Emailed you yesterday - no response yet :/
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Found a bug - pretty major one too. I would send it to your email, but you have yet to reply to my support emails :/

    SuperHAC is reporting that it created 10 aliases for me, however when I go look in the Hotmail account manually, only 7 are there. I tried logging into one of the aliases that wasn't listed and sure enough - it doesn't work (because it's not created).

    So now, half my lists have broken email addresses on them ><
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    Any news with the catchall email? Account creator ++ has found another email platform that can add catchall email acconts.

    It seams that they are using LaPoste. Can you add this platform to, or do you have something else in mind?
  • Sorry guys, been away for the computer.

    @theman1 - I am emailing you now.

    @Maroso2602 - SuperHAC will remain as simply a Hotmail account creator. However, I am open to creating another bot in the future for catchall accounts + more.
  • Maroso2602 This is what I tried (below) and still no accounts are getting created. Does yours still work? I don't want to pay any more money to my dechaptcha service. Please Help.

    In CB Options:

    Run as Web Server checkbox checked
    Listen on Port 80

    Simulate the following captcha services checkbox checked
    DeCapture checkbox checked
    Enabled Hotmail captcha solving (under email category in CB)

    Super HAC:

    Add Decaptcher as captcha service.
    Set Captcha retries to 40
    Set Total Retries to 600

    Also, I added my private proxies in Super HAC
  • Maybe this is the problem Maroso2602

    What settings do you use in Super HAC when you add the Decaptcher Account Information?

    I just added a dummy name, dummy password. The domain name was set to I set the port to 80
  • I have downloaded the demo version and testing it with 10 semi proxies. I have tried to stop and run again a couple of times since it is very slow and requesting the reenter the captchas again. I entered the captchas manually.

    Last time I set threads -2 and accounts 5.

    Only 2 has been created.

    Captcha count - 19 
    error count - 12
    retry count - 10

    Errors: 4 unknown errors and 8 sign up error 450.

    any ideas why it seems not working well.
  • acamso, do you still support this software? I email you about the error on the software, but i didn't got any response from you.
  • Hi, I purchased this software through GSA forum!

    Is there a way to prevent emails from going into the SPAM / Junk folder?
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Check this check-box "Add Inbox Rule" 
  • edited October 2013
    Thanks miren!

    @acamso you say that the error "Sign Up Error 450" is because "reached the account creation limit for that proxy for the day" but I tried creating the account manually with the proxy and had no problem doing so.

    Could you take a look at that?
  • Is this program still working??
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Is this software still supported?
  • @inic - I reopened the Zendesk support ( You can open a support ticket on there and I can take a look.

    @irfanlone - The program is still working.

    @miren - The software is still supported. There was an issue with the sign up process and an update was released. Let me know if you need additional support.
  • Any help just purchased my license copy of SUPER HAC but my problem is my ticket # emailed to me from the copy of receipt is not accepted by the software therefore I can't use and fully activate my license copy of SuperHAC.

    Any help would highly appreciated
  • Yeah acamso you are right that's what I encountered having hard time to register the software to fully activate it

    Please help acamso.

    FYI I already contacted the support but unfortunately I haven't received response until now
  • Error I encountered "Only one Internet action is allowed at a time" but I didn't open any internet browser so it is a bit confusing. Then when I click the "ok" button the next pop up error is "You have entered an INVALID Receipt/Ticket Number" But I entered the correct ticket # many times emailed to me after I purchased my license copy of SuperHAC.

    Please badly need help.

    Note: I purchased SuperHAC because I trust GSA and it is recommended by GSA since I am GSA user and enter the discount code of GSA.
  • @edwardvelasco - Thanks for contacting me, I replied to your ticket.
  • @samk - semi proxies aren't ideal. I would recommend using private proxies for the software

    @inic - Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, I can hop on Teamviewer to check it out for you.
  • 11/8/2013: Browser Visible, Blacklist Checker Fix, New Support Desk

    - There is a brand new support desk for all questions, requests, FAQs, etc: The FAQ page will be continually added on. Please make any requests you'd like to see for SuperHAC.

    - The blacklist checker had been broken and is now fixed. It uses the stopforumspam API (this is for GSA SER users).

    - The browser is now visible. Both the settings/output page and browser are scrollable. With the browser being visible, you will be able to see the account creation live. The different threads are displayed on the right side. With the browser being visible, you may encounter some browser.exe errors. If you do, please report them on the help desk. Also, the visible browser will allow you to see any changes/bugs/errors in the process and give you the ability to see what may need to be tweaked in your settings for better results. If you come across any issues, please report them.

    - The gsa output file in the main output folder (not the alias folders) was outputting each main account and alias on individual lines. This was changed to mirror the spun version in the alias folders.

    Example: {||||||||||}

    - There are going to be more enhancements and new features coming soon.
  • @banditim - The browser is now visible, so you can see what is causing the other aliases to not be created. In the mean time, I made it so that nothing gets outputted unless all 10 aliases are created. Let me know when you come across any errors.
  • edited November 2013
    Back with a big update: Firstly, the browser is now hidden again. I implemented a new proxy rotation system. With Hotmail, you are allowed to create 3 accounts with the same proxy within the 24 hour timeframe. SuperHAC now keeps track of which proxies have been used, how many times, and when in a file called usedproxies.csv. If a proxy has been used 3 times within the 24 hour timeframe, it is not used to avoid the 450 error. This will make sure that no captchas are wasted. The system may not be perfect.. if you come across any bugs or still receive 450 errors (you may still if you created accounts within the past 24 hours after updating)..please open a support ticket or reply here.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Is there any way that you can implement Ripcaptcha in the next update. They have pretty good captcha solving service.
  • SvenSven
    You can use CaptchaBreaker as a proxy (simulate e.g. decaptcher in CB and enable RipCaptcha as service in CB).
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Thanks Sven I really forgot about that option.
  • My Superhac was working good for the first day, but now I try and run to create accounts again and it always reaches max retries. I wait 2-3 days between the creations and use 10 private proxies. I've also tried public proxies.... not sure what's happening?
  • @irank

    I am working on a solution on this and will release an update soon. Thanks for your patience.
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