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[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)



  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Still the same problem, even after the update.
  • @miren @dmrt I'm looking into this now
  • @miren @dmrt I couldn't find anything specific within the coding for the issue. I did come across an instance of it and concluded it must be a timing issue. I added an extra wait in there. Could you guys test it out and let me know?
  • hi @acamso, I created 7 emails with the latest version, and only 2 were successful in gsa ser when doing test, and 5 failed. I messaged you one of the emails that failed. thanks
  • @dmrt - Thanks, messaged you back.. lets figure this thing out
  • @acamso was very helpful. He did some update with the tool, and when I checked it again on my vps, it now works! :)

  • @ acamso - - I just replied to the support email which you had sent. Now the issue is after I upgraded to the latest version, the software is recognizing my login details. It keeps telling me that "Trial period has expired and I need to purchase a license key"....Haven't been able to create any account past 3 to 4 days... Appreciate your help....

  • akbarsheikh - just replied to your ticket :)
  • @ acamso... thanks for connecting on Team Viewer and will wait for your reply.... so that it works soon...

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    The problem is still here. 
    @acasmo I don't really have time for testing via teamviewer.
  • Hello I get error code 102 what is it ?
  • @miren @theguruland - Please open a support ticket -

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @acasmo Submit ticket for what? Clearly the bot is not working for some reason. I have tried on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and still the same results. Sometimes the account don't have pop3 enabled.
  • @miren It's easier to communicate on there for me to stay organized. The POP problem doesn't happen for myself and other people..only for some. So I am trying to pinpoint the issue (proxies, computer, internet connection, etc) 
  • @acamso I have created a new support ticket. "Browzer.exe" issue is still killing my productive time and moreover SUPER HAC is not working at all now....Please look into this...

  • @acamso Awesome support. All sorted and thank you for helping me out!
  • edited April 2014
    so is there a updated version for the pop problem ?
  • @KayKay - No, it seems to be an individual issue at the moment. If you are facing this issue, please open a support ticket so I can take a closer look.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    edited April 2014
    Edited: ooops sorry found it.

    @acasmo can you add option to save configuration because I don't want to enter the same config everytime I restart SuperHAC. Thanks
  • yeah +1 for miren's suggestion
  • @miren @dmrt - You can save, open, and clear the configuration in the top right corner of the configuration.section.

    @metster - I haven't seen anything significant. The emails are still being created in bulk. Let me know if you come across anything.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    acamso The configuration is not correctly saved. The word lists that I import into superhac are not saved. Also please add line break in the end of gsa output file because this way I can not import multiple files into gsa ser.
  • yap the word list are not present in the configuration file
  • Will have this for next update
  • Downloaded the trial,
    built the emails,
    Tried to verify them, login at
    Microsoft account pops up, tried to enter userid and password.
    Says it is incorrect.
    How to verify the emails being built are any good.
    I don't want to buy something that no longer works.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    So now the software is useless, right?
  • @Haddor - The software just needs a fix - the sign up page has been changed again.

    @miren - No, it just needs a fix. Thank you
  • Announcement

    Please use only the domain name in the settings. The domain name is no longer in use by Microsoft. This domain name option will be removed in SuperHAC in the next update.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @acamso Unable to create anything. I have tried with outlook but SuperHAC is unable to create a single account.
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