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[SELL] Email Account Creator +



  • So it could be any other non outlook email or it must be an email from one of my domains?

    Will it login and verify everything atuomatically?
  • Yeah, it will login and verify everything automatically.

    I have tested with outlook but they have weird restrictions with pop3 access every 15 minutes as we know with SER. 

    Then with gmail it seems to take FOREVER to get the security code delivered to gmail so I don't think that is an option. 
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    I don't mind to create an email on my domain for this verification.

    Will emails from the same domain work all the time for verification? I'm just afraid that they may raise a flag if too many verifications are done from the same 

    Also, only new created accounts are affected or all previously created alias accounts will have to be verified too?
  • I believe it is just new accounts but I'm not sure. 

    I'm also not sure about the same domain raising a flag. I guess we will have to see what happens. Last time this happened they removed the verification after a few days. 

    Who knows what they will do this time. unfortunately we are at the mercy of them if we want to continue using their services. 
  • I guess it's time for me to start setting up catchall emails using my own domains :)

    You've done a good job with this tool @theorbital :) We all know that abuses will never end up well.
  • Are there a way to add any another email service that did not require verification?
  • We need to have some sort of automated solution to the Microsoft verification issue... the tool is worthless until that is fixed.

    Just saying.
  • @theorbital what about adding some more services like wizmail has?
  • Any video of this tool?
  • Any update on this?
  • How's the laposte update coming along?
  • Any update on the problem with hotmails?
  • please update the laposte, thanks
  • How about we all give the guy a minute to breathe.
  • please update for hotmail.
  • Hi everyone!

    So I have continued to try and get the verification issue resolved with outlook so we can make aliases but it is still posing problems but I haven't given up yet. In the meantime, just turn off aliases by choosing 'no' in the dropdown under 'create aliases'

    I coded up another platform ( but then realized it only has imap access and not pop3 so it is worthless to SER unless @sven decides to integrate IMAP, which would be awesome!

    Thanks for your patience
  • SvenSven
    I prefer not to right now...sorry @theorbital
  • @theorbital - how does that affect the blacklist checker when using accounts without aliases?  can it still be used to remove blacklisted emails?

  • Yes now is working very bad. I am getting only errors and pretty few verified links. How we can fix this? When we can wait for and update..Or maybe for an yahoo account creator if can work good, thanks.
  • @ambition - I think yes. Since the format is the same... the blacklist checker is another thing.

    I was able to remove the blacklisted/empty emails and replace them with new ones.
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    This software is NOT recommended, hotmails dont work and waiting on a laposte fix for weeks now also!
  • I just used this software to create outlook accounts, it works fine, just don't select aliases.

    @theorbital is working on a fix and he has always help me in the past, just be patient, all the email providers are changing the parameters all the time. So some things might just take a little longer.
  • Thanks Thunderman. I am working on it but I just have a lot of irons in the fire right now. I apologize this is taking so long. 
  • Ok, I think I got something that is working rather well.

    It is very important that you have your own catchall account set up on your own domain with something like cpanel that you can use to verify these emails.

    It must be set up as a default address or catchall address because AC+ just uses 7 random chars before your domain name to create the email address.

    Here is a doc on how to do it in cpanel:

    Here is a video showing you the feature.

    I will be sending out the update momentarily.

    Thanks again for your patience as I worked through this.
  • @theorbital

    Hi. I tried to implement the catchall method that you mentioned but it is not working in my end.
    I am stuck in the section where it is trying to get the code to my email.
    I also noticed the email it entered in outlook is very much different to the catchall email that I entered.
    The domain section of the email is right but the username part is not correct.
    The username is just a random letters. It goes like this -->

  • Hi @athlon24 - the reason why you need to create a catchall email on your own domain is because AC+ uses a random email address each time to verify as outlook sees it. 

    In order to not create a huge footprint I use a catchall on my own domain and on my own server so any unrouted email that is sent to my domain is routed to the catchall address I set up. That enables AC+ to use random text and it still gets routed to the catchall email that you set up in the email verification tab.
  • netcourrier is new things i found and there is no more laposte let me know its account creating but i will try to login not working for me. what to do. its creating email like that tightfistedvacuHP495@
  • Thanks for the feedback @hciic. Did you watch the video I made? 
  • Hi Orbital, want to use your program again, but since bluehost does not allow me to add a standard account (anymore) from the cpanel (i have a shared account with them).Is there a way to still setup catch all? My VPS are all controlled through command, not sure how to set this up without easy cpanel. Thanks!
  • I set mine up with and used a cheap throwaway domain free hosting and cheap domain is pretty sweet. 

    Or you could even get a free domain name:

    Free domain + free hosting = Way Sweet 
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