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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



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    Would it be ok to submit thousands of backlinks at once for indexing if they are all pointing to completely different inner pages of the same website - or will that get my main URL penalized for that site?
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    @mike this depends a lot on how many BL your site already has. but a few thousand... better drip them over 14days ,)
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    @Glennf yessir when used right this indexer will give you faster and better rankings. Indexing your links are important, but like everything you need to know what you are doing to get it done right! 

    @samx we are glad you are on a roll ^^

    @Mike it would definitely be wise to drip them over a period of time as link velocity is important, too fast and it can hurt your site from my own experiences 

    For those interested to join!
  • yesterday i joined this new service, waiting my first batch (250 links) processed to see results.
  • I have question. I put links per day (250 per day), but how i will know when they processed? Also here will be some status (indexed or not) or i need to verify links indexation via scrapebox/gsa?
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    my first results:

    88/154 (indexed/not indexed) and 130/120 for first batch. Less than 50% overall, but still good. Later will try to resubmit not indexed links to check what the ratio will in this case.

    So, looks like it really good service. But we will need normal interface, api and updates for future ;-)

  • i went from 0/57 to 4/57 after more than a day after processing. its all wikilinks with "ok" content. can it take a bit more time or did sth go wrong...?
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    @greeny1232 holy crap, now more than 75% are indexed. that's magic.

    Im sorry to say, but I think you gotta re-run the links from 09/21 too, must be same issue (<5% indexed).

    Thanks a lot!
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    just submitted reindex notindexed links request, will see how many links will indexed after second time run.
  • Tim89Tim89
    can someone please do a test for me?

    could you possibly keep track of 20 urls and put them through the index process and wait a few days, then recheck their index status?

    report back

  • tim89: i constantly see how google indexing new articles (for example unique content, indexed via HQ bookmarks). It put article into index almost immediately, after it removes this article from index for few days (up to 1 week), after it it returns to index. I have seen it  few times on t1 unique articles which monitored manually.

    I have question to cloudattack. What the method (without secret sauce) used to index our backlinks? Is this indexer based on behavior factors, links/social or it something different? Just want to be sure what here is not so spammy/easy recognizable  way.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    How many links was this case study you speak of focusing on?

    If you've previously kept track of, lets say 10 links and you index these links with this indexing service, then 2-3 days later all of these 10 links become de-indexed, you're stating that this is normal behavior?

    I've witnessed myself sometimes articles do indeed get indexed and then de-indexed for a short period of time but I'm talking 1 page out o f 100 pages.
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    tim89: it not a study. I index tier 1 unique content links (for important sites manually), using my own system. so i see G reaction on all t1 unique articles. I not using any indexing services for T1.
    Usual article indexation looks like for me : in index for 1-2 days, no index, and after 3-8 days in index again.
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    @Tim89 we are not doing what you are thinking we are doing to index links :) So feel free to test all you want, it really is not doing anyone justice. 

    @mafcra our proprietary indexer is developed to be safe and effective (no links, social media, or anchor texts). The complexity of how it works, is a secret in itself, as much as I don't mind helping others and giving back to the community, the fewer that knows the better it is for everyone (Google could easily put 2+2 together ;)!). 

  • cloudattack: ok ;-) looks like i understand what about you talking.
  • Tim89Tim89

    I'd simply like to know before I switch my own indexing services to yours, if this indexing service actually works.

    Forgive me for asking questions, I like to do that before paying for a service and if there are individuals already paying for your service and want to help promote your service then it would cost them nothing to release additional information in regards to my request, no one has to but it would be nice to simply know if these indexed links stay indexed in a few days that's all.

    From my previous experiences, I too have a working method which typically gets the same indexing rates as your method and within the same timeframe as yours, but I am simply too lazy to add that task to my already busy schedule, eventhough it doesn't take that much time to do.

    I'm not attempting to put your service down, I just would like to know facts before switching as I normally stay with a service provider for a long time.
  • Unless cloudattack objects I will put them in my to-be indexed list today
    Tim89 and you can track them yourself. PM me if you like.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Samx that would be kind of you however I'm not at my workstation at the moment but as soon as I get back I will pm you 20 or so links, thanks pal
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    cloudattack : when today will next run? I so want to check results for second packet. Also is here way to upgrade member plan?
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    We are running projects every day, might be slower on weekends but we try to get them running on weekends. Eventually, we'll not be manually submitting them and getting a system in place to automate it completely.

    For those who had issues and need re-runs do let us know through the admin email. We are constantly working out ways to get this indexer working in prime condition, but so far so good! 

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    Important Update:

    For those who don't know yet, this indexer is meant for new links only. Anyone who are submitting old lists may experience less than 50-60% indexing rates. This is normal and we also believe you can achieve over 60% if your links are fresh. So for those submitting old links, don't do it, it is not worth it :) 

    We are getting API soon, so this is not going to be issue for those who will benefit off this service tremendously.

  • Define old.
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    @cloudattack ; I submitted a bunch of older backlinks to your service (that are still "verified" in SER) just to make sure my links from the past will finally get indexed.  They took so long to create it's worth it for me to spend the money to have you try and improve my index rate (on almost a years worth of link building work) I'm happy with any index rate improvement. In my eyes, 50 to 60% would still be awesome for old links.

    Can it hurt anything or get my sites penalized to submit older links?


  • @cloudattack I sent an email to admin about 24 hours ago (I signed up but still no login yet) can you please take a look when you got a sec?  thanks!
  • Is this service good for all Tier X links or just Tier 1 which I build the most.
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    @sonic81 you are set up and ready to go! Sorry just had quite a bit of emails to go through, must have missed yours :)

    @Samx around 3-5 days old links, would be the ideal period to submit links to our indexer, with an API set up, you will not have to worry and can start dripping links daily. 

    @Mike submitting older links will never hurt your rankings in any way form or shape, you may experience just a lower indexing rate from our tests.

    You may still try to submit those, though we recommend only new links (3 days old is best) as those are indexing at a more reliable rate than those built few weeks or months ago. 

    @Glennf It's perfect for Tier 1 and Tier 2 links, and can easily index Tier 3 links. 

  • @cloudattack no problems all setup now.
  • the main question is whether these links stay indexed if you aren't building backlinks to them? -especially an issue for lower tier spammy links which are hard to index.

    apologies if it's already been answered, didn't fancy going thru the whole 4 pages just to find the answer to that :).
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    @peterparker sure after testing it out for 6 months on Tier1 and Tier2 they have not shown an issue with deindexing. 

    For those who build huge Tier 3 lists to index are having great success with our indexer and will continue to increase their monthly profits by incorporating this sweet service :p

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