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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • throwing my first batch of 250 in the hopper.  Checked that they were all valid and none indexed.  Will try to report back with results in a few hours, and again in about 12 hours...
  • 10 minutes later 67% indexing rate. Truly Incredible! 
  • 11 hours after submitting and I have 75% indexed.  wow.  Goodbye other linking services, hello new best friend!
  • Some Updates:
    Pay as you go is now available for those who index only a few times a month. Since I understand some of you guys are looking to give it a try, a $24.99/month package has been added. Rollover (monthly limits) will be allowed as we do track usage.  

    Thanks to everyone who have left their feedback and reviews, we are working hard to set up an automated system for this indexer :) 

    @mexiken  you may be one of many buyers who have gotten 75% indexing within only 11 hrs great stuff !!

    For those who are interested:


  • Hi @cloudattack

    Thanks for considering my proposal but i have a question. Why the difference in price?

    I mean you are charging $59.99 for 7500 links and you in the monthly packages you charge $54.99 monthly for 1000 urls daily that will be 30000 links per month.

    Can you clarify this please?....

    My idea was to buy using this way because while i'm doing campaigns and link checks i don't want to waste days without submitting links and I don't want to submit every crappy link i do. I want to submit just the ones I consider important.

    Please let me know. And thanks again
  • Could you explain the rollover bit?
  • @raumaitre sending PM 

    @Samx for instance if you subscribe for the 250 urls daily subscription, you are allowed 7500 url submission monthly, pretty cool huh!
  • Tim89Tim89
    Recheck your indexed links in a few days.
  • Tim89 - I'm curious what your point is here.  I suspect that you're saying the percentage of indexed links will be considerably lower.  I've experienced that with other indexing services as well as my own systems that I've put into place and used. 

    The thing is, while it is gut-wrenching to watch indexed rates go from (for example) 70% down to 20% or less a few days later, my experience has been that if you check back again in another week or two, the numbers usually come back up considerably from those lows. 

    I can't speak for what may happen with the indexing rate here since I've been using it for less than 24 hours.  All I'm saying is that if the numbers drop a lot in a few days, that's normal (in my experience, ymmv).  We'll see how it goes, but so far, I'm impressed with the speed and success...
  • @mexiken are you seeing your ranking increase after knowing that your links are indexed?
  • raumaitre - I wish! :))  but it's been LESS THAN 24 hours, and what I submitted was a bunch of T2 stuff, (mostly contextual links, which may have helped with the indexing rates).  I believe it'll help in time for sure, but didn't really expect a sudden jump.  Maybe if they were all T1 links I'd be more likely to see that kind of response, I don't know, but at the T2 level, I don't think so. (just my 2 cents worth)
  • cloudattack sorry to keep beating this one.

    So if I signed up for the 1000 urls/day plan that's ~30k/mo. If I submit nothing today, then can I submit 2k tomorrow? Or nothing for 2 weeks, then 2k/day for the next 2? As long as the total adds up to 30k?
  • edited September 2013
    In our experiences (using the indexer and beta tests for well over 6 months), there as been very few links that have gone deindexed after it gets indexed.

    This isn't like a normal "crawler service". It's a indexer, it stays indexed once it goes. It also does not involve using RSS feeds or any type of links.

    It's a special creation that was built because the coder needed 5k web 2.0/Tier 1 indexed a day. I can tell you there isn't anything like this out there and that is why it's not allowed direct access at the moment.

    It works, try it, and guarantee (you'll love it!) you won't go anywhere else.
  • I sent my links in last night. To be honest, I didn't see a whole lot indexed this morning (10%) but my KW shot up 4 pages overnight. Coincidence? I'll do another index check tonight. I'm sure it will work as it has for everyone else. 12 hours is nothing so I can't complain. I'm used to waiting 2-3 weeks. LOL!
  • @sweeppicker Can you please send another copy down, as we were updating all our servers yesterday, might have not sent through.
  • cloudattack thanks for the PM, understood.

    Submitted my test today. Before hand my list had about 2% indexation after ~2 weeks. These are T1 links but not very good quality. T2 has about 10k links.

    After 6 hours it is up to 16%. I'll keep checking and see how it goes.
  • Given 24 web 2.0 , got 18 index .
    Never bought any indexing service before this, was using seo indexer . Buying this one .
  • Tim89Tim89
    My comment wasn't meant to be a flame, it was a genuine comment, check the links that were indexed for you, in a couple of days.

    Make sure the links that were indexed are still indexed.

    I'd like to know..
  • I'm with @Tim89 on this - I'd be grateful if some of you could report back in a few days or a week just to see if they are still indexed.

    I might try a PAYG just to test...
  • Is an API for GSA planned? 
  • Yes, if you get the API for GSA, I'll be buying the package in a second. I'll buy it anyways, but this is just to motivate you to do it.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2013
    someone private message me with 100 non-indexed backlinks, I would like to show you something.

    edit: actually, what the hell send me upto 50k
  • edited September 2013
    Would it be dangerous to submit five thousand tier 1 or main project unindexed all at once. I spent months creating these high quality backlinks slowly to avoid penalty.
  • Tim89 - sent you a message and a few hundred links
  • Tim89Tim89

    I want to do this real time, so as I've just literally got your message, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2013
    @mexiken all done

    took me the best part of 6 minutes oh man oh man.
  • jurky3fo  thanks for the support, we are definitely gearing towards an API in the near future. 
    Mike it would not be wise to do that, drip it instead ;)

    For those who can't find the link to purchase
  • BTW, Im running an index check now and I'm seeing hundreds of links indexed. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Cloudattack is a mad scientist!!!!!!!! 
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