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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • I've just released, I've not put the price back to $37 yet, it's still $27 so you might want to take advantage and lock in now at this price ;)
  • TheBigWeb So, we're at 1.3 now, correct? Just purchase as normal through the web site?
  • Hi there, currently on 1.2, 1.3 I'm hoping to release by the end of the week!
  • For those who have purchased 301 Nuke, I am looking for BETA testers for V1.3. Please PM me if you are interested and i'll send details out over the next few days. Many thanks.
  • Sent you a message
  • Everyone who sent me a PM about beta testing V1.3, I will be sending a download link soon. I'm just ironing out a bug but should have it fixed soon. Thanks guys.
  • Thanks everyone who PM'd me about BETA testing V1.3. Keep an eye out in your inbox for details for the download link over the next day or so.
  • you released it yet? I didnt get any message from you until now
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    If the price is still $27 I'd like to have one copy
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    Hi ghetum, I am releasing the beta to the people who PM'ed me over the last few days (you are on my list) and will send you a download link soon. Just fixing a couple of bugs before I send it to the beta testers. To everyone else, v1.3 will enable you to create awesome 301 redirect tiers. You can still buy the current version (v1.2) now and you will be upgraded for free when it is released :) Thanks for your patience guys. I want v1.3 to be powerful and bug free :)
  • hi guys, any success from 301 nuke? 
  • Is $27 option still available
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    Hi sunnyjk I'm afraid all the $27 copies have been sold. V1.3 will be out soon and will be well worth the price. I'm sending the beta out to the beta testers today and if all is well I will release it this week :) P.s. It's powerful :)
  • I like to know anyone success recently as well. I think not all url-shorten pass the juice and with so many unknown sites, you may waste a lot of resource on promoting some useless url-shorten websites. That's a risk for me. Could you explain a little bit about how you filter the url-shorten website?
  • Some of 301 does not work, i had to check them manually. 
    It would be great feature if we can test 301s after creating them...
  • Hi guys, the new version will be coming with a fresh list. As with anything, not all sites will be as effective as others. You will get this with all link building software. All I can say is test it and see. My customers have told me of there success with the software. V1.3 will be even more powerful as it will have 3 submission modes. One of these will include building a 301 tier. I'm just ironing out a couple of bugs before I send the beta out.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    When are you providing the update to users of V 1.2?
  • @brianhill - reverify the URLs using SER to ensure they stay live so you're not wasting resources.
  • Still not finished ? I cant wait to test that v1.3 :P
  • Hi sagarpatil, ghetum

    I was going to release the BETA to the BETA testers last night but found a bug which is now fixed. I am just adding a fresh 301 list and then will send out today (to the BETA testers only). When V1.3 has had a few days of testing I will release to everyone. The good news is, your software will update automatically :)

    JudderMan, you are right. It's always good practice to check your links first before you use the further. This goes for any automated SEO software. Good advice.

    Thanks for your patience everyone. I only like to release updates when I am fully sure everything is working. Stay tuned cos it's coming real soon :)

  • Hmm, how do we verify these links in SER?
  • JudderMan,
    Actually i don't mean the dead 301 links. What i mean is that some shorten url websites are not passing juice which may be 302 or something else. Just curious about the standard of choosing the 301 websites.

  • Hi brian hill,

    Just to answer some of peoples questions and a little bit about upcoming V1.3: -

    Over time some sites may change the redirect from a 301 to 302. The new version (V1.3) when released will have a fresh list. The new version will also check periodically (server sided on 301 Nukes server) and remove any dead / 302 sites.

    Just to wet your appetite for what’s in V1.3 (out very soon promise!).

    1) 3 Submission modes (Single, Multi and Tier). Single runs as it does now in V1.2 and chooses a random URL from the list of money site URL's you feed it. 'Multi' takes each URL and performs a 'Single' submission on each URL. i.e. runs each URL through 301 Nukes ‘Single’ submission mode. 'Tier' creates a 301 Tier with high PR 301 sites sitting at the top pointing to your money site and the rest of the 301's pointing to your Tier 1.

    2) Improved submission engine. More efficient.

    3) Fresh list of sites (all 301 checked)

    4) Server side removal of dead URL's.

    I'm sending out the BETA to the BETA testers tonight as I have now fixed the bugs and if all goes well I will release V1.3 to everyone on Sunday evening. Current 301 Nuke users will have their software automatically updated. Anyone who buys V1.2 now will automatically get upgraded to on release. Let me know of you have any questions. Just drop me a PM.

  • Looking for 2 more BETA testers for V1.3. You don't need to have purchased a copy previously. Please send me a PM and I will send you the download link.

    Many thanks.
  • All BETA tester places filled. Thanks everyone. If all goes well, V1.3 will be released on Sunday.

    Have a great day...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @TheBigWeb - please pm me your skype details. 
  • Hi Alex,

    Sent you a PM.
  • sending you a pm
  • edited March 2014
    Ok guys, V1.3 is nearly here. I'm just updating the website and adding some more sites to the database and then i'm going to release it. Get ready for some awesome power with V1.3's Tiered 301 Redirects. Thanks to the BETA testers!

    V1.3 official Release date Monday 21:00 GMT

    **** Remember, you can still buy V1.2 now and the software will automatically update when V1.3 is released tomorrow :) ****

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Can't wait man. 
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