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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR is down, and no reply from Kelvin



  • I'm still waiting for mine...
  • goonergooner
    same same
  • Kelvin. I request my spamvilla package cancel last few days ago but not getting any reply back from you. Is that any problem?
  • he needed 2 days for (api) access after my payment... service with 10 threads is really slow... one day later spamvilla down for me, no response from kelvin... IP/port ending 130:8300... (why no big server?)
  • goonergooner
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    Read the spamvilla thread, general feeling is that any response from them takes 2 days or more.

    There's no excuse for it really, if you can't handle the number of support tickets coming in, how hard is it to hire someone for a few dollars an hour to deal with them?
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    me too, iwas send ticket but he didnt' reply :(
    today, i just recive message " Error: Login was not successful "
  • goonergooner
    simple answer - cancel the service, you can run SER perfectly well without it.
  • gooner because if you use decaptcher or deathcaptcha it's very expensive :( i was pay for spamvilla at 16 NOV 2013, use it just 2 days and can't login!
  • My spamvilla has been down for more than 3 hours. IP ending 130:8079...

    But when it works, it really works, and this service has saved me lots of dollars...
  • not any response is slow but downtime-, payment- or technical difficulties-tickets, every other response was in 24h in the last days. Cancel the service is bad solution and i NOT use SER...
  • goonergooner
    Everyone has their own choice to make but personally i won't use a service that works "sometimes" and who respond in a timely manner "sometimes". Especially when you don't need recaptcha to get good rankings with SER.

    But if you're happy i'm happy for you :D
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    I have just change from spmvilla to megaocr and i think i manage to save cost on captcha because spmavilla only can solve recaptcha and megaocr can solve many type of captcha and i am quite happy with megaocr.

    When everytime i have problem on spamvilla and use their spamvilla account support, i never getting reply back fast or they never reply me back. :-/
  • Maybe this is good service but support really bad for every one 
  • I am having problems again with one of my plans and i am still waiting for the past 12 hours for someone to fix it.

    This will be my last month using spamvilla. I will be moving to megaocr after my plans will expire. I've tested one account on megaocr for the past 8 days and i didn't had any downtime. I think it`s more than enough since spamvilla server drops every day.
  • :| Maybe be use Deathcaptcha or decaptcher wihtout stress !!
  • When doing more than 500K captchas daily it`s not worth paying for a service like Deathbycaptcha or decaptcher. You will end up paying allot.
  • Spamvilla is a great service but the only problem is their support. I guess if they wanted to fix this problem they could hire some indian people to take care of the people and make an web app for them where they can restart our ports etc. 
    But then again i think that`s not their priority.
  • Spamvilla is NOT a great service. It's down all the time. I'm amazed really. I check like every 2. day if the captcha service works and surprise... 50% of the time it does not work. I have canceled my subscription. It actually worked better in the beginning when it was working on Kelvins own servers or something like that.

    I have written to Sven about this before and got no reply. I can't understand why MegaOcr have this bad rep (and it's even written in the GSA settings). SpamVilla should have the same description (unstable - bad support).
  • Tim89Tim89
    Possibly because the affiliate commissions are higher..
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    That's the huge problem with captcha services that rely on external servers - deliver an ongoing uptime - we were quite impressed by the initial spamvilla results - but as the service grew in users, the downtime increased exponentially.

    It really is a good service if it's running - but lately it's getting really (!) annoying with the frequency of the downtime - it's time to scale the server database and deliver a STABLE service. Otherwise the initial attraction of most of the users here will unfortunately swap over to disappointment and spite.
  • Email:- (never response)
    Skype:- kelvinthechamp (forgot about this)
    Online Support:- (3 to 5 days)

    my own experience. ( Don't take personally)

  • Used it for one day and it's been down for 2 days. Going to back to MegaOCR.
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    Has anyone got a hold on them ? I still got my service down!
  • I had to cancel mine as well.  Mainly cause I refuse to pay for something that is down all the time.  and I agree with all the others. When it was working it was worth the $100 a month I was paying.  But with the downtime I wouldn't pay more than  10$ a month for it.
  • first PowerUP hosting went down for 2 days.

    Now that my server is up, Spamvilla is down.

    Doesnt surprise me, spamvilla is always down

    I bet $300 that Kelvin will come in and say it has been running fine for a week and its all of our own fault b.c of settings with our machines are us going over limits.
  • Yeah, it's to the point where it's just easier for me to pay for slow ass DeathByCaptcha
  • This service sucks at this point! Never works... No reply from support...
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