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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR is down, and no reply from Kelvin



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited November 2013
    So are any of you guys receiving refunds/time extension or he's just ignoring everyone completely? When I talked to Kelvin in the past he seemed like a stand up guy and was excited about providing a good service. 

    I'm not sure what happened but it sucks to see the service being down so frequently. Hopefully he gets it up and running smooth. :(
  • I will wait few more hours in the hope they will fix their problems and if they won't i'l open a paypal claim. This sucks so hard.
    I've opened support tickets, sending emails and msg them on skype without any luck.

    It will be really funny kelvin to come right now saying that it's all our fault or that they had a DDOS attack and their system was off.
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    I think what Kelvin could do is credit all users a free month for continued downtimes.

    He always blames the users most times yet I know I never change any settings in mine and he told me using 250 threads was fine for the smallest plan with GSA SER months ago when I asked before signing up.

    Even after my server being down for 2 days and I just started it up, it solves no captchas so I know its not me going over my threads.

    A think a full month credit is due and none of this emailing support for it or putting in some code. Just apply it to all members at once universally. I understand growing pains, but this is a every week deal now.
  • I wouldn't mind keeping it if we could switch between MegaOCR and Spamvilla.

    I have Spamvilla set up in CB to solve. It would be good that if CB notices that Spamvilla is DOWN that it defaults to another recaptha provider like Mega or even a paid service. Kinda like a backup in CB for recaptcha.

    I know sven shouldnt have to code extra functions in for poor providers, but I can see this being useful in other areas too.
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    My service is working now. Just got my server backup.
  • here spamvilla service since almost 24 hrs down

    I have all forwarded to antigate for now ((as always) - the end-price is almost the same
    my antigate account shows some US$ 2 for the past 24 hrs
    that includes ALL forwarded spamvilla PLUS all OTHER non-solved captcha by CB
  • It has been more than 24 hours since my spamvilla went down, and I'm now seriously looking at other alternatives.

    How's MegaOCR's recaptcha success rate compared to spamvilla's?

  • seems some switch to MegaOCR but is their recaptcha is better ? Test them about 30 days ago and most recaptcha are false.

    regarding spamvilla, i think kevin should give a good refund on next bill but service is not as bad as some says.
    most time service running fine
  • Thanks clue91...

    >Test them about 30 days ago and most recaptcha are false.

    I believe solving recaptchas doesn't need to be 100% correct. I've seen this in spamvilla. Even though the answers were incorrect/false, they get accepted anyway and the submissions were successful.

    Yes, I agree that when spamvilla works, it's great... but the frequent downtimes (at least twice per month) is really testing my patience, and forcing me to look at alternatives. I've paused my T1 submissions for 24 hours, coz paying for captchas ( is really too expansive.

  • goonergooner
    @hans51 - How is antigate success rate with recaptcha?
  • spamvilla down, megaocr down, decaptcher down for hours, lol. Antigate, dbc, and other captcha services are online...
  • still down..and no reply to the support ticket, i was due to renew today, looks like i won't be doing it.
  • @gooner

    good = i AM MORE THAN HAPPY with the overall results
    i.e. most of the time I see in the antigate realtime monitor NO errors
    now and then however they have results like if the ppl were day-dreaming (=totally OFF)

    normally all correct = because human processed = NO machine / SW

    I use antigate since a few months for all left overs from CB

    CURRENTLY (THIS hour) the average price for english language captcha is below 1 US$ per thousand
    (russian language captcha = 2.77 UD$ / 1000)
  • When Spamvilla is down and it just continues failing, is it better to somehow stop the use of it - coz it's trying 6 times (as I put in GSA - I'm actually putting Spamvilla through CB) and i'm wondering if it will somehow affect my ip address or whatever it is if it keeps failing.
  • Looks like it`s up and running now.
  • yes its up and running now, both. NICE!
  • Yup, my server ending 130:8079 is working now.

    Thanks hans51. Definitely going to try out antigate. Currently I'm paying $1.3 - $1.6 per thousand at imagetyperz.
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    @Acidut same problem here and I their new customer who NEVER get any welcome since I ordered 4 days ago man. @s4nt0s this Kelvin guy seems to be gone in the hell man. I ordered his service 4 days ago and still pending at the moment. I sent him email which he provided to me via my thread here, it just another time waste. I don't know why he do this. I will wait one more day and I'll open a dispute at Paypal if I still don't get any news from him. Here's the proof :
  • my sever on spamvilla its up and working again
  • Yeah, my day old ticket never got a response, but my server is working so all is well, I suppose.  When it comes to mass-solving of recaptcha, I think that Spamvilla is the only game in town. Otherwise I may not be willing to put up with frequently down servers and 2 day response times to tickets.
  • goonergooner
    @hans51 - Thank you very much for info.
  • Last time the service was down for like 2 weeks I stopped using Spamvilla for a while. I logged in yesterday, paid 2 generated invoices ($100) and its still not working ....

    Kelvin - can u please look into that? It was promised that we are getting extra time after failures during server changes. Now I had to pay for some old invoices (I didnt use SV for like a month), and still its down. 

    Its a great service guys - its really worth it IMHO, but Kelvin, please try to solve those support delays and payments for not working service :)
  • Down again
  • Mine is up and working. Server IP ending 130:8079...
  • down here - 130:8086
  • My spamvilla is not working again. I will not continue it what so ever how good they can solve the recaptcha because time is money and i cant accept of this kind of not stable service.
  • :x November is the last month i'm use Spam Villa
  • Same for me again one of my plan is down again.
    9 more days to go and i'l be moving away from Spamvilla. Too bad because they had a great service, but then again uptime is very important for me.
  • I m very sorry to my customers and fellow members, admins of GSA i was completely stuck with some serious family issues my mother also passed at 17th Nov she was hospitalized from last month this was the major problem that i am not able to stay online for support , tickets awaiting reply and getting delayed reply from last few weeks due to this, one of our server of use currently is down due to ram upgrade DC estimate next 3-4 hours max after that it will be working fine again i will be available at skype from tomorrow for giving support like before

  • I hope all be fine with your mother, Kelvin. We`re with you!

    Infact, excuding the upgrade downtime (for which I was discounted in my next bill) and the current interuption, the service is pretty awesome. It relly safe me A LOT of money last 3 months, so I will highly recomend it to the others.

    One question, @Spamvilla - time ago you mentioned that You`re working for text questions integration - any news here? As I`m totaly disapointed with askmebot and canceled my subscription there I`m looking for alternative.
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