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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR is down, and no reply from Kelvin



  • Down here as well 130:8187 - way too long for ram update since it stopped working ~4am GMT

    @Kelvin - hire someone to be on support/monitor service. With your customer base that should not be a problem. Otherwise it is messy - a lot of interruptions and time indeed is money.
  • Hire some customer support for christ sakes. lol.
  • Sorry to hear of your mom's passing.

    As I've been saying, your recaptcha service is excellent, when it's working...

    So, put some thought and improve your support and downtime issues, and you'll have less negative comments and more sales...

  • This is a prime example of bad customer service costing your more lost $ than paying a few VAs to do your support.
  • still kelvin is not responding on skype or support ticket. we can understand your situation but you should understand our problems too. we are in business and now your service giving us more headache and problems.
    so please do something about support and down time.
  • @baba for upgrading package you need to login into client area and see knowledgebase article about upgrading the plan
    Regarding the downtime I m back at work and there is nothing down in my end always see knowledgebase articles for common to do's
  • Spamvilla you can reply here but not our support tickets. why?
  • Bcoz its attached to my tablet so i get email when ever someone mention me, moreover support tickets and order proces will be done tonight and also I replied even in your skype login there and check once please you asked me about upgrade and I left u link there and instructions
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I talked with Kelvin on Skype yesterday, he's processing upgrades and new accounts today. Yesterday (if you got the email), he was enhancing the recaptcha settings on the server to get better performance.
  • This new update is really great. Great improvement.
  • Spamvilla are you giving us extra days for last downtime or not?
  • Brandon yes new updates are done accuracy improvement and new updates details already sent to all clients via emails

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    My service is down sent an email through support. I did not get your email you sent out.
  • Same here.. down again lol. You said you are going to reply to our support tickets and fix any downtimes.
  • @Spamvilla , from more than 10 hours captcha is offline.
    Server IP: ends with 130:8268

  • michamicha Uk
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    @Spamvilla I captcha service is not working again. I will have refund for this time, when captcha is not work?
  • I ask before for refund but spamvilla say no refund will be make. So now my spamvilla down again and i cat use it.

    Server IP =>
  • more than 12 hours passed and i got my service down. Again you show us that you don't give a fuck about customer support!
    (probably time to time worked for an hour-two, than dead again.)

    When will be resolved?

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    I can't wait until something better comes along because I will switch over in heartbeat. The service has become a constant headache with the extended interruptions and there is no reason to believe it will change. 
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    @sweeppicker you can use megaocr. I am using Spamvilla and Megaocr both but i will cancel my both my spamvilla plans this month when they expire. I lose money with this downtime and it`s fucking shitty.
  • @acidut How did you purchase MegaOCR? I couldnt event create a new account on their website
  • Good thing I paid with my American Express. Chargeback incoming. I'm over 50% downtime now since my last invoice. I understand family problems and such and am sorry for your loss, but real life responsibilities should still be managed.
  • goonergooner
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    I've been testing MegaOCR and Spamvilla over the last week.

    1 VPS with CB and MegaOCR picking up all the captchas CB can't
    1 VPS with CB and Spamvilla picking up Recaptcha

    The Spamvilla VPS gets 10 - 20% (7,000 - 14,000 in real figures) more verifications per day than MegaOCR - So despite the poor customer service Spamvilla seems to be the more effective service.
  • That Sucks Gooner.  :(  I mean thank you very much for that test but I was really hoping that were was a better solution.  Guess not...

    Hopefully someone soon will come up with another service that works.  If someone does they will deff make quite a bit of $$ as no other service out there seem to reliable. :(

  • I use paypal to make the payment. So like to know can i open dispute form on paypal to request balance refund and what should i tell them?
  • same here down again
  • Hey @Spamvilla, please delete your support ticket section and replace it with ignoring section lol

    My second order didn't get any response as usual. You said on email that you'll be back on track after all things happen to you, but why you just didn't reply your beloved customer ticket bro? Be professional please
  • down again @Kelvin, please check the support-tickets

  • I'm enough with this! I tried to open a new order @Spamvilla, after he told some reasons why he so slow while giving some support via email few days ago. I tried to build trust again with this guy, but it looks like nothing change at all. ignored the support ticket, doesn't reply the email, and my service's still pending. Will open a dispute as well. @Kelvin or @Spamvilla, please serve your customers as well as you start open the service. I believe your customers will left if you still serve them like this.
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