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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR is down, and no reply from Kelvin



  • @plcweb Are You sure? Do You backup with DBC or similar? What I see last 2 days is that the service is few hours up and few hours down - You may take a look at your backup balance and then check out the vps.
    Before that I had 3 full days no service in all.
    Anyway, I hope all with Kalvin is OK, the service remains PRETTY GOOD for me. (instead of SUPPORT)
  • @libero no I'm currently not running a backup source. only cb and spamvilla. Nothings gone down for 2 and a half days now. ip ending 130
  • service is up now
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Is there any reliable alternate to Spamvilla? I can't afford downtime. 
  • sagarpatil 
    If you find alternative to spamvilla, please let me know as well. Same here - downtime is major PITA.
  • mine is down this black friday.
  • service down again since several hours
    my backup is
    and my @spamvilla already canceled with paypal for future periods
    spamvilla quality is worst EVER encountered in 16+ years of full time web publisher work

  • mine is down after being ok for the past 3 days. just made a payment. hopefully wont have to do a chargeback. :(
  • service is down for me as-well. I have also sent a support ticket.. No reply yet.. @spamvilla pls pls improve your customer service..We cant afford these down-times :(
  • Well,  One good thing about all the downtime.  Noone should ever need to renew their payment.  If we get credited with downtime.  We all should have free service for life.
  • Down for me. This is killing me.
  • MegaOCR should pay Spamvilla an affiliate referral fee with all the people leaving Spamvilla for poor service and downtime and joining up MegaOCR.

    I just paid for my MegaOCR account today, once I test it and see how good, I am cancelling Spamvilla forever.
  • i'm going to cancel too spamvilla subscription. let's shutdown this scamming service.
  • Surprising this shit happens right after he closed his 'official' thread... guess you guys all just wrong on your end when it comes to your setup lol, wonder how long it takes to show up for him and blame everybody. Everything's fine on their end bros, don't blame them ^^
  • Mines been back online for 12 hours sofar. :)
  • ronron

    I have been watching this thread for months and find it mind numbing that you guys would hang on so long with such erratic servicing. 

    I see that @Lee is using Mega, and he seems to be enjoying success with it. Here is a nice thread where @Lee talks about his settings and how he uses it:

    For all you guys that switch, it would be really helpful if you report back how it went.

  • goonergooner
    I've been testing both, my experience is that spamvilla gets you more verified, it also attempts to solve more captchas.

    Maegaocr seems to skip a lot, not enough threads to attempt them i guess.
    Also, megaocr is a desktop app which uses resources that SER could be using, it's also sometimes buggy or unresponsive.

    Personally i prefer spamvilla, but hey we all know the problems with customer service - so what can you do!?
  • Seven pages of negative thread and people are still trying to use this service?
  • It's currently the only one out there that when It is Working is very effective.  Until someone else comes up with another solution and works very well.  I'm sure everyone will move to that asap.

    Also,  Whoever else does come up with another solution I can see making a ton of $$.
  • 100% agree @ron I used it for about 3 days and new that fast i didnt wont any part of it and of course to hear him tell it it was my fault for having no patience 
    Good luck to the rest of you
  • Pretty sure that @sven is the only one whom I would even count on coming out with another dependable product in IM. Sven, with a such a huge market for recaptcha/mollom ocr, I would hope you would want to capitalize on this opportunity. Lots of recurring money to be made here. I of course understand if you're not interested or don't have the time to do this.
  • +1 Agree If there is someone that could do it would be @Sven
  • edited December 2013
    Glad i've cancelled this subscription early last month.
  • cancelled and opened PayPal dispute today. credit card chargeback incoming if he doesn't respond with the next 3-4 days.
  • I finally got MegaOCR to work. Bought on Friday and it didnt start working until like 10 minutes ago. No response to my tickets or Skypes though from Mega. 

    When its not working, good luck on figuring out the issue.

    However. I can say this...

    I kept my Spamvilla until I knew MegaOCR was going to work. No sense in cutting off something 100% until I have another solution. Magically, Spamvilla is now working again so my setup right now is CB as first option in SER with Spamvilla set to do recaptcha in CB. Second option is Mega.

    The stuff not solvable in CB w.Spamvilla is getting sent to Mega and solved there. Surprisingly, these "leftovers" are getting solved right now at about 20% success from what I can tell but its way too early to know since it JUST started working.

    I am going to test it and see how it does as the left over service and then spend a day with it as a replacement for Spamvilla and see how it compares. I am going to calculate how much Spamvilla has been down and include that as well as part of Spamvilla's % and if its at least 10% better then Spamvilla, then I am going to cancel Spamvilla.
  • Up to a 25% answered rate on the leftovers. Need to dig in and see how many are actually solved though correctly. Just giving you an update
  • So to clarify, you've got CB set as first service in SER, Mega OCR set as second service in SER, then in CB you have spamvilla set as second service. So GSA SER sends captchas to CB first, then to spamvilla, then back to GSA SER where they go Mega OCR from my understanding. Do you know guys know of anyone that supports mollom captchas?
  • goonergooner
    Anyone who signs up with megaocr, your account needs to be manually approved before it will work. Hit them up on skype and they'll do it right away ;)
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