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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR is down, and no reply from Kelvin



  • Yup, thoroughly disappointed. I empathize with his family problems, but it is too much to just keep quiet and not say anything now when things are meant to be better.
  • Please get a grip on your business - this is inexcusable. Hire someone already.

    If this continues it will leave a permanent bad reflection on your name, your brand and your future earnings.

  • Is there any alternative solution to MegaOCR somebody can recommend as spam villa simply doesn't get their shit done? Consistent complaints and downtimes all over, no responses according to most users just sucks. MegaOCR is working kinda average/ok for me but curious if there's something better (non manual) for re-captchas to save the solving costs for expert decoders etc.

    Shame to see somebody fails to scale a great business model, I hope you get your stuff fixed and manage to provide a reasonable customer service. In the end, personal problems are tough, but have nothing to do with business... Any idea on what service to chose except Mega would be highly appreciated!
  • @Spamvilla , are You trying to be a man-orchestra? You offer a serious service, just hire 1-2 technicians and 1-2 support staff guys. It`s even better if they just replay with nonsence phrases as: "We apologies about the temporary issue, our technicians are working on it and it will be resolved asap" ... at least the clients will feel that someone CARE about that. I already starting to imagine that just YOU YOURSELF ARE TYPING the captchas (joke). You made a big step to develop the service, made the next one to turn it into SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    BTW, already working on my end (so Kalvin is too busy to type my captchas and can`t respond on any ticket), I hope You`ll compensate us for the 72 hours dead time, and hope the procedure for discounting/compensating will be less confusing than the last time.

    All Best!
  • I asked for refund, no answer. I created paypal claim to get my money back.
    I lost already more than 100 usd because of not working spamvilla - because as third service I had deathbycaptcha - and spamvilla not working from 2 or 3 days.
  • goonergooner
    It's not good at all, if only Sven and his team could code a similar product... He would have 100s of customers willing to subscribe
  • I would stay with Spamvilla, it is really good software with recaptcha, but only when it works.
    Kevin, tell me, that I will have 90% uptime, and I will cancel refund.
  • here down since many hours again
    ticket sent to support but apparently no one there = bo fix all day long

    those paying with paypal
    start dispute and give a link to THIS section to show paypal how often SV is down
    that should be enough

    in modern times 99% uptime no longer a criteria, the 99$ uptime that was last century
    now with modern high end servers a 99.9% uptime would be the VERY LEAST to offer
  • @sven Would you ever be interested in creating a service like this?  You'd deff make a good bit of money from doing it.  but Dunno if it'd be worth the head ache.
  • Down again for me, glad I checked this thread or I wouldnt know.

    I dont care if Spamvilla gets 10-20% more solved then MegaOCR, this is BULLSHIT.

    Signing up for MegaOCR today
  • and of course, MegaOCR registration is not working.

    What a hell hole this is
  • goonergooner
    @eliquid - Don't wanna ruin your day but megaocr has been down for me today as well
  • MegaOCR working, they responded me, that their datacenter was offline.
    @eliquid try with other browser. For me it works.
  • I have about 39,5% anwered captchas in megaocr.
    2246 not answered, 888 answered.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Just checked my mega ocr stats. Cant remember when I last restarted it

    476,000 received 300,000 answered

  • michamicha Uk
    edited November 2013
    @LeeG, it is nice. What package you using?
  • goonergooner
    My success rates are more like @micha than @leeg... How you getting success rates like that mate?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Are you sitting comfortably for the package :D

    Its the cheapest one. Nothing special

    But, I also have the engines I use set to those that give most verified.

    So you might find your using engines that have a lot of captchas sent to mega ocr that it cant do

    Just time and tweaking. Watch your verified stats and choose your engines based on those

  • goonergooner
    cheers @leeg - Yea engine tweaks make sense.
  • Spamvilla was 1,5 hours online, and now it is offline. Great!
  • Same here... Was working for few hours now again offline. Fuck this shit really !

  • edited November 2013
    @Spamvilla, you risk losing your paypal merchant account if you receive too many disputes and the way your handling customer service is not helping. Please make this work.
  • michamicha Uk
    edited November 2013
    Interesting, paypal don't wait for claim 14 days as usual, I setting up dispute today, and I can set claim today too, so paypal can review this transaction.
    I think many people want money back from Spamvilla, because usually you have to wait 14 days to escalate dispute to a claim.
  • hope you guys understand that PayPal always sides with the seller when it comes to intangible services such as this. you need to pay for the service with a credit card and file a chargeback completely skipping over Paypal
  • edited November 2013
    If Spamvilla is set up for credit card processing and their chargeback rate exceeds 1% per any given month they will lose their merchant account for life and get blacklisted which basically prevents them from opening a merchant account with any bank ever again. I know this from several friends who work in merchant processing. Not a good way to run your business.
  • Yeah, I feel bad that it has had to escalate to this level with his mother dying, but this is just getting far too out of hand. It makes me question the legitimacy of the whole situation, to be as blunt as possible.
  • My @Spamvilla service is down ending 130:8315! I submitted a support ticket but I guess from above there will be no response! Seems like we all better look for alternatives!
  • edited November 2013
    service still down for about 1 day or longer
    = hours ago I canceled the paypal subscription
    = THIS period (until dec 10) + delayed account activation + the promised FREE days of service-downtimes will be the END of my @spamvilla time

    too many hrs or even days down is NO professional service - no matter how good is is when ON

    if you want international money = you need to offer international quality
    currently that situation is like an apprentice learning at the expense of customers - and being paid for learning

  • Yes, it was up for 1 or 2 hours and down for the whole day.
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