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۞MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List۞ • 10+ Major Languages • CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists◄



  • Hi, @furyKyle - I haven't recieved any update from you (bought lifetime package). Sent you email from my paypal inbox. Please check and reply.
  • edited January 2014
    For those who are in the know aka experts, can someone please shoot a video explaining why noobs like myself need this list and how to use it with Scrapebox for best results, please?

    @FuryKyle, if you can do this over the weekend, that will be great and help other buyers who might have questions.

    This is will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for your kindness.
  • I m interested to buy this list but my question is the same as MITBrain asked.......Any video explanation especially using SB would be a lot helpful to buy it.
  • @RayBan Dropped you a PM. @MITBrain Yes, I will do that very soon. It isn't too difficult to learn how to use it productively, but I'll add in a video shortly. In the mean time, PM me if you're unsure about something. Processed all orders today.
  • @FuryKyle, I just purchased your complete lifetime list.  Thanks..


  • @furyKyle - still waiting for updated list, sent you pm and email.
  • @RayBan
    Got back to you.

    Processed all orders today.
  • When there's an update available, will we be notified via email or how does it work?
  • purchased.
  • Purchased, I used my BHW forum ID just so you know.
  • Processed all orders today. I'm working hard to push out a major update, so stay tuned!
  • just paid 95M36669CE778331A thanks
  • When will the "How To" video be ready?
  • I've ordered the list with lifetime updates and will give it a try.
  • edited January 2014
    Please send me the list asap, PAYPAL ID: 1KY08524BR4530XXX
  • I paid 72 hrs ago and did not get my order yet!
  • Let's hope we can get the list as soon possible....!
  • I've paid 2 days ago and didn't get the list. Please, send me the list. Transaction ID: 5JV67403F69840230
  • Sorry guys, came down with high fever for the past few days. Only got to process all orders today as I'm feeling a lot better.
  • Thanks. Got it.
  • Seriously tho? You warn and warn "do not share this list, you'll get in trouble", and the file I got was hosted on a PUBLIC *file sharing site*

    I just did a google search and found it.
  • edited January 2014
    @tsaimllc It's password protected, and I change the links\password from time to time. That being said, I'll change it to a more secure download after the next major upgrade. Release was planned this week but probably in 2 weeks time now since the influenza got me.
  • WHat is the most effective way to use this list? no instructions were given
  • How long does it take for you to deliver? I bought it and i would like to setup the scraping for the weekend.

  • seems like he only comes here every 3 days or something to answer his own thread.
  • edited January 2014
    @tsaimllc If you've cared to read I had come down with a fever. I will be releasing a list of guides soon showing how best to use the list, but the basic idea for now is load it up to GSA's KW section if you don't have a scraper and it should do the trick. If you've got a scraper, load it up there and merge it with engine footprints and scrape away. My guides should show how to do this in more detailed. I'm trying to finish them as soon as I can now that I'm good again.

    All orders processed.
  • I tried to load them with footprints and scrapebox crashed.
  • DAMNIT I loaded the english list into GSA and it crashed! hope it didnt lose my work. Why didnt you split these lists into sizes the softwares you say to use can handle
  • edited January 2014
    I load mine into SB all the time with no problems. I have no idea why yours is crashing. Did you choose to merge them? And this isn't a support thread, please PM me whatever questions you have instead of spamming my thread here and I'll be glad to help you out.
  • I ordered mine Kyle 2 days ago and have not received my order.
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