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  • @FuryKyle: Purchased a good while ago, has the new update been out yet? Will updates be sent to the email I purchased with? That would be great so I don't have to F5 this thread all the time, cheers.
  • @johnmiller when did you purchase? I've been waiting for 4 days so far.
  • @cmmorris1: I purchased at the beginning of this year. If you look through the thread, people often asked for where their order is but they all got it in the end so don't be concerned. Unless of course you need it very soon.
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    Major update coming out soon, complete with a comprehensive guide on the different aspects of using this list, and how to scrape. I send all updates via the email you entered during purchase, and after the update, the delivery of the list will be instant.

    I've sent you the list yesterday. Check your junk mail, it should be there if you can't find it in your inbox.
  • It's not there @FuryKyle

    Can you resend it please
  • @FuryKyle my spam gets auto deleted so it either hits my inbox or it's gone.

    You can send it here, Skype, my email. I have tried to get you on Skype but you're
    never on I guess.
  • Nevermind - It's in my trash.

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    just purchased list with lifetime update
  • just purchased, waiting for product
  • edited February 2014
    @FuryKyle just purchased list with lifetime update
  • Major Update

    The long-awaited update is finally here. This is a major update to the list and I've added numerous things to it. Below is the changelog.

    • Added more keywords to certain foreign language lists
    • Separated the Japanese list into 2 - one ISO version and one non ISO version
    • Added French, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Dutch and Romanian keyword lists.
    • Added a step-by-step help guide in .pdf format to guide you through some of the basic ways of using the list with GSA SER and Scrapebox, along with some personal recommendations

    We will also be upgrading our payment system so that the list gets instantly delivered for future buyers, and any future updates will be hosted on a more secure dedicated and private server, with a unique download link only available to you as well as having limited download attempts. More updates at work so stay tuned!

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    Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Nice one with the PDF!

    Gave proxyrack a try but it's awfully slow even at 100 connections, not really worth the $30/m...maybe too many people jumped on the bandwagon by now and everyone is just hitting the scrapers with the same pool of IPs.

    Looking forward to some more footprint updates, like those eleslash suggested on page 7 of this thread :)
  • Can anybody tell me what is the average LPM by using this package ? Considering that machine where SER is running is good specs and that proxies are fast and quality. 
  • @dariobl Afaik this doesn't have an influence on your LPM at all. This is a list of keywords and footprints, so you'd either import a bunch of keywords into SER and let it scrape+post, or you'd import keywords+footprints into a scraper like scrapebox, scrape stuff and import that into SER to post to. If you do the latter it will help your LPM, obviously.
  • @johnmiller

    I know that, i'm asking if anyone is using this directly in SER and what kind of a results do they have.
  • @FuryKyle just bought, waiting for the list!
  • Why some keyword starts with blank space?
  • Processed all orders.

    Send me a PM with the mentioned keywords.
  • FuryKyle Just open English Keywords.txt and you will see blanks starts from the first keyword.
  • @XAWM
    Ah I see. My program probably glitched and added an extra blank space. Just replace it with nothing with Notepad. I'll fix it in the next update.
  • Hey @FuryKyle,

    I need some help. The footprints are getting me a good number of results however I am having terrible LPM after importing these in to GSA.

    I am on SolidSEOVPS and running 100 private proxies from SolidSEO as well.

    I am getting a lot of wrong engine detected and I have an idea that it's due to GSA mis-identifying the engines I'm scraping for.

    Is there a better way to get GSA to import and identify with GSA for large lists you scrape?

    Currently I'm using the "Options" - "Advanced" - "Tools" - "Import URLs (Identify platform and sort in)"

    I hope there is a better way for more successful imports.

    Any advice?
  • edited February 2014
    @FuryKyle: Just another minor thing: The footprints file has only blanks in the "forums" column from row 341-372.

    Yes, I can easily fix that myself but just wanted to ask here in case I missed out on 31 additional footprints? :)

    @cmmorris1: Interesting, in the past I would import scraped lists the way you described but since it always took so long and slowed my VPS down to a crawl I now just take a list, import it directly into a project and let it post with all platforms. Not sure if that's faster or not but it makes me wonder that the way you import lists still gives a lot of wrong engine detected/no engine matches?
  • @furykyle - please send updated list to me as well (lifetime buyer).
  • Yeah do we need to request updated list or do you just send it out to all buyers?
    If the former can you send it to me please
  • Hey So I', having issues with scraping with chinese KW,s I can load up chinese in the footprint section. but when I look at the text file for the Chinese so does it look like this like some strange thai characters and the non iso file looks like this The results from the neither of the files comes up with chinese websites. -M
  • edited February 2014
    @cmmorris1 I'm not sure why GSA is mis-identifying platforms for you. You can take screenshots, provide the URLs and send them to @Sven to check.

    @RayBan and @Turbo I've sent out the updated list to ALL lifetime buyers. Check your mail, if it's not there check your junk. It's definitely sent out. If you deleted it by accident or still can't find it, PM me and I'll resend it to you.

    @OnkelMicha That is why I've encoded the list for you to use on programs such as SB which doesn't support non ISO characters. Read the .pdf guide included and that should solve your problem.
  • Well there is no .pdf help file in the zipfile I downloaded from you. I re downloaded it a few minutes ago to make sure I didnt miss it. I actually have the same problem with all your non ISO coded files. If I use the chinese ones that is non ISO encoded so does it not get any relevant resutls"powered by discuz" %26%23194%3B%26%23160%3B%26%23228%3B%26%23190%3B%26%23191%3B%26%23231%3B%26%23167%3B%26%23732%3B%26%2332%3B&cp=128&gs_id=39&xhr=t&q="powered by ucenter" %26%23194%3B%26%23160%3B%26%23228%3B%26%23190%3B%26%23191%3B%26%23231%3B%26%23167%3B%26%23732%3B%26%2332%3B&ech=3&psi=aQwIU_u9CcubiQf104HoBQ.1393036397784.9&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=2wwIU5nZJO2uiQfh1oHAAw Like this search, the footprint only should return several million hits. now wiht your non ISO kw list so does it 0 hits. PLease send over the pdf or fix it please. -M
  • @OnkelMicha You should have received an email about the updated list with the help file included. Check your junk mail if you can't find it. If you still can't find it, PM me your details and I'll resend you the update.
  • Just placed an order for the list. Thanks.
  • Hey FuryKyle, do you give your keywords in categories? As in, say I wanted all the keywords from your lists that had to do with gaming. Would there be a way to only import the gaming keywords into SER?
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