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  • shaunshaun

    All I received was the email below. I have my receipt from paypal so payment went through.

    "We have received your purchase. If you have paid, the keyword lists will be sent to you within 24 hours. Please post on our thread as a confirmation of your purchase. Thank you for your patience.

  • shaunshaun
    Anychance of an update on this ?
  • @shaun
    I've just manually sent you the DL link. Let me know if you've received it.
  • When update is coming, will we get notification in email about this ?

  • @botman
    Yes, you will get an email sent to you if it is within your update period. I'm still working on a big one and it'll come out within a month.
  • FuryKyle yeah thanks i have lifetime updates...
  • All orders processed today :)
  • Lists sent out today to new customers.
  • Working on the new update!
  • Hey Kyle,

    I bought a lifetime package on Oct 18, 2013 and just stopped using GSA due to other business, now I'm back here how do I get updated list including the help files. I have added you on skype
  • Vijayaraj

    You should have received it automatically. Check your junk mail :)
  • @furykyle

    Ouch Never thought of that.. but I recently cleaned out my junk mail. Is there anyway you can send it again?
  • I can't download from CHINA after paid. May you please send download link to me?
  • I have bought the lifetime option in February and never received an update ever since. Why??
  • @furykyle I still haven't recieved any updates
  • just purchased


  • @furykyle could you please login more often? it's been 16 days since I raised a query
  • lianggeren
    I believe I've resolved your issues already via PM :)

    Sorry about that, I've been so busy with other aspects of business that I've not had the time to log in. I've got most things done and will be here everyday for support. Can you please PM me your transaction ID and payment email so I can resend the download link to you?

    You should have received an update within that period. What is your payment email?

    All orders have been processed today - if you've paid for it and have not received it, make sure you check your junk mail!
  • @FuryKyle just messaged you with my email. I don't know why, but I have not received a single email from february when I bought it. I did check spam folder of course. Nothing there..
  • I have sent a PM with the required details
  • @spiritfly
    Got your PM

    Just resent you the secure download link.
  • Recieved the link and downloaded the list. Thank you
  • @ Vijayaraj
    No problem :) Enjoy!
  • All orders processed today.
  • How many updates you will provide in 30 days of period ?
  • still haven't recieved any updates
  • Hello, purchased on Feb 27th, 2014, but haven't received any updates yet. What is the update period? 
  • Posting here as per your instructions on TY page

    Transaction ID is 5C761230XB225653N

    Thanks mate!

  • All orders processed today. A significant update will be out within 24 hours. Just finishing up some things before sending it out to you guys.
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