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  • All orders processed.
  • How to import the footprints into GSA ?
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    Hey kyle,

    What i need to know is if you translated the english footprints into every language? For example
    I used english footprints to scrape PLIGG platform (social bookmark main engine). I end up 120.000 different domains, thats decent but i know there are more out there. What i basically need footprints translated in all the other languages for example the "What is pligg?" part to be translated and create many other footprints targetting other languages aswell. Example :

    "Êàêâî å Pligg?"
    "Què és Pligg?"
    "Pligg ¥Y?H"
    "Pligg ¥Y›õH"
    "Co je to Pligg?"
    "Hvad er Pligg?"
    "Wat is Pligg?"
    "Mis on Pligg?"
    "Ce qui est Pligg ?"
    "Mikä on StumbleUpon?"
    "Was ist Pligg?"
    "Ôé åßíáé Pligg;"
    "Ki sa ki Pligg?"
    "îä Pligg?"
    "Pligg ?????? ????"
    "Mi az a Pligg?"
    "Apa itu Pligg?"
    "Che cosa è Pligg?"
    "Che cosa è Pligg?"
    "Pligg ‚͉½‚Å‚·‚©H"
    "Pligg ¹«¾ùÀԴϱî?"
    "Kas ir Pligg?"
    "Kas yra Pligg?"
    "Hva er Pligg?"
    "á? ?ÓÊ¿"
    "Co to jest Pligg?"
    "O que é o Pligg?"
    "Ce este Pligg?"
    "×òî òàêîå Pligg?"
    "Co je Pligg?"
    "Kaj je Pligg?"
    "¿Qué es Pligg?"
    "Vad är Pligg?"
    "Pligg ¤×ÍÍÐäÃ"
    "Pligg nedir?"
    "Ùî òàêå Pligg?"
    "Ùî òàêå Pligg?"
    "Pligg là gì?"

    Etc. This all mean same thing "What is pligg?".
    I need alot of other language footprints translated, and they should be categorised in folders or different .txt files. Let me know.
  • @furykyle - two questions:
    1)  i bought the lifetime option  a while ago . Do you plan to ad another languages to the package ? 
    2) could you suggest, how to sort kw list by niche or any other parameters ? My main problem is that those kw are sorted by alphabe. If I import them in SB, i see there are for example 5 - 10 very similiar words after each other and they of course give almost the same results. 

    OF course I could randomize the list, but that would cause duplicate list scraping later. 
  • @eLeSlash I have not done that yet, but it is on my to do list. @RayBan Yes definitely. A new language will be out very soon and more will follow shortly. I promise you. There's currently no "niche" lists as there are thousands of different niches out there and I do not have the resources to sort through and categorize hundreds of thousands of different keywords into niche lists. I will make general ones in the future, such as finance and so on, but this is going to take time. Similar keywords are not often, and at the most they are only secondary to the main keyword. They do produce unique results when used, especially if you quote them in your scraping.
  • Hi,
    Just placed an order for the list (premium).
  • edited November 2013
    Hi, dude. I have paid. 8KC204296P4685531
  • Hey mate, I have paid.
     transaction ID for this payment is: 3J644862W03088805.
  • @FuryKyle Aww too bad, any ETA?
  • Processed all orders. @eLeSlash In a few weeks probably.
  • Can anyone who bought this tell me how should I scrape these?
    I scrape article footprints+english keywords in Gscraper , it takes so long to process, it ran for 2 hours till now and only 0.01% completed

  • Only scrape a few footprints at a time.
  • Just purchased this :)

  • Processed all orders.
  • got the list today and i'm very happy with these

    one questions:

    is there any way to randomize list to make these keywords not sorted by alphabet and split it into few smaller files?
  • @aulia You can do that easily if you have Scrapebox.
  • Using which feature?

    I can't use url harvester to do that :(

    i want to randomize these keyword list then split it into smaller list

  • Made a purchase! Thanks.
  • Just paid: Transaction ID: 3S762052V1394330C

  • Footprints for other languages would be huge. That will unlock millions of new targets. Please add :)
  • edited December 2013
    anyone using gscraper to scrape these?
    I split the keywords and scrape but it still takes me a long time to finish scrape. and sometimes gscraper crash and I dono where should i start again....
    and after scraped and import to ser, it takes long time as well!
    please help

  • @kelvinkhy you need to split your files into 10 mb perfile to import it to ser
  • edited December 2013
    how to split it? 
    how about before scraping?
  • Im waitin for you to get on skype!! got questions
  • @furykyle guess you dont want our business!!
  • Processed all orders today. @kelvinkhy you can split it with the free SB addon into how many lines as you like. @tsaimllc I rarely go on Skype nowadays. Just PM me your questions here.
  • Payment sent. Please send the list+footprint asap. Thanks.
  • Orders processed.
  • ordered. Please send the list
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