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۞MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List۞ • 10+ Major Languages • CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists◄



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    @Enzo Unfortunately no, I don't have niche-categorized keywords. You could, however, scrape your own list related to gambling or manually make one. You wouldn't need too much, say 200. Then just merge those 200 keywords with my existing word lists and you'll get numbers in the millions.
  • All orders processed today.
  • More updates coming soon :)
  • All orders processed today.
  • Can you tell me please, how different are you from hrefer ? I want niche related. How can your list help me if I already have hrefer and I scrape with it for a word and have tons of keywords ?
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    Good list . Till now always find new targets
  • i never received the feb update can you resend to me thanks
  • hi mate, sent an email regarding being unable to view the platforms .xlxs if you can include that in .ods format for open office users that'd be great, thanks :)
  • is kyle still supporting this thread at all?
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    @dcn I didn't get your question. Are you asking whether you can use Hrefer with this list? If that is the case, then of course you can. It's a must-have for ANY scraper.

    @launches That's strange, I was sure I sent out the updates to all clients within their update period. Can you PM me your transaction ID and email?

    @jaybee I don't have Open Office, unfortunately you're going to need to download Excel as all the data has been systematically sorted out there.
  • dcndcn
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    @FuryKyle I have hrefer and scraped a keyword list based on my keyword. Why to buy your list if you can't provide niche related keywords? In case of buying, how to make the list merge working, what other tool I need ? Hrefer is already scraping niche related, so why is your list better, in my case, please make me understand.
  • ok well I wasn't going to go and buy that, nor dick about trying to get a hookey copy - managed to get someone else who has MS office though so I've converted it over, I'll email you that so you can include it, will save a fair few people a fair few hassles :)

    won't really help with updates, but meh, it's there anyway :)
  • Bought list and now i think i should setup additional server for scrapping.

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    @dcn There's a help file included in the purchase along with my personal tips and recommendations to get you started.

    image Stats for recent import with only a small portion of the list used. That's half a million new unique domains to post to.
  • Hey,

    It says to post my transaction id here so


  • @hadoken Order confirmed.
  • Here's mine too :)


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    Just purchased: 

    Transaction ID: ************6374E

    80+ megs gives me the feeling I paid for something worthy :)
  • All orders processed today.
  • New update coming soon with more language lists.
  • waiting for the new update :)
  • Orders processed today.
  • 6JL08281UT4524300

  • Hi there,

    Just a few pre-sales question here. You said other languages are included like Chinese for example. But Scrapebox does not support chinese language. How can I scrape chinese language with this? Please PM me.

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    Just purchased


  • @rabbit23
    I've encoded the lists so that SB can use them. All the instructions are included in the file.

    All orders processed today!
  • Hey there! Paid with a while ago and I formatted and my new dedi doesn't have it.

    Added you on Skype and emailed you from Yashar***** - please get back to me ASAP
  • @Furykyle - I sent you a pm with my transaction details, when can I get my updated list?

  • shaunshaun
    Purchased the list yeasterday, any idea when it will be sent ?
  • Processed all orders today and replied to all PMs.

    You should have gotten your list immediately.
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