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[NEW] SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator (Version 4)



  • i buy acamso when he was lunch the bot at version 1.0 now the bot keep upgrade and update till this version 4. Acamso was a good seller, cause he respond the support really fast.

    I can confirm the bot is working, cause all the hotmail  create was from this bot.

    and for the setting... even i use private proxy, i still use 90 seconds for the timeout. Cause when i run it i just leave it. Try it and share your result...
  • Just tried this. Works perfectly. Highly recommended. 
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    doh why only i have problems ;( i use priv proxies that work fine with ser but i got a horrible bad success rate for the accounts .. btw how many captchas did you use for how many accounts, ) ?  for me it's like 100 captchas and maybe 10 accounts
  • I have tested the trial and... so far, so good. 100 accounts created within 1 hour on my dirty laptop with private proxies, around 1.5-2 captchas per account. Buying it!
  • Thanks guys. I am actually in the process of rewriting the code so you will be able to see the status of each account and thread throughout the account creation process. It's going to look real nice. Things ill only get better. Really cleaning up the code.
  • @KayKay - are you using DBC or manual?
  • @acamso i did them all manually since i had no money left on any captcha service
  • I see. That's a pain..they can be tricky manually. :-\
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
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    @acamso What type of support files is SuperHAC downloading when it is started for a first time?
  • @miren - I believe you're referring to the Ubot files required to run the program.
  • Work for me, i did add proxies in a file with format IP:PORT
    I am using GSA Captcha breaker so don't really care on how much captcha are used as those are broke for free :)
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
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    richardbesson  You have definition files for hotmail captcha?
  • i thought ozz is on this?
  • yeah, i tried but didn't have much of success with my sample size.
  • i have 1018 sample if u need
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    or a script that solves the hotmail captchers with a captcherservice + save the image in format: answer.jpg

    i started bruteforce yesterday - 1,66% success so far with 1 process.
  • sure, upload it to a filehoster and PM the link and i will take another try. i believe that many samples are needed to get a decent solving rate with the method "use masks" for that particular captcha.
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    lol mask function is crazy!!! --> I think this will rock:


    i send it to you with the tool
  • hmm the mask function seems to work pretty good for the first 120 samples but afterwards it solves nearly nothing. Does the calibration of the mask only use the first images?
  • SvenSven
    no, it works for all. But it adds new "Masks" only if the segmentation filter delivered the exact number of characters from the answer to that captcha.
  • also don't get the wrong impression when testing with already known and "masked" captchas only. you only get the real solving rate when testing captchas which weren't calculated before.
    because there are many different characters in this captcha you need a huge database i suppose.
  • Hey guys - I have a big update on the way. Anyone have any specific requests before the release?
  • Can I request it to work with GSA Captcha Breaker?
  • SvenSven
    good request indeed ;)
  • Integrate another Mail-Service :-)
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    I downloaded the 60 minute trial and created some hotmail accounts and logged into 2 but I don't see where the messages from the spam folder is sent to the inbox.

    Is this how Super HAC disables the Spam filter?

    Go into options. Then select “rules for sorting new messages”. Then set the rule to forward any email to inbox that contains “@”. Without the quotes.

    -Please advise
  • New version released - huge update with many new features.

    @TOPtActis - I will be exploring other mail services for future software.

    @Glennf - Yes, that is how it creates the spam filter.
  • Nice @acamso would you care to list a few of the main new features please? Thanks in advance
  • @seagul -

    Brute Force Mode - Turn brute force mode on or off. This mode is recommended if you are looking for speed over efficiency. If the number of threads is larger than the number of accounts to create, then every thread will be ran simultaneously. This will result in faster account creation, but with a higher captcha count.

    Auto Catchall Creation - Turn auto-create catchall on or off. If turned on, a catchall email will be automatically created at the beginning of the run. This catchall email will be used as the catchall email for every account created during the run. This catchall email will not be considered as an account created.

    Catchall Folders Output - Turn catchall folders on or off. If turned on, this option will create a folder with the catchall as the folder name. The output save file will be set to this folder.

    Blacklist Checker - Turn the blacklist check on or off. If turned on, the account checker will check if the email is blacklisted using

    New Proxy Format - IP:PROXY:USER:PASS

    Output Editor -


    Screenshots - 








    Many more features to come such as HMA support, proxy checker, catchall checker, spam filter checker, etc.
  • Thanks!
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