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  • Tim89Tim89
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    Hi all,

    I would like to officially release

    I recently saw a member on this forum releasing an indexing service which was getting alot of attention but was a bit pricey for my liking, So I came to the conclusion I would offer a service that not only wipes out the competitions indexing rates but also is much affordable for the majority of you GSA Search engine ranker users.

    Affordablity is everything these days, you should want value for money, I promise you, you will not be unhappy with this service as many of my beta testers already know by now, this service offers an incredible 50 - 70% instant indexing rate as well as highs of 80 - 90% after 10 days of submitting.

    The best part is the pricing, which starts at $25 for 500 submissions per day. I guarantee you that at least 50% of you daily submissions will be indexed that very same day.

    If you were shocked at the index rates of new services available to you before this thread, be prepared to be astonished with this service tenfolds, There isn't anything else that comes close to the index rates and the pricing structure...

    I am honestly not here to sell you it, you make the decision to test it out yourself, my beta testers already know this system works and it works very well, I was actually asked to cap this service to a certain subscription amount which I may have to do as it is simply that good.

    More about the functionality, the site is very basic at the moment but it allows you to enter your back links from your own dashboard, these then get sent straight through, currently there is no drip feeding options, I must make you aware, index rates are VERY high so please, for the time being I suggest you drip feed them by creating small submission batches for your tier 1 links, tier 2/3's and above should be fine to mass submit without any negative impacts to your rankings.

    An API and drip feeding options should be added by the end of this month if all goes well, as well as some user requests for features that would make your lives easier.

    Thanks for hearing me out and again, more information is available at

    can't wait to see you aboard the express indexer train!

    A little index service competition can't do any harm! May the best service win!

  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks for sharing @jurky3fo
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    Yeah, this was my T1 though, let's see with T2. I'm sending around 200 now. Kinda unbelievable :D.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    That's perfectly fine, you can submit as many as your allowance allows you too ;) !

    This is just from what we've seen in results, the bigger your batch per submission, the better your index rates.

  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @tim89 Just rechecked the list and I've got to say I'm impressed :D

    This is what I did and feel free to use it as review:

    Took the test links from a fairly newish project (2-3 weeks).  This is a 2 tier project, with the 2nd tier mainly there to try and index the 1st tier.

    Exported all the T1 links and filtered with Excel until I had a list of 722 links on PR1+ article sites, social network and wikis.

    After the first index check in Scrapebox, out of the 722 links, 124 were found to be indexed already, so these were removed and left a list of 576.

    Pasted the 576 links into and less than 10 mins later I had an email saying the links had been processed.

    I then rechecked the 576 links in Scrapebox and out of 576, 395 were now indexed - More than 68%!

    I'll keep checking over the next few days and see if that number improves or not :D
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @davbel thanks for sharing your findings,

    In regards to checking, sure by all means do it, but I'd highly recommend checking after the 10 day mark, this is when the full impact happens. :)

    Glad you're impressed and hopefully we'll see you onboard the Express Train in the near future.

    It's all happening here:
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    Yep, around 65% indexed in 5 minutes on T2. You can have my money. I just hope it will stick. And I hope you're not working at Google.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Lol, @jurky3fo

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    You gotta love competition! :)

    I've used various indexing services in the past with mixed results. Most recently I've been using the service offered here by cloudattack and have been quite impressed by it, compared to previous services.  However, from that thread I started chatting with Tim89 and learned that he was putting together an indexing service of his own and he offered to test a batch of links for me and I jumped at the chance.  In a nutshell, I'm more that impressed with his service.

    While his claim for "instant indexing" kind of sounds too good to be true, I have found it to actually BE true (for about 40-60% of the links submitted).  It's incredible.  As for the remaining links... I'd like to share something else that I've found that was touched on in another thread.

    It seems that when indexing links, Google has a "freshness preference" (fyi, this is a term that I just made up and this is all just IMO...)  What I mean is that a pretty high percentage of links that get indexed within the first few days often drop out of the index after a few days.  Someone pointed out to me that perhaps it's Google's way of grabbing anything that might be "news" right out of the gate and indexing it, then setting it aside for a while to determine whether it's really worthy of staying in the index or not before making a final decision.

    Despite what some people may say about it, I have tracked and tested a decent number of links *daily* and have found this to be pretty consistently true.  The good news is that if these are decent links (i.e. contextual), they often come back, and then some.  

    More specifically, it seems that within the first 1-4 days you'll get decent indexing rates.  Then, somewhere between day 3 and 9 (roughly), there's a decent chance that a lot of links will NOT show as indexed (I'll share some numbers in a moment).  Then somewhere around day 7-10, the overall indexing rate starts climbing back up again. Sometimes nearing the original level, sometimes surpassing it.  If you only check your indexing rate once, depending on when that is relative to your submission date, you're likely to get an inaccurate view of the truth (unless you wait until about 2 weeks).  

    Here are some numbers from links submitted to various indexing services to show you what I mean.  One thing to note is that the links submitted for indexing varied a lot in the type of link (contextual or "kitchen sink" type), as well as age (how recently it had been created).  Nonetheless, I think you'll see what I mean.  They are noted as follows:

    [# urls submitted] - Day since submission / percent indexed

    [94] - 0/35 - 1/35 - 2/33 - 3/4 - 4/5 - 5/5 - 6/5 - 7/5 - 8/10 - 9/10 - 10/29 - 11/36 - 12/38 - 14/38 - 15/38 - 19/39 - 34/41 - 42/52
    [82] - 0/1 - 1/4 - 1/57 - 2/59 - 3/56 - 4/18 - 5/12 - 6/16 - 7/18 - 8/49 - 10/55 - 14/57 - 16/59 - 29/63 -
    [360] - 0/0 - 1/0 - 1/47 - 1/48 - 2/48 - 3/45 - 4/11 - 5/9 - 6/13 - 7/26 - 8/37 - 10/65 - 11/64 - 14/65 - 15/65 - 30/68 -
    [172] - 0/0 - 1/2 - 1/50 - 2/59 - 3/59 - 4/22 - 5/15 - 6/18 - 16/58 -
    [463] - 0/0 - 0/51 - 0/54 - 1/54 - 1/48 - 4/16 - 5/24 - 6/29 - 7/40 - 9/59 - 10/72 - 12/74 -
    [71] - 0/0 - 2/52 - 3/49 - 6/15 -
    [834] - 0/0 - 30min/62

    Looking at these numbers, there are a few things to point out.  

    Firstly, I just re-ran the first set of links listed above (day 42 with 52% indexed).  It's a nice surprise to see the indexed rate continued to climb considerably even after 2 weeks.  

    Next, I'd like to point out the two sets of numbers that come from ExpressIndexer; they are the third to last (with [463] links) and the last ([834] links).  With the [463] you can see the quick indexing, followed by a drop-off at day 4 that climbs slowly back up and around day 8 or 9 it's back to where it started at the 50-60% mark.  The nice thing is that a few days later it's at 74%.  Nice! :)

    The last line [834] - these were submitted yesterday and I don't think it was even 30 minutes before I checked them and they were at 62% indexed.  To me, that is just insane! LOL  If they continue as the others have (and I see no reason why they wouldn't), I expect them to maybe rise a bit from here, drop off considerably, and then come back strong.

    All this to say... Tim89 has a service that has blown me away so far with what is delivered.  And seeing the prices now... I'm even more impressed.  If this thing gets capped, I'll be glad I'm on the inside. :)
  • Tim89Tim89
    A big thanks to @mexiken for providing the statistics, I'm thankful that you participated in the beta testing phase.

    A very good way of tracking indexing rates over a period of time, much appreciated.

    If the trend continues to develop with new accounts and subsciptions being made as they are currently doing so, I may be forced to close registration for a while, possibly for server upgrades, but I will give notice prior to any changes.

    for anyone wanting a trial of 500 links please register here at: and pm me your username, I will add the credits to your account for testing.

  • Tim89Tim89
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    Pay as you go subscriptions can be done now, although you must use your limit the day you purchase the credits.

    Please contact me via pm or using the contact form on the site:

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    I have sent 313 non-indexed links and came back with 149 indexed. The second time I sent 65 non-indexed and came back with 43 indexed. Looks very promising.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks for sharing your results @zuluranger
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    Let me know once you have the API set up. Want to make a comprehensive case study with your service by auto-sending them after GSA has created the links.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Hey @TheCraft sure thing, you might aswell register now for those free 500 credits as this ends by the end of the day.

    ETA on the API is mid-month.

    For everyone else, in order to obtain your 500 free credits you must verify your account by clicking on the activation link in your email, this may be in your junk folder.

    If you're interested in this service simply register here: and PM me your username once you have activated your account via email, once this has been done, your account will be credited.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I'd like to thank everyone who registered and participated in the free trial, hopefully you all like the service.

    For anyone else wanting to sign up:
  • Accepted Answer
    Nice, after 1 hour 58% indexing rate :)
    now I am waiting for API
  • Tim89Tim89
    @meph API is in the process of being created, will post the details here once it's completed.

    Thanks for testing the service.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    For new customers, when registering please register using your PayPal email address, this makes it easier for the future if you decide purchasing a package.

    Also I would like to mention I will be fixing a few bugs tomorrow and you should also see a little increase in indexing rates too ;) I'm excited for you all!

    If you don't have an account register now for your free trial credits!
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    they tim89 give me my credits xD
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey guys, all credits have been given out now.

    Hope you enjoy the service! - Choo choo
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    just want some quick tests.   looks very promising i had some links indexed in minutes.  just bought some credits to test more.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @sonic81 thanks for choosing us for your indexing services!

    Hope we can work together in the future.
  • Forgive me for being a bit "fick" but how do you grab the links from SER to add to this?
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Go to a project within GSA ser

    right click -> show urls -> verified -> select urls -> copy/paste
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Hey guys,

    I would just like to make you aware, When registering with the site, you must register with you Paypal email address for the payment process to work.

    If you do not register with your paypal email, you will not receive your credits once you've made payment.

    If there is anyone that would like to subscribe to a package but has already registered using a different email, simply contact me and give me your paypal email address, I will make the needed amendments and report back to you stating you are able to make a payment.

    For anyone who is interested in signing up:

    and also, payments are not reoccuring, so you will need to subscribe to a package every month.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey people, I would like to mention that Pay-as-you-go packs are available if you would rather bulk index your links, just contact me with how many links you require and I'll get back to you right away.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hi ladies and gents,

    Some good news..

    API should "should" be ready by tomorrow afternoon some time, Friday morning the latest.

    Stay tuned and grab your package now so you're ready!

  • Tim89Tim89
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    Once our API is released tomorrow evening, existing customers will get their limits doubled for this month, this offer is only for customers who currently have an account and a live package.

    This is a thank you and a celebration for introducing our API to you.

    Yes that's correct, which ever plan you have subscribed to, this will be doubled for the entire month...
    Daily rollovers will also be changed to monthly rollovers so this means you will not lose your credits daily.

    Grab yourself an account and make sure you have a live package/subscription by the time we release our API for double the link limits.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Some exciting changes to the web interface and link checking, these features will be added soon!

    - Link checking
    - Previously submitted URL list
    - Bigger packages will be added to accommodate power users
    - Pricing structure changes (users will be even more happier!)
    - Exclusive bonuses given to existing customers when upgrades are brought out, so make sure you have your package activated for this.

    With a clean interface, backlink analytics/statistics, you won't be only subscribing for an indexing service, you will be subscribing to a complete backlink solution.

    Make sure you choose the right service, we're still the best index service per link/$ ratio.

    Quality, not quantity.

    Registering is quick and easy, get in quick, subscriptions will be limited and I will be shutting the doors on this service once we reach a max limit to make sure we keep ontop of our indexing rates, and make sure all of our customers receive the attention they require, our indexing rates are soon to be even higher.

    So what are you guys waiting for?

    Nothing on the market comes close to what we provide, the link allowance to price paid, the indexing rates, the user interface, the API. Nothing comes close.

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