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  • Ok, I did that.
  • sagarpatil thank you!
  • You banner says 50% off can I get the voucher?

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @mrlinks Sure. Use GSAFORUM
  • So just making sure thats $110 to $55 per month every month onwards?
  • how many more months do i have to wait for a refund? you've msged me at least 3 times saying to wait but it still isn't processed.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ - http://1linklist.com
    Blackhat, you were refunded weeks ago.
    6 12/10/14, 02:34 PM paypal 3N191557VM636764H - $55.00
    8 12/14/14, 07:13 AM paypal 60X506126M527400T - $55.00
    149 11/03/14, 08:32 AM paypal 20982782XT554711H $55.00
    314 12/03/14, 10:43 AM paypal 11V316590R0666320 $55.00
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @mrlinks correct
  • sir i added you at skype as aditya wibowo please add me want to ask a few question before subscribing your services thank you very much
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @halyosy I've sent you a DM with my personal Skype
  • How many domains with pr3+ you have in your list ?

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @icrossing - its really hard to tell. we publish lists everyday, you could try us out for a month.
  • soIOsoIO United States
    If I use the GSACOUPON coupon

    I'll get 55USD.
    What happens Month 2? 110USD?

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @solO its a recurring coupon. $55 per month.
  • why sold is out?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @hamedwolf not sure if I understand you, but we are still selling :)
  • Added you on skype.
    When are you available ?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @legends71 I'm mostly online, you can drop a message, I will get back to you.
  • edited March 2015
    Its been more than 10 hour and you have not replied to my ticket, nor been online on skype.
  • edited March 2015
    ok, i am tired now.
    I have still not downloaded any list, so i ask a refund and i have not found any guide, of the way to setup the gsa global setting and project for the list. 

    Payment Amount: 55.00 USD
    Payment Reference: 66959127S15309224

    Invoice #TMQBU / 03/22/15
      1. 1Linklist.com Subscription    1x$110.00   $55.00
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @legends71 I just saw your ticket, I'll fix your issue and I'm online on Skype, message me.
  • edited March 2015
    I have already added you on skype, and you still not have accepted my skype invitation nor replied to my ticket
    You can check my account, i have still not downloaded any list, so i will kindly ask for a refund.


  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @legends71 Sending you a PM.
  • how you give everyday million links ???

    in the world gsa add all sites link ???

    its just a lie
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @alexander34 its part magic, part technology. See it to believe it.
  • Hi Sagarpatil, i messaged u on website and skype, but u didnt reply at all til now so il ask u here.
    are ur lists still updated daily and fresh or are they overused like many others? thanks
  • Amazing, how come all th list providers stopped replying? Is it bcos they know they are selling 'one week effective only' lists?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @meb sending you a PM. 
  • Got ur pm, have sent u a request, my bad, added a wrong spelling of ur name,
    waiting for ur response, thanks
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @meb haven't received your request, can you PM me your Skype, I'll add you.
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