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  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    @blackhat. you are hater yes? is all working for me very nice with lnklist. maybe you should use the fiverr and get better result.
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    I start campaign last night and so far the results with the linklist.

    Is not bad. I was buying lists from the fiverr and they were very bad. linklist is saving me alots of time.

  • yes, now filter it out so that it only shows the results for CONTEXTUAL ENGINES. if you're going to jump into this, at least know what is being discussed SMH.
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart there a consextual engines button in GSA?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blackhat you were not happy with our service, you asked for a refund and we processed it. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with us.
  • click the "filter" checkbox and check the contextual engines. i guarantee your nice screenshot will turn to horseshit. 
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    @blackhat. what is contextual engines for you?
  • i asked for refunds (plural) and got one refunded (singular). I wouldve refunded the first month if you guys didnt string everyone along with "amazing updates coming soon" and fooled me into thinking you were actually going to deliver what was advertised.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blackhat Do you want us to refund you for the first month too? We can do that.
  • @theruski,

    the ones that are predefined by gsa. 
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    @blackhat. i think maybe you were looking for millions of consetual links which obviulsy is not possible. I am using the link list for a few months now and seen vgood results. befroe that I was using the fiverr to get lists and resul was very worse.

    maybe I thinks your exptations is very high for $50 a month.

  • edited December 2014
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    @blackhat. which are the "the ones that are predefined by gsa. "¿
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blackhat Okay, I will make sure of it. 
  • theruski,

    i am not an idiot and not expecting "millions of consetual links". I was expecting what was said by Jordan. He stated AND I QUOTE: "a few thousand in there at any time."

    when the OWNER says theres a few thousand in there at any time, its reasonably to expecting something similar to that figure. i wouldve been happy at even 1,000 uniques. but noep, there were less than 200. TWO HUNDRED. 
  • thank you sagar. im done here. goodluck all.
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    @blackhat. noone is calling you are quick to call others idiot......probbaly you did not set up correctly the capthas and lost alot links. I am happy for while now with linklist and recomend it to anyone wanting to save thweir time.
  • Your verified list is with removed duplicate urls and remove duplicate domains? It doesn`t seem to be.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blackhat its processed.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @adystanley All verified lists are de-duped before we send it to our customers.
  • Please enter on skype, i have few questions before subscribing.
  • Should I be turning off GSA scraping the web?

    Depending on which GSA revision we're on....I usually run 40lpm.

    The current version of GSA, I'm lucky if I run 16LpM.

    Any tips on speeding this up? 
  • are these lists still good? where do I find the discount?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @GSAguy123‌ yes please turn off scrapping in gsa. Please PM me your Skype, I'll add you to our Skype group and also take a look at your setup.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blogmarkz‌ pure gold. Our members are ranking and banking with them. Discount code is GSAFORUM
  • @sagarpatil - I just paid and subscribed, I also added you on skype, please give me a guide/tutorial on how to use this on GSA and the proper settings for this. Thanks.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blogmarkz‌ sure thing.
  • Are these lists good for Tier 1? Or do you guys use it to blast the shit out of your Tier 2 and beyond? 
    I'm thinking of trying this for a month. 

    But I need to know  strategy you guys using that's working.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @elaine yes these lists are good for Tier 1. Me as well as lot of our members use it for Tier 1. I'm sending you my skype, you can add me and I will tell you how to exactly use it for Tier 1.
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