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  •  I think their service is down, the site is not working atm.  Hope everything gets back up soon.
  • One of worst service ever. He take ages to take support. Even he doesn't reply for his BST thread. No new urls .. They just refreshing their old URLS .. It repeat ..
  • Is this service dead ??
  • OP not responding ages plus i open 3 months disputes.
  • WTF with or Supporting Service??? Open 4 ticket over 24h without reply !!!!

    What happen???
  • Fraud. First he received the payment, then he canceled the subscription, the payment was not returned.
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    edited February 27
    Kaan, I do not see your ticket but I will get you sorted out briefly. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience I dont have my laptop at the moment so I'm having to work from my cell phone. everything is going a little slowly. Website will be back up briefly. I'm in the middle of trying to reboot the server right now. Running shell through a phone is interesting  to say the least. Updates will be forthcoming.

  • This is absolutely terrifying. I just put my faith in you and paid but nothing is working. The dashboard says I need to subscribe. Ticket #VCL-959089
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    You should be all fixed up by now guitar fish. Let me know if I can help you further sorry for the hassle.
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