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    @antonyalston: Hello, not sure what you mean IP leaking? 
  • Looks like i will be buying me first dedicated from you then when i get back from a short two week holiday. 

    If i wanted to run 150 projects over 700/1000 threads with 100 semi dedicated proxies and i wanted to have scrapebox running with 20/30 threads constant scraping which of the FR packages would you recommend

    @PaulieP‌ hello, with that amount of work you can try our NL1 or FR3. Thanks!
  • Thanks @ndtn i will order that one when i get back the end of the month 
  • @NDTN , jesus H christ. Come on Skype ASAP
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    Annnnnddd the issue was fixed in 3 minutes
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    We updated new SEO SSD plans, check it out here:

    Special Discount for NL1 server, only applied to first 10 servers only:

    Use the coupon NL1OFF to get $10 off - so you can get NL1 with $75/month recurring:

    - 16GB RAM
    - Xeon E3-1230
    - 120GB SSD
    - Unlimited Bandwidth on 1gbps port.
    - Location: The Netherlands



  • Do you offer any money  back guarantee for this? I see on your website that you have 7 days money back guarantee for vps.
    @delysid: Hello, for dedicated server we dont have moneyback guarantee.
    Current promotions:

    1. Use the coupon code HDU to get $5 off any dedicated server plan.

    2. Use the coupon NL1OFF to get $10 off for NL1- so you can get NL1 with $75/month recurring.

    3. You can get FR4 with the following specs: Xeon E3-1240 3.3GHz (4 cores 8 threads), 24GB RAM, 450GB SAS15k (as good as SSD!) with $90/m recurring! Just use the coupon GSASPECIAL for $10 off.
  • anyone still with greencloud here? just wanna know will my gsa licenses be safe with them. gratitude for anyone like to share some opinions.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I've got some VPS from greencloud, very good service to be honest.
  • thx @Tim89. gonna try it.
  • ronron

    @Dunce - I am a huge fan. Killer dedi's. Here's 21 hours today on the Blue List (already one week old):


    I communicate with their main guy all the time. Great response/relationship. Tremendous integrity. Always trying to help out. Will be adding many more over time.


    Thanks guys for your kind words!
    @Dunce: Please check your inbox, thanks!
  • Tim89Tim89
    @NDTN can you check pm please
  • This is looking super impressive... don't know how I missed this thread until now! lol  Quick (newbie) question though regarding the dedi options: being based in the US, how much does the server location matter?  I realize you offer some in the US, but with the FR and NL being a bit less expensive, they're obviously a bit more attractive.  I think ron made a comment that seemed to imply the connection speed was great.  Is there any downside to me using overseas servers?
    @mexiken: Hello, The remote speed is still great even if you use servers overseas. 
  • mexiken not exactly.You might want to go with the France ones just because they ignore spam complaints .You dont have to worry about proxies leaking your IP
  • Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate it. I'll probably give this a shot very soon as it sounds great.
  • ronron
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    @mexiken - If you do the France deal which I did, then make sure you adjust your proxies with buyproxies or whatever to Euro proxies. That was my first move when I got their dedi. Quite honestly, I was a little uncomfortable going out of the U.S. on a dedi (not my preference for sure). It turned out to be no different than any other dedi/vps set-up. And you can see that the speed is great. RDP is instant, faster than any other vps or dedi I ever did, so that says something. I rarely get excited about someone's service. This is an exception.
  • ron - wow.  Coming from you that says a LOT.  Thanks for the tip regarding the proxies - I'm sure I would have missed that, and it makes sense.  Thing is, now I have to think it through a bit more since ordering up another, separate batch of proxies for that machine might make make it kind of a moot point.  Then again, from your screenshot above, it looks like you're getting great performance with what I'm assuming is a 30 proxy package, is that correct?  And if so, are they semi-dedicated from buyproxies?  I guess that would bring it up to around $100/month.  Still pretty dang good deal, but just slightly less mouth-watering than when it was at $75...
  • ronron

    @mexiken - Yep, 30 semi-dedicated. I think if you hit up the guys at BP, and told them you want say 75 proxies (because of the discount), but you need 30 for Euro and 45 for USA, they could do it. They might forget the following month because it is a special order with no mayo and extra pickle, lol, but I would think they can handle it.  

  • No, no - I want EXTRA mayo, NO Pickles!  ;)

    thanks for the suggestion.  When the time comes, I'll tell them Ron sent me, so I get all the fixins
  • recurring means i have the discount every month or just the first month?
    @andreig03: Yes it will be applied every month :)
  • @ron why did you change the proxies to EU proxies if you don't mind me asking
  • @PaulieP‌ because France is located in the EU so EU proxies will be closer to his server than US proxies :)
  • hi, i ordered FR2, please set it up asap. Thanks
    Transaction ID #72B41037J7083860N
    @andreig03‌ hello, your server is being setup and will be delivered in the next 6-7 hours. Thanks!
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