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  • goonergooner
    Prices look good, i might try out a dedi :)
    @gooner: Thanks, before you place the order please PM me, I will give you $5 discount for any dedicated server package.
  • goonergooner
    Thanks, much appreciated.
    I will PM you later or tomorrow.
  • I have been using Greencloud for 2 months. The good thing is they have a SUPER FAST response time to the tickets and they are very very cooperative unlike SSDAPP and HyperMart.
  • goonergooner
    I signed up for the FR3 package and i have to say i am VERY VERY IMPRESSED!!!!

    The speed is really awesome, SER is running faster and with less CPU usage than some other dedi's i have that cost almost twice the price.

    If performance continues like this i will switch all my dedi's over to you guys.

    Nice job :)
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    How is the seo plan optimized for seo? What's the difference from the normal vps?
    @gooner: thank you very much. I'm very happy that our server is running fine with your softwares. @bencrabara‌ : yes with 8 vCores (4 cores 8 threads), the SEO4 package is highly recommended for running seo tools :)
  • ronron
    Hey NDTN, being in the States, I know you speak English, but does your support speak English? The pricing looks fantastic. :)
  • Ron,

    My tickets have always been responded by Dzung (Their CEO).
  • How is this even profitable lol? Or do other server providers just have xxxx% margins? These are really great prices. 
  • Hi there,
    I sent you a PM regarding dedicated server ;)
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    @ron: Yes we do provide support in English.
    @Justtin: We prefer customer satisfaction over profit. But yeah, we are still profitable :)
    @xenergy: I replied to some messages via Live Chat. Thanks!
  • have u any trial time, at list 2-3 days for few dollars??? 
    @Destroyerror: We dont have any trial left now. But we provide 7 days moneyback guarantee. If you do not satisfy with the VPS, you can request refund within 7 days.
  • looks great.I might subscribe from next month onwards.Thread subscribed!
  • Price are very cheap, might try this service.. 
  • @gooner is the performance still great after few days?
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    Question about hard disk, I read on forum that for GSA best SSD, going to try FR3 dedicated server on SATA3, will it make a big difference for GSA? 
  • goonergooner
    Hey @meph, Yep performance is still good. Very happy with the server.
  • I just order FR4 and will test it soon
  • Hi Greencloud, for the SEO 1 and US 6 VPS, what are the CPU specs? Thanks.
    @jonathanjon: the CPU for US6 is Dual L5420 and for SEO1 plan, CPU is E3-1220v2 or E3-1240 :)
  • Interested in a dedi, but website is not available atm....
  • @NDTN : I ordered dedicated FR4 package 2 days ago, waiting for the server details. I tried to reach you at livechat in your website, but it seems down at the moment.
  • I got the SEO2 today - delivered quickly but very slow!!! Website is also down, so cannot send support ticket.
  • @NTDN how much thread for SEO4 plan ?
    @TOPtActics: Our website had a DDOS attack recently. Just fixed it, please try again now.
    @newbieseo: Pls contact us via Ticket, we will help you with your issue. Thanks!
    @lemonzer: on SEO4 you will have 8 vcores :)
    @xenergy: Your server will be delivered in the next few hours. You will receive the info email/ticket.
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    I bought a vps and a dedi from GreeCloudVPS and this is review for it, The vps was very slow even though it was delivered quick but you can tell its old machines, came with a 180 days trial windows that it just a fresh install with no tweaks, IE secuirty is on, all newbie things you can imagine was there out of the box, so i hoped the dedicated would be a better experience, 

    The dedicated was delivered in 2 days, and here comes the suprise, its all OVH that you can go and buy it yourself for half price, and comes with a trial windows that you can install it yourself, you can see links below

    SV1 OVH (if you buy it on your own Price ) =  59  | GreenCloudVps Price = 105
    SV2 OVH (if you buy it on your own Price ) =  65  | GreenCloudVps = 115
    SV3 OVH (if you buy it on your own Price ) =  59  | GreenCloudVps = 122
    SV4 OVH (if you buy it on your own Price ) =  60  | GreenCloudVps = 125
    SV5 OVH (if you buy it on your own Price ) =  63  | GreenCloudVps = 127

    Same for their france one, price for by it your own is even cheaper, for a trial windows that you can install yourself ? :) thats a side that their site was down all day, so why you pay more for nothing?

    Also these are their vps nodes datacenter 

    This is where my vps was on, you can see all are refurbished machines that are not only super old and slow but have no guarantee over your data running on their crappy servers, so this company is basicly just a ripoff running from Vietnam by a kid or two.

    I would totally avoid them, Price is cheap for a reason
    @Xaueassaf: First thing, I guess you are Sami Riad who I sent you the refund? Our US plans are for doing simple tasks, surfing or running botting. We have hundreds of customers happy with it. So using old hardwares for a specific purpose is wrong?

    We dont recommend running SEO tools on US plans, that's why we have SEO Optimized packages with modern processors & better network.

    The second thing, our Dedicated Servers & SEO plans have Windows Licensed. We offer Bring your own license for US plans.

    Our site was down yesterday becaused of a huge DDOS attack. I have started thinking that "someone" who has just registered 1 day ago is behind this.
    Thanks for your time with us & hope that you will find a suitable provider.
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