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  • I have purchased right now, i hope everything will work fine. Because i have read the bad review on first page and i tought is not a good provider, but it deserve a try. Hopping that i am wrong :) I am waiting for activation, thanks.
    @dimcik: Thanks for your order. Your VPS is being setup & will be delivered soon.
  • @NDTNI just sent you a message for a dedi FR3

    Does this server come with a windows license or do i need to purchase one separately?


  • bevitalbevital Albuquerque, NM
    Just got mine and I have to say . . . it's smoking fast. My other account expires in two weeks and I look to move it over as well. Thanks GSA forum members for your input, and thank you Green Cloud!!!
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    @Thunderman: Yes the server comes with a Windows License :)
    @bevital: Thanks for your kind words!

    We have a special deal today:

    All orders for FR2 will have an Intel Xeon E3-1230 (4 cores 8 threads) instead of E3-1220v2 (4 cores 4 threads) with NO EXTRA COST! You can still contact me for the $5 off coupon so you can get 8GB RAM, Xeon E3-1230 server for $65/month only, we have only a few of them available, so hurry!
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    Just purchased and I got a free upgrade to  E3-1230  . I have been spending about 2x the price for similar specs and they were not even that great .I did not even wait for the other accounts to expire to hop on to Green C .BECAUSE TIS IS THE SHIT.
    OP is on Skype all the time for almost instant support.Love the price. Love the value for money.Hopefully this lasts!
    Only 2 FR2 with Xeon-1230 left now :) We have retocked FR3 too :)
  • Got the FR3 and there very good i must say ill be ordering another soon.
    Got GSA Ser runnin 1k threads and GSA Ind running 1k threads and still plenty of room hasnt been over 60% 
    Since starting it last night.

    The guys are very quick to reply thru email,tickets and skype 
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Added you to skype and waiting for you wana  buy FR3 :)
  • Applied for GreenClouds dedi and got it within 1,5 hours. Great job =D> Still had 2 weeks left for my VPS, but just could not resist moving to the next speed level. Currently SER is running on 1000 threads, uses 1,3 Gb memory. This is 5x increase for me. Lets see what the future brings, but at this point I am happy.
    @wackiin, @RayBan: Thanks very much for your feedback! 

    We have only ONE FR2 with E3-1230 CPU left, so hurry guys!
  • Hi I would like to buy a dedi fr server and I have a question. This is a bulletproof server? I need a proxy to spaming or you ignored abuse/spam complaints?
    @breku: Hello our France servers are abuse/complaints ignored. Thanks!
    FR2 with the CPU Upgrade to E3-1230 is sold out now, FR2 with E3-1220v2 is still available.

    We integrated the control panel for FR2, FR3 & FR5 servers into Client Area. Now you can Reboot/Enter Rescue Mode/Change rDNS/Create IPMI Session yourself!

    Some screenshots:


  • goonergooner
    @NDTN - Love the option to reboot ourselves. Thanks very much.
  • I cant seem to find the reboot function where do I find this.


  • I just Order the SEO1 pack , waiting for
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    @gooner: Thanks! Your new server will be delivered soon!
    @tommy99: Could you PM me your VPS's IP to check? All old orders need to be added these features manually. Because of some hardware limitations, Reboot & other features are not available for FR2 with E3-1230 & FR4 now.
    @DzSeoboy: Your VPS will be delivered soon, thanks!
  • If i want to run the GSA, do i need to buy US2 or SEO1 vps package?
    @wrc1010: It's recommended to use SEO packages for GSA SER.
  • this is so funny, it's been 2 times, my VPS's IP changed without any confirmation to me at all!

    of course i can't connect to My VPS.

    and now you will ask me to submit a ticket (AGAIN), Is this really how it works on greencloudvps ?

    @redkolax: Hello,
    It's hard to support you on this thread without knowing your VPS's IP, etc. It would be better to open a ticket so we can check the issue.
  • @NDTN any comment on what @redkoplax said? currently on bulletproofvps they have done this to me twice. thinking about try yours but if thats what u gonna do then no
    @Dunce: Our France SEO VPS/Server are Abuse/Complaints ignored. We need to wait for @redkolax response so we can check the issue.
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    lol sorry didn't see ur last reply, maybe we were inputting at the same time. gonna wait and see how it goes with @redkolax , gratitude if u can keep me update about this.

    for those who need review on bulletproofvps: DO NOT BUY IT
    first time i can't connect to my vps, they replied my ticket in hours, changed a new IP(same machine i used, just a new IP) without explaining what was the problem. that's ok or i should say, excellent considering the speed they solved it.
    2nd time same thing happened, email got no reply in 2 days, but the guy on their "live chat" told me to submit a new ticket again so i did. they reply fast with a new IP and user/pass again. when logged in, ta-da!! new machine!!! they just told me some of their vpses were shut down "due to hacking issues ".all data & files can not be retrieved, but they are happy to "issue you a new vps and add 2 weeks into subscription". it's the first time im on bulletproofvps, pathetic
  • i knew you'll ask me to open a ticket.
    i finally found the answer of my question. First time i connect to the VPS, I want to install my Scrapebox. And guess what ? when I first run to activate it... IT ALREADY ACTIVATED under someone else's LICENSE. Whatta "plus service" I GOT HERE ??

    and this IP changes (twice in about 2 weeks without any info to me) makes me sick.

    What exactly are you waiting for me @NDTN ? You can change my IP anytime you want, i bet you can do even more far than that. Enough.
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    @redkoplax: We are always trying to solve customer's issue, in both cases that it's our fault or customer's fault. We fetched IP from the datacenter, sometimes the IP was used before so it might appear that your VPS's IP was used for Scrapebox & he/she forgot to remove the license for that IP. I have checked again your comments here & found your order number & your VPS' IP after that.
    We changed your VPS's IP 1 time when you open a ticket & told us you are not able to remote to the VPS. It might be related to MAC address/network issue so we thought it would be better to change your IP address because it might take longer to fix the old IP's issue, We had not heard any response from you after that, so we think it was OK with you. This time the network issue happened again. But if you dont want to work with us so solve the issue, we think the refund is needed now. Therefore we issued you the refund & wish you find a suiteable provider.
  • @redkoplax, Scrapebox licensing is always worked that way.

    I noticed the same situation as you described with 5 different VPS providers.

    So it's not a provider fault, but the stupid Scrapebox licensing system.

  • @NDTN you change the IP on May 15th and inform me after i submit a ticket on May 16.

    and you know, today ... the New IP is not working anymore.

    I was unable to connect / remote to my vps couple hours ago.

    so .. you change it 2 times (or TWICE) in a week.

    @redkoplax: Hello. When a VPS is not remoteable, it does not mean that we changed the IP address. We changed your VPS's IP after you opened the ticket. 
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