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  • Hello , I am nilthiratno i have tried this service years ago with same shit list i unsubscribed.. again i subscribed after seen new version and it did automatically pays 2 times open a ticket no response... contacted via mail no response here is my details :[#UAZ-532113] i want to say like earlier you guys scamming people. same list everyday exactly as serocket . please refund me or fix this issue i using your list 3 months same list again and agan dont SCAM.
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    edited May 11
    Hey jimmymlm

    I've responded to the ticket you opened, regarding the double-charge you had 93 days ago. I've extended your account to make up the difference (A month as you requested. - Plus an extra month on top of that for the trouble you seem to have had. )

    In the future please manage your paypal subscriptions more carefully (We cannot cancel them for you on our end), and know that we do not normally offer refunds or account extensions after such an extended period of time. (But if you do slip up, and somehow make multiple subscriptions again, do let us know within a reasonable amount of time and we will get you refunded.)

    Regarding your feedback here:

    Firstly, you have no idea whatsoever what our list is like - because, as I stated a second ago, you have not used our service in nearly 3 months.

    But aside from that, If you really were having problems when your account was still active, then I have to guess you were repeatedly downloading the master-list and not the "Only New" list published along-side it each day.

    The master-list IS indeed, all verified urls ever published.

    The only-new list is just that; Only the new verified urls.

    I hope this resolves your issues - if not, please open a ticket or shoot me a message here. Contrary to what your opinion seems to be, we are indeed here to help you get the most out of our service.



  • Jason225Jason225 Canada
    How can I try free trial
  • ujaninujanin Russia
    1linklist.com Why the domain does not work?
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    Hey Ujanin,

    We should be back up briefly. There was an attack on one of our DNS providers nodes, were simply waiting on the restored DNS to propagate now - try again in an hour or two.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


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    Hey guys,

    A bit of downtime today. We had HDD failure on the host machine last night, and FINALLY heard back from support just a few minutes ago. We should be back-up within a few hours (We had on-site backups, were just waiting for the HDD swaps.)

    As always, thanks for your patience!


  • Jordan, I tried to reach you by Skype, but you seem offline. 

    I just created a ticktet: Reference number is: #CEE-881578
  • @1linklist Got a couple of questions before I onboard. How many new/unique URLs per week? Do you filterout for unique urls or unique domains ? What kind of OCR sw/service do you use to break captchas? What are the custom engines/platform you provide? If I am unhappy can I get no question asked refund policy? I am new to here but that doesn't make i am a newbie. I know how ser works and all the tools. I am going to use this on dedicated server with catchall. So far i am scraping my self and now i want to quit and try your list.
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    @prbkshv I've answered your ticket. It looks like you already have your account back in good standing though. You weren able to sign back-up because we were still restoring the database at that time.

    The site is fully functional now :) I thank everyone for their patience while we got everything back online.


    Go right ahead! We offer a completely free trial (Though your limited to 10% of our daily output.


    I'll do my best to answer your questions :)

    1. How many new/unique URLs per week?
    We *average* 30-50k unique urls per day. So between 210,000 and 350,000.

    2. Do you filterout for unique urls or unique domains? 
    We filter for both, where applicable (Contextuals being by unique domain, for example.)

    3.What kind of OCR sw/service do you use to break captchas?
    Just captcha breaker. Though if you use a service like 1Captchas (Our OCR Server) with our identified lists feed, you'll get WAY more urls then we publish to the verifieds folder. We do plan to add a second, OCR driven list eventually - but have not had time to set up the logistics for that yet.

    4.What are the custom engines/platform you provide?
    We have only a few of those; Our main draw is our modified Blog platforms engine file. It picks up where Svens default engine file is less aggressive.

    5. If I am unhappy can I get no question asked refund policy?
    Due to the nature of our service, we dont offer a no questions asked refund policy - we will definitely ask questions; but if after we do we cant help you get our lists running to your (And OUR) satisfaction, then yeah, sure :)

    Why stress over making the switch though? As I mentioned to the poster above you, we offer a free (limited) trial. Plug it in, and give us a whirl - make your decision afterwards.


  • 1linklist jordan i have opened a sub today for service (after 2 months of inactivity) and i cant access the panel now nor fetch the files, please check my ticket #RAV-647719 
  • Hi!

    11 days ago I sent you $55 through PayPal for this months subscription but now I just logged in my account and it says no subscription found
    Transaction ID is 5VR61559VN196813H

    Please extend it for me

    Thanks in advance
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    Hey @seomarketking and @lauuuer you guys should both be fixed up now :)


  • @1linklist my accounts for the list and captcha solver are both broken as well, can I get those back?
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