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captcha sniper definitions Repository (Installers ONLY)



  • GSA CS Addon Creator/Installer v1.06 *last update 2012-10-24*

    Does not work. Im trying to create some installers and its throwing an error saying;


    Thats all it tells me.
  • SvenSven
    hmm DATA ERROR! is not from my code. Must come from windows api that im calling to open the mdb file.
  • Hi guys, just bought CS to run with GSA SE ranker, but not sure how to set the platforms up..
    I have updated most of the latest addons here in CS.
    Do you just select and check all the avail captcha platforms/footprints (on the left side of the main screen) and let CS solved all the captchas, and if any captchas are unsolved, then CS will try to solve the unknown ones (I have checked the "Let Captcha Sniper Try To Solve Unknown Captchas" option in the settings tab)?

  • @imozee7 - There is nothing to setup, just launch CS and thats it :)
  • I can confirm I also get DATA ERROR when I run the cs_addon_creator.exe and after clicking okay. Then when I click on Install in the cs_addon_creator window I get an "authentication failed" error
  • SvenSven
    fixed in 1.07 :)
  • edited November 2012
    Today, i went though all my CS Definitions, that ones i posted above, and verified that they still work with 2X, the new version.

    What i did was completely uninstall my version. Then i installed the new version and reapplied all the CS Definitions above. Now if you go this route be careful. The new version does include new CS Definitions like Xoops and so you dont necessary want to reapply all the updates above.

    What i did was;

    1) Uninstall my old version completely
    2) Install 2x of CS
    3) Made note of the new CS Definitions, here they are;

    Article Friendly
    updated to new algo by Giorgsky
    Additional link bid script
    Additional mename
    Additional maxibook
    New AkoBook
    New vShare
    New General Blogs (2)
    New PHPBookmark

    4) Then i reapplied all the cs definitions above (See all files above this msg) and i EXCLUDED UPDATING,, Xoops & General Blogs because they are now part of the new cs update definitions.

    5) Now, iv added/updated a few more General Blogs (8) today so you should apply this new update to 2x. Say YES to Overwrite & Update All -->

    6) 4images Update - Say YES to Overwrite & Update All -->

    7)  LINKER (new) - Say YES to Overwrite & Update All -->

    8) Burning Board 20% -> 41%, Drupal - Blog (new), Vbulletin Update 16% -> 25% - Say YES to Overwrite & Update All -->

    9) qlWebDS Pro (new) -->

    ... and you should be set with updates after 2x. I'm easily solving 7,000 captchas in a 24hrs period just with the new, added definitions above.

    NOTE: Always made a backup of your database - .mdb file. Not sure whats corrupting it but iv had instances where iv deleted a captcha and my db was corrupted (any news on this?).

    BTW i uninstalled my version of CS then installed a fresh copy. This is not required. If your copy of CS is running without issue you can continue to apply updates starting at 5) above.
  • Yep, no error with 1.07 so far.
  • @mikie46
    thanks for the new definitions
    updated OP

  • ronron
    @mikie46 Thanks dude!
  • Yes, many thanks you all for the captcha updates :D
  • edited November 2012

    Your welcome!

    Sure, here are 6 more :)

    3 new Yabb types
    1 new MediaWiki type
    1 new Phoca Guestbook
    1 new Elgg type
  • @mikie46, thanks for the new definition file.

    One quick question :how to create a one installation file? I mean without to download one by one above definition file?
  • You have to download update as it comes. Some files update others. So this is the best way to get the update at the moment.
  • @mikie46 thanks for definitions, updated OP

    @darman82 if you setup one installation file for all those definitions I would be happy to include it in the OP ;-)
  • @GiorgosK, how to do that cause i still download all the mediafire and install it one by one.. :)
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited November 2012
    this will only benefit someone else not you
    you still have to install all the addons one by one

    if you still want to do it
    you have to use the addon creator latest version 1.0.7
    and only check the ones that we have released (the definitions have to be already in the database)
    and click create addon

    then upload the .exe file to mediafire and post download link here

    the part that takes time is checking/unchecking only the platforms that have been done by ozz,me and mikie76 but is doable

  • Haven't had time to check -- but are these definitions above included in CS X2???
  • Sorry for my question but... how to instal it? Just download the ver 1.07 .exe and run? It will automaticly install new capchas on my CS X ?
  • Thanks Mike, I'm seeing 4000+ solved captchas for the last 12 hours :-)
  • @fullspeed
    I think only a selection of those above was included
    I think its safe to install all the above on the csx2 it will ask you if you want to overwrite anyway and it will tell you success rates of old and new definition before overwriting

    @Elias please read original post
    you need addon creator to package captcha definitions you have created

    otherwise underneath there are many packages made by users of this forum
    you have to download each one and install
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @GiorgosK - do you keep the first thread/comment up to date with all the added resources in the subsequent comments, or do we need to find each file throughout all the comments and add that. This is my task for tomorrow to update all definitions so just checking...also need to do it for a few VPS's..
  • I am doing my best @globalgoogler after each update/post for a new definition I put them all in the OP and lately I put up dates starting from older to newer so people can also verify

    if anyone finds something I am missing please speak up
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks...Great thread...will go through in detail and update my definitions...Thanks to all for their great contributions!
  • Hey GiorgosK,

    Great contributions! , You are awesome! , thanks.
  • @mamadou
    I only started this thread and did a few definitions
    most contributions are from mikie46
  • Getting an mediafire invalid file

    by mikie46

  • OzzOzz
    edited November 2012
    registration is  not possible atm at, so this captcha is useless atm.
  • $50 to anyone who can get CS solving these 2 types of captchas!

    I tried myself but haven't used the deconstruction kit before and it's driving me mad!
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