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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • Can i use this service to index pages on my money sites as well? I have few local sites with thousands of pages targeting every city in state. Let me know.
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    @itsme upgrading to a bigger package is possible, simply email the admin's email to send in a request ;)
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    Also @itsme you can index your money sites, as this is used for indexing huge blog networks posts exclusively

    For those asking:
  • If I haven't submitted links for a couple days, I can just add extra for today right?

  • @jiggsaw absolutely, all daily credits get rolled over till the end of the month

  • Do you accept adult?
  • @ovidius there's no reason not to accept them, it'll work the same as other links ;)
  • What's your index rate for forum profiles?
  • I'll give you a try anyway
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    @ovidius definitely higher than other indexers can achieve at the moment, we use it exclusively for blog network and web2.0 links. Other users are having success with Tier 1 links, as well as Tier 2 links.
  • Any idea on when your API is going to be ready? Getting this plugged into GSA SER would be awesome. Will probably sign up anyway, but don't look forward to sending in links manually. Looks very cool though!
  • To be fair I think the value in an API is not so much the automation, but the ability to drip feed. Indexing 2000 tier ones in a day will killl your site (believe me, I just did it to a test site :) ), but I've never bothered dripping 10 links a day as I've generally assumed Google will index them on their own time anyway.

    If you have the ability to index pretty much on demand, then you can manage the flow of links that Google finds and test a lot more with different rates, velocities etc as you'll know you're only sending todays links to the indexer.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    @ron I'm not quite sure if you're affiliated with the OP's service but there are people who are using the OP's service besides you that are experiencing de-indexing of their links after a few days, so I'm not quite sure why you are stating otherwise in such a patronisng manor as if they don't know what their talking about. It's uneccesesary, actually it's quite normal for links to become deindexed in the early stages so if your still receiving those 60% index rates on a constant basis then either your index checking is inaccurate or your building links to these links.
  • ronron

    No affiliation whatsoever. A lot of people talk about stuff they hear, and then like parrots they repeat it. I have seen this on other forums for years. People repeat stuff without ever actually knowing something is true. I actually test and monitor. I'm trying to give people honest feedback.

    If I see somebody with a good service, I do try to go out of my way sometimes to let people know that. When you see me get very quiet, then you should be concerned.

    I have standard contextual links for my first tier. I would never try to get crap links indexed as those do get de-indexed. If people are trying indexing on crap links, then they are going to get de-indexed no matter what they do. Hopefully they are smart enough to understand that.

  • Tim89Tim89
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    Then, what you are saying does make sense, your obviously experiencing a decent index rate due to your content as well as back linking your back links. But to state that others don't have a clue in regards to what they are experiencing first hand, (their links becoming deindexed) is quite arrogant without an explanation which you have now given.
  • ronron

    Yeah, I'm not a bad guy. But if you have seen completely false information repeated over the years in seo forums that I have seen, it would make you nauseated.

    I was trying to throw water on a fire that really doesn't exist. Users have to know what they are doing, and general statements that are not true must be called out.

  • I get about 37% tier 1 indexing rate for wikis, articles and social networks
  • Okay, I bought the first package for testing. Let's see how it goes :)
  • Hi, I payd 25 yestedrday, when I'll get the details?
  • @jakubsas, cloud sends the dropbox invitation to your paypal email if you haven't emailed
  • greeny1232  - thanks, I got it. I hadn't dropbox, but now I installed it.
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    @ron Thanks for voluntarily shedding light on a non-existant issue (deindexing of links) that somehow became the focus of discussion for unknown reasons. 

    If your links are junk/spammy links, they may get deindexed naturally over time as it's Google that decide which links are good enough. For contextual links, we are experiencing great virtually permanent indexing rates at super record speed :) 

    @namdas totally agree with dripping links to be indexed daily, this is a much desired feature right now, our coder is working hard to get an API and backend in place for current subscribers. 

    If all goes to plan out API will be setup early this week!

    For those who need the link:
  • hi @cloudattack any color on the due date for the API integration with GSA?  cheers
  • @sonic81 ; Messages were put into your dropbox's late last night. Please read them, everyone that has a sub has a message.
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    @sonic81 very soon, about to hit that green light after all tests are good. Our backend is also looking quite good, that will also be available along with API! 

    Our indexing rates goes up to 75% given the right links. In certain cases, you'll get 100% indexing rates for very high quality links (blog network posts). Without much doubt, after the backend and API are up, you'll never need another indexer again :)

    For those dying to get in:

  • thanks cloud attack when is the ETA for the API?
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    Important Updates:

    Our indexer is finally integrated with GSA, the API is live and ready to be used exclusively for our loyal members. Simply login, get your key, and start dripping links through GSA fast and easy :)  

    Current and new users will now get DOUBLE the amount of indexing, which means if you were on 250 daily, you've been automatically upgraded to 500 Daily. New future users will also benefit from this awesome new pricing structure. 

    We do pride ourselves in taking care of our subscribers, you'll get what you paid for and much more than other indexers out there. Step up your game, visit our site, and start indexing today! 

    Subscribe Today:

  • This by far, is the best indexer I have found to date.  Im not sure that any other services actually compare. Just my two cents.  Im all over the API.
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