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[SELL] Email Account Creator +



  • @Avidpoet - it was originally emailed to your paypal email address. If you need it again I can send it again, I just need your paypal email address in a PM. I don't need the transaction ID. I need the paypal email.
  • @theorbital Ive been waiting for this license I emailed your help desk two days ago and also sent you a PM with my paypal email.
  • hi @avidpoet - just replied to your pm. thanks for your patience.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I forgot how much I loved this tool

    Once you have a French ip its a beast for blasting out forwarded email accounts

    Over 1000 done so far today

  • thanks @leeg for the kind words.
  • blacklist checker is not wroking for me. i am seeing Error in action 38: Failed to download from Web: Unable to connect to the remote server
  • a quoi sert les alias crรฉe par ?.
  • Why this tool create alias ? this is useless we just need 1 email.
  • @stranger - that means it can't access Are you still having an issue? @legends71 - glad we could clear that up over Skype. :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    The French emails are good. I made 8000 over three days and they rock :D
  • awesome to hear @leeg and super cheap too cause captcha breaker solves the captcha easily.
  • you need french ip's? i dont need them :-)
  • french email?

    anything new in AC+?
    theorbital can you explan what's new and how LeeG rocks
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    LeeG spends his life breaking ser, its a hobby of mine

    Give me a way of pushing ser to its limits with the right tools and I do

    If you have one French ip, you can create as many laposte email addresses as you want

    They are also in less spam email lists, so more chance of sneaking past the different email blocks websites use

    Its been a part of Account Creator Plus for a few months

  • LeeG SIR
    ^:)^  ^:)^
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    TheOrbital is one of the few email account creator sellers that has managed to find an email system that you can still create aliases and forward them to another email account

    You can use a Hotmail account as the forwarded email addresses, so no need for a French ip to check your emails when running ser

    Which was the beauty of the system prior to Hotmail stopping the forwarded email addresses

    When you work out I did 8,000 addresses over three days.

    $5 per 1000 accounts is $40

    Compare that to the cost of Account Creator Plus, with the fact cb also cracks the captchas and it makes creating email accounts very cheap

  • Hey guys, just got this.  Great tool.  I was wondering, if I created a bunch of accounts with AC say 500 of them... I then selected 50 or 60 campaigns and went through modify project > import emails...

    Q1: Is there a faster way to load up 500 emails into those selected campaigns vs the load one GSA Template at a time?
    Q2: Would having 20 campaigns sharing a pool of 500 AC Base account + 10 aliases create problem within the campaigns as far as account creation and verifications go? I cant think of any, however I am still learning the different ways we can use GSA.

    Many thanks.
  • I get an alarming rate of failed logins with the emails created with this from GSA.  I double check, and some that were previously reported bad, are good then some that were good are reporting bad. Anyone else having his problem?
  • Ok its because the majority of the failds seem to want a phone verification.
  • @Leeg - I went on a creation spree with laposte with just one IP and was only able to make 8 catchalls with 230 emails pointing to them until laposte caught on and said, he wait a second you can't do that :) I got that IP through proxy solutions cause they had a free trial, it was super fast but rather expensive. $18/month for one IP.

    @momba12 - Thanks for being a customer. I will try and answer your questions
    q1 - not that I know of
    q2 - the only problem I could possibly think of happening is if SER tries to access one account from two or more projects at the same time. Never tried this though...

    So are you saying the emails are testing bad?
    AC+ creates the emails right in front of you so you can watch it if you would like to make sure they are getting created properly.;

    Hope this answers your questions.

    Oh yeah to @allmyawesomecustomers - I updated it to v1.8

    The UI loads faster now
    blacklist checker tells you if the project doesn't have any emails left

    Be sure and only use the blacklist checker with one set of emails and not multiple imports. So, don't use the blacklist checker if you are importing multiple gsa-template files into your project cause it will only check the first one.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I set my forwading accounts to my Hotmail accounts

    A lot of my European proxies from Proxy Hub are from French ips, so I normally have a good selection.

    When I made 8,000 over three days, I was running three proxies in account creator plus

    Set it to 10 accounts, make 200+ at a time.

    Then onto the next Hotmail account and another batch of LaPoste accounts

    So far, verifications seem to be doing well

  • Not sure whats up, but I changed out all the emails on that project and all is fine.  Can you point me toward some videos of the features of this program.  Its a great time saver for sure. Id like to be sure I am using this to its full potential. 

    Also will you be adding additional email platforms when you find them in the future?  TIA

  • @momba12 - there are some old videos on that I made before made their restrictions on forwarding email addresses. oddly enough the principles apply to the laposte account creator you just need a french ip address to use it.

    I tried to make the program as simple as possible. for me, programs that allow you configure every little aspect can get overwhelming to set up. pretty much whatever people ask for in reason I try really hard to make happen.

    There are customizations in the tools > settings window that you can use if you would like.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I am using up email accounts faster than i can build them with my 30 proxies.

    If anyone interested in selling me account packs, then drop me a pm with your price.
    Accounts should be new, have profile image and have 10 aliases. They should also be in the new Account Creator format which include the GSA-Template file.


    PS - please dont try and sell me your used accounts

  • Whats the big deal about adding in profile images? Do some outlooks go through a manual review or something?
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Account creator does not seem to work anymore....
    It looks like Outlook finally caught up with us.
    I am using 30 dedicated proxies from

  • @royalmice - I haven't seen that yet.

    still working for me

  • Yeah even manually creating outlook accounts im getting the phone validation for alias/catchall fine for the actual email but they are stopping the alias/forwarding without phone verification.
  • I noticed it depends on my proxies when I get the PV message.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @viking - here is the thread you need for your email creator. :-)
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