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[SELL] Email Account Creator +



  • thanks @theorbital i am waiting for your answer.
  • ok @dimcik - replied to your PM
  • How can i solve this error please 

  • @theorbital Thank you for answering, what is the point then of making 10 aliases. Can GSA somehow read mails to these anyway?
  • too many pages to find out whats wrong, but I bought this a while ago and used it like 3 times. 

    just started it up and its saying I have used it on too many machines/licenses, but Ive only ever had it on 1 VPS ever.

    I cant get it to work, whats the newest fix and update link to DL.

    Sent you an email too.
  • @eliquid - please download this license.dll and replace your current one itch this one. @claus10 - the ten aliases for outlook all get forwarded to the main email you first created so yes SER can read these. Alias means, another name for, so you can use 10 other names for your email in outlook but it all goes to the same email. @legends71 - not sure about that. maybe laposte changed their pop3 settings?
  • I dont know, sometime work sometime dont work i dont know what is the bug :/
  • Just got an e-mail from support that the curly bracket missing at the end of the spinned email list is being fixed, I am continually amazed but the willingness to keep this essential piece of software working. Good on you once again. Can't wait.
  • Thank you @stefp for the kind words. The new version 1.78 is uploaded and ready for your enjoyment.

    1.78   -fix: the extra line break at the end of the spintax emails is fixed.
  • I use Magic Submitter too, and recently they updated it because and Hotmail weren't obeying the rule to move spam to the inbox.  Has this been addressed in AC?  Anyone else seeing problems?
  • i have not received any complaints about this as far as I know it's working fine. If in fact something needs to be updated I'll be happy to update it
  • ok now i have restart my pc, and in my inbox i don't see my serial key. Can you please send me a new one?

    My paypal adress and email at the same time it's the same like on previous, check please the inbox. many thanks.
  • So this software will delete/remove the blacklisted emails from SER automatically and will replace them with others?

    I guess this software will need to be installed on the same VPS like SER. I'm right?

    How many emails I can create with 10 private proxies?

    I've read all the pages in this thread but I don't got a general idea on how this software works with SER. Maybe a video (tutorial) will increase the level of understanding on how this little tool works. And I'm pretty sure that video will increase the sales also... lol.
  • @dimcik - email sent @kinglouie - yeah, I agree a video would be nice, I made some videos on the helpdesk but they are a bit outdated. You can install AC+ on up to three machines so running it on a vps for the blacklist checker is no problem. thanks for your interest
  • Yes i must say that the support for this is awesome! Hope that with increasing of clients it will not dye! You have a new messagge, becouse seems have some other small problem, thanks.
  • Im having a problem, tried 3 different times on 3 different days.

    When I used the create alias option ( 10 ) and then select I want 5 emails to be made, it gets stuck on the last alias on the first email. So email #1, 10 alias and just stops.

    The screen stays on the alias screen, but never moves forward. Its like ubot stopped even though the run button is still grayed out and stop is still an option.

    Any clue?
  • theorbital  waiting for the license more than 12 hours, the message was saying within an hour :)

  • @dimcik - thank you, I have replied to you in PM.

    @eliquid - I will check this out. no one else has reported this but that is not good that it is happening to you. I may need to do a teamviewer session with you. please open a support tick at

    @strovolo - ok your license is 6473-73-727 just kidding :) please check your spam folder as sometimes it goes there. if not, please open a support ticket at and please include your Paypal email so I can find you.
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    I noticed that Outlook now requires additional verification via SMS to set the spam rules.  Could AC get around this or do I need to go through this manually?  Sorry if this has been answered previously.
  • Hello @bluejacket - I just went and tested this and it appeared to have worked just fine. I am testing the results of the spam filter right now. When you go to Rules for sorting new messages screen do you see the rule you or AC+ created?
  • It seems like ProxyBlaze has only IP:PORT format!

    Just tried them and I don't know how to make them work with AC+.

    Any suggestions?
  • Got them working. I was talking to the guy who owns ProxyBlaze and he found a way!

    Your app is very useful. Thanks bro! You rock.
  • I've noticed that when you try to create some emails, and you get the message "Your proxies... Change the proxies or wait"... the emails that were created then, won't be saved in the desktop folder.
  • I recently purchased AC+ and it worked like a charm and was able to manually verify the accounts, but when GSA tries to test the accounts they all fail.  I tried the obvious to make sure everything is properly configured with the correct userid/pwd and POP setting, SSL and Port 995 as you show in your video.  This is a larger issue we're having with GSA where it can't seem to successfully connect to  Any ideas?
  • @kinglouie - glad to hear your issue is resolved via Skype @dan4636 - not sure what is going on. perhaps changed something in the pop3 settings. have you tried with any other program that accesses email through pop3 ?
  • @theorbital ; purchased your software and been messing for a few hours (yes few hrs!) with no results.

    using 30 semi dedi proxies returns error "i think your proxies have alll been used for the day..... try again in 24hrs etc etc

    proxies have been checked to ensure live - is there the possibility that they have been used by another user to create accounts hence the software not working?

  • Hi @N3llyuk - Semi Dedicated proxies could be your problem. If AC+ detects the error from that you cannot make any more accounts then it will mark that proxy as not usable for that day to not use up more captchas.

    If you want to get rid of the popup box telling you about that "I think your proxies have all been used for the day...." then in desktop\AccountCreator+\Temp  Delete the proxy.csv file in there. There may be multiple. Just delete them all.

    Don't delete the folder in there though.

    Let me know how that goes and perhaps look into getting some private proxies. I have a few links in the program of ones that I use.
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    Hi @theorbital

    added 5 dedicated proxies and started to work BUT not without isses with the captcha.

    i have captcha breaker and found this post;

    0.00 KarmaFlag
    @theorbital: It works I always have web server mode running in CB. Been using other software which haven't yet supporting CB every day.

    For those who want to try how I get it to work:

    1) Disable CB option in AC+ settings
    2) Enable Decaptcher emulation and let it listen to port 80 of your computer.
    3) Enable Hotmail captcha solving (under email category in CB). By default, it's not enabled.
    3) Add captcha service in AC+
    4) Set retries to 30 or any high figure.

    Hotmail is hard to solve captcha. Sometimes it solves at 3-5 retries. It depends a bit of luck I guess. My first try, CB is able to solve in 5 retries. The second one, 60 retries without any success.

    So let's just hope one day success rate of CB improves even more. Perhaps CB experts can make it happen.

    which put me on the right path - my settings were slightly different in that i couldn't get captcha breaker to act as a web server on port 80 so i changed the port to 8080 as an alternative then went into AC+ unticked the "use captcha breaker" service button, created a service bycaptch - no user name or password and in port put in 8080 - (it then shows a balance of 999 which shows that it is working) all works superb in that it tries very hard to decipher the captcha without great success but nevertheless there was success !

    obviously you can complete the process in a semi-automatic fashion-  pause AC+ if it strugles with the captcha enter it manually  then when it outlook goes to the inbox page press "run" for it to complete the 10 aliases.

    Thats how far i got and managed to create a near full set of catch-all & alias emails next step use captcha service for full automation.

    I hope my post helps anyone who is struggling.

    thanks for the @orbital and his quick response & @audioguy in-particular and anyone who contributed to this post i read all 15 pages!

    good luck

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    I moved account creator from my server to my home pc.. Where can I find the license code? I emailed help desked but got an  error message when I was trying to check the update on the ticket.

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