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[SER] Ping Sites



  • thats why i filter it by the word "ping" @ron :)

    that way i have a bigger amount to judge wether the ping service is good or bad (some have 2 successful/2 fail and you risk to copy that "ping" part where it was randomly successfull. its better when u know that it was successfull more than 1 time :)

    Best Regards
  • ronron

    I like that filter. Duly noted.

    When I did it (several times), I probably had a minimum of 100 failed or successes for each pinger, so I had really good data.

    The google RPC's all great, but I wouldn't want to send the same results to multiple google pingers - that looks spammy. That's why it is best to only use a handful of very good ones - and all different ones. 

  • @Ozz, so in other words the pings are only for the blog comments and not for the other links?

    ... in that case i would prolly prefer to skip the whole pings for better performance

  • No @oil pings are for any URL. Ozz meant the sequence that SER does it is verify BC then ping
  • I copied a ping list from a well known pingler, I mean pinger site and used the best 5 from there. Works a treat.
  • i'm sure about this, too.
  • Sorry my bad
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