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  • Ser sends the response back to eve, but CB don't
  • eve not working, it says domain error but log in is successful 

    plz chk and fix
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    Hey, there is no problem on my side..
    Add me to skype, please: eve.mechanisms 
    and i'll help you Online
  • edited March 2015
    Damn JudderMan, that looks impressive! In fact it looks too impressive. Even with 10 retries that looks too hard to reach. Sure there isn't some kind of bug going on? I get 50-60% solve rates most of the days.

    Any comment on this, Eve?
  • @Judderman could you post your setup?

    I'm getting about the same solve rate as @rogerke
  • @rogerke I messaged @eve on Skype, he says I'm getting recap drop. You might be getting the same.
  • Hm, my server is accepting reports on bad solves correcty... 
  • @rogerke see screenshot for the latest week or so.

    @leafcrazy not sure what you mean. I run CB, EVE and Spamvilla, I put all details in both CB and SER (again, not sure if that's right but it works). I run a few retries on CB. Gonna pull Spamvilla out for a few days and see what numbers I get as I'm due a renewal on the 12th and I don't think I'll bother considering the amount of hassle that is being caused again by Kelvin. Not someone I want to pay money to even if the service works or not. Someone like EVE though, is friendly and their service works for me so I'm very happy being a customer for a long time.
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    If your GSA is not reporting bad solves and your solve rate is 100% - Just need to update your version of GSA
  • edited March 2015

    I definitely believed you, but as Eve pointed out it looks like the bug is caused by an older version of SER that you're running. The actual solve rate will be closer to 60%. 

    It's probably a good idea to rerun your identified list a couple of times to squeeze out all the false-positive recaptcha targets (in case you didn't already).
  • @eve and @rogerke thanks guys. I always run the latest version of eve...but I will take note and check progress. TBH I've just been letting SER run my processed lists so with huge LPM and good verified lists I thought I was just getting lucky with 100% success rates.
  • i only get 24% success rates, is it normal ?










    2 063


    2 063

  • @JudderMan
    i tried the 2k credit.
    If i use eve in SER, the success rate is low, like 25%. 
    While in CB,  the success rate is much higher, (showed in CB) even some recaptcha is wrong, it calculate it as correct.
    So i think you need to use eve in SER, then show you success rate.
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    The low success rate  is peculiar for complicated reCaptcha (black spots)
  • Transaction ID: 0X368436K4415852W
    i paid for unlimited pack one.. 40 recaptcha per min..
    why it is not activated yet?
    seems like some problem has occurred while payment by paypal..
    Ah plz help..
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015

    Hello, sir

    I can see that you first tried to buy 10 000 credits for 0.5 USD
    And then try to Pay 1 USD for 50 recap / min plan 

    my skype is: eve.mechanisms
  • @eve
    ah it was my mistake yah! sorry lol!
    can u convert that 1$ into credits ri8 now?

  • @akwin, converted
  • hi I just applied for trial of 100 captchas, and followed your instructions on gsa & also for captcha breaker but it doesn't deduct or solve anything and remains at 100 after I click test.
    Do u have a step by step guide cos I must be doing it wdon't, thanks
  • Hi anyone there?
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    hello, @meb ;
    You could just add me on skype: eve.mechanisms or send an e-mail via admin panel :)

    If you click 'Test' you just see a balance. Setup Eve as 1st service and then run your Software.
    Afer that you can see your captchas in the log of CB. If you get reCaptcha -  GSA will resend it to Eve
    and your credits will be reduced.

    Will glad to help you via TeamViewer if need
  • EVE emulator seems to be conflicting with CB at the moment. I can't seem to run them both at the same time. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm fairly sure I set it up the same as on my previous servers. I only have GSA, EVE and CB running, not Skype or anything like that. If I shut EVE down and run CB then I get the same message.

  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    @judderman, you can't run CB and emulator at the same time. It cause an error, yes..
    The other question is: why do you need it? Because if you have CB, there no need in emulator at all.

    Please, try to restart your windows and then run CB only. Will you have this error again?

    hm... are you sure that have worked with CB and emulator at the same time before?
    if yes, try, please, the latest version:
  • @eve Hello!
    I`ve tried your service with the 2,000 free credits and everything worked fine. I decided to go with one of the unlimited plans and as far as I can see it does not send any recaptchas to your service.

    I have eve as a first option in SER and Captcha Breaker as second. I`m using v9.70 for SER and the latest version for CB. If I hit test in SER, it says "Login successful. Your balance is: 0." Any idea what it could be?
  • eveeve
    edited March 2015
    hello, @delysid. You just forgot to change domain in the settings of GSA
    For your unlimited plan it will be differ. 

    In the new admin panel you can see "orange boxes" with your key and domain:
  • edited March 2015
    Sorry was being dumb, all sorted now.
  • @eve Thank you! Working now.
  • Can you fix me up a monthly plan please?
  • eveeve
    edited April 2015
    Hello, guys. New customers can see that I have no free slots on the servers. Really can't add  new server in order you can buy new packages. Please, wait until April 13. If I will not be able to solve my personal problems, then Eve OCR will work only for the current customers until they have money on the balance. 

    Let's hope for the best :)
  • How can i test the service?
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