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  • Thanks :D
  • KaineKaine
    edited May 2014

    Your server make long time for response like 2-3mn for see credit. It's not a problem for captcha solving ?

    I have to take a second solver captcha ... bad start.
  • Hi
    Eve your service is not working today. Server unavailable message is showing on SER.

  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Getting the error mesasage again!!!
  • New interruptions here again..
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014
    This is DDoS(
  • OMG noticed so many DDOS attacks on service providers on here recently. Shame on anyone trying to destroy the competition in such a manner :-q
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Any idea when this will be fixed?
  • I wanted to try your recaptcha OCR as other one that I use don't have a good success rates but seems like it's the same for you.
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014 works. We'll hope the situation is under control. 
  • It appears that it can't solve this new recaptcha from 116 request i get 1 solved on bloob i get 25.
  • guys any feedback on this service
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014
    The new reCAPTHA OCR update is coming out in 1-2 weeks. You will see perfect results!
  • KaineKaine
    No possibility to break that by calcul like Xrumer ? (break hash, rainbow table ...)
  • Can captcha breaker send "complaints" to EVE when captcha is incorect or this is only through SER?
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014
    nightquest, it can.
  • I have try to find option to report bad captcha from eve 2 days and i can't find it.I also use SEnuke XCr and problem is that when i send captchas through captcha breaker to eve than some captchas that are not correct mark as correct and credits are deducted so how to stop this?
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014
    nightquestthere is no special option in GSA, it just reports bad captcha by default. Please keep in mind, that reCaptcha allows different types of mistakes in solves (a solve can be good in spite of some mistakes). The only way to check the solve is to send it to reCaptcha. If reCaptcha returns an error, then GSA marked it as bad and send a report. 
  • site down ?
  • After we hooked the additional processor in May, 14 - there is no downtimes anymore. Sorry.
  • edited May 2014
    eve < how is going update progress? one and half week already passed and no info from you about this thing
  • eve < Can you answer?
  • eveeve
    edited May 2014
    revi, I'm not sure, because the process not fast and we face many pitfalls on our way..
    Anyway we're doing best to finish this month.
  • @eve what proxies do you recommend to get clean recaptcha?
  • @eve, 86% success rate? Is this for real?

    After running eve for about an hour, I'm surprise to see 86% success rate, for mainly blob recaptchas. And I'm charged for 3671 correct recognition. I just cannot believe an OCR software can achieve 86% success rate on blob recaptchas. I'm running SER v8.45 and setup eve in SER only...
  • Olve1954 < how many "unsolvable captchas" you get in that hour? I think that "unable to solve" is not included in EVE success rate.
  • @Olve1954 I agree 86% seems too high. I have massive fluctuations between 10% and 80%. I wonder if Eve can fix this as I don't think it's that good, as much as I want it to be :)

    Also FWIW @eve have you tried cloudflare for DNS? I used to get DDOS's often but not since I switched to them. it costs $5/month for their firewall.
  • I use eve as my backup OCR service. A week ago my success rate was 15%, that's acceptable. Today suddenly it shot up to 86%. And is eating up my credits like crazy. Not sure where the problem is, maybe SER is not reporting incorrect answers to eve, or maybe google changed something...

    Correct Recognition: 4208
    Captcha Unsolvable [No Fee]: 3035
    Errors [No Fee]: 0
    Complaints [No Fee]: 613 (This Value Is Incredibly Low!)
    Refunds: 613 (This Value Is Incredibly Low!)
    Success Rate: 87%

  • edited May 2014
    Olve1954 it look great as you write...maybe EVE improved her OCR...But you got only bloobs or recaptchas with new font like that? I Can provide reverseproxies OCR solving. I looks that:
    image cubical htmrhvvo
    imageernkSa seen

    Can you provide EVE's solving on those 2? Just for comparison...
  • I get mostly blob recaptchas. @revi, what's your success rate at the moment?..
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