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โ™” reCaptcha OCR - - Unlimited Plans for GSA customers



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    can i still use the credits that are there in my account?.

    Its been a long time now i don't remember how many credits are used for 1 recaptcha solve?.
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015

    Everyone can use 0.5 USD per 1000 correct solves  or choose  Unlimited plan :)

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    Which is the better option:

    Set Eve in GSA Ser as first option - 3 retries
    Set Eve a in GSA CB & Recapcha - toggle use of captcha service

    I think option 1 would be better and will reduce load on GSA CB, It also will have 3 retires.
    I just were not sure if GSA SER will ONLY send Recapcha to Eve if i add it in GSA SER
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015

    Hello :) 
    I think the first option is better.
    GSA SER and CB send to Eve OCR reCaptcha only by default
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Thanks Eve - Option 1 it is then
  • do u have a monthly plan smaller than $17 per month?.
  • We have no, sorry..
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I am now totally confused.

    I was under the impression the you and @sven said that if i add Eve to GSA SER ( Options \ Capcha ) that GSA ser will automatically send the Recapcha's to Eve. without the need to change any settings

    If that is the case why is it then still also sending the recaptcha to GSA CB ?

  • eveeve
    edited February 2015

    I can imagine, that if my service returns an ERROR for reCaptcha, SER resends it to CB.
    In order to find out the reason, I need to contact with you Online. 

    My skype is: eve.mechanisms 

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Added u to Skype - asiavirtualsolutions

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Just a summary of my Skype and Team Viewer chat with friendly @eve

    When u add Eve to GSA ser ( does not matter if it is 1st or 2nd service) if Eve fail to solve a capcha GSA ser is still sending the failed recapcha's to GSA CB --- this is not good and a waste of time. I would suggest @sven look at either correct it so it does not send failed Recapcha's from GSA SER to GSA CB ( and then try to solve it 3 times) when EVE is selected, as this is a real waste of time sending the failed from eve to gsa cb as GSA CB is in anyway not going to solve it.

    I have unselected Recapcha in gsa cb so it does not waste time trying to solve it 3 times

    Thanks @eve for the great support

  • Is it possible to slow down the rate of your OCR attempting to solve reCaptchas?

    The reason double blobs appear is because ips/proxies are being flagged as bots/ocr/submitters by google and then success rates drop to the floor.

    If you could have a "delay" setting of sorts to make it more natural and set solve times to be say 5-10 seconds long, then double blobs would not be an issue and success rates will be higher all around.

    I'm running with 50 private proxies and within 1 hour double blobs start  up. this is for 300 threads in SER.

    If I run human captcha solvers, there are no double blobs... ever at this thread setting precisely because ips/proxies have not been flagged.

    Lowering SEr Threads is a possible solution, but then you're just killing LPM for all the other links that do not have reCaptcha protection.

    A much better solution would be to have that functionality on your user interface for users to set according to their preference.

    Please consider this for a future update. When I tested your OCR in the past the performance was good until double blobs showed up, and that just kills it. This workaround with the settings would solve that problem.

    Thanks for listening.
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015
    Think, I can add this setting into the new admin panel, which supports unlimited plans.

    Not sure, it can help. If use human-based services, the accuracy is above 90% 
    and that's why you have no any blobs. Delays do not play a role. 
    reCaptcha bans for incorrect solves.

    If you make a delay for Eve OCR, you just will get a lower performance. 
    Try to extend your proxy pack, and you will have good results with OCR 
    without any delays. 

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    @eve can you follow up with @sven about my last post and our teamviewer session
  • edited February 2015

    I'm sorry, but I don't think that is incorrect. Double blobs appear also for too many requests from the same ip.

    Please test this, as I have done.

    Even if you are using human captcha solvers if you send them tons of requests from the same ip you will get double blobs.

    I have repeatedly tested this.

    One of your competitors CaptchaTronix has this feature built in already. And setting delays of 7 or more seconds per solve prevents double blobs from appearing when running 50 proxies and 300 threads.

    Taking the setting off will have double blobs triggered in no time

    same thing happens if using human captcha solvers and cranking up SER to 1000 threads with few proxies... double blobs appear in no time.

    Lowering threads to 100-300 with 50 proxies and human solvers: no double blobs.

    Kindly test this formula by using just 1 ip  cranking up your threads and sending all captchas to human captcha solvers... I think you will find that within a half hour - hour you will get the same double blobs as when doing too many incorrect responses with OCR.

    Now maybe those human capcha solvers are typing in the wrong response also, and this is either the cause or perhaps it is a combination of both, but all I know is that using the delay setting in CaptchaTronix prevents the double blobs from occurring or maybe alleviates the.frequency at which the wrong solve attempts are coming in, either way it seems to work, it's just too bad their OCR is simply not that good as solving reCaptchas even without the double blobs.

    I run with 50 private dedi proxies, which is prob more than what most people run with.

    Even if it is 100% the amount of inaccurate solves, surely there is a frequency metric which is also used so you are allowed X amount of inaccurate solves per Y amount of time on an ip basis before you start receiving the double blobs to the ip requesting the reCaptcha.... again, a user defined delay setting would logically alleviate the amount of requests and therefore the amount of incorrect solves, thus delaying or all out preventing double blobs from appearing.

    This way other captchas can be attempted by CB and still run SER at decent threads.

    Not all, in fact prob most do not run 100's of private proxies with SER, and would benefit from such a feature.

    If you make a delay for Eve OCR, you just will get a lower performance. 
    Try to extend your proxy pack, and you will have good results with OCR 
    without any delays. "

    On the contrary, I think you will have more accurate solves because you will delay the onset of double blobs appearing. The longer you can keep at solving regular reCaptchas the more accuracy and fewer requests for even more reCapchas (as the double blobs go unsolved) you will be left with. It may look like it runs slower... it will just appear as fast as human solves.

    Just putting it out there. I think this could potentially be of great benefit to you and your service. Double blobs kill reCaptcha OCR.

    Thank you.
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015
    royalmiceSven said, there was no cause for concern: ยซIf recaptcha box is unchecked in CB, then it is not solved. You will read in log of CB like "Skipped by Settings"ยป

    lesid, thank you for such full report. I'll add this possibility soon :)
  • Thank you @eve. I think this would be a great functionality. And those users who have enough proxies already to not be troubled with double-blobs can choose not to use it and keep full speed, while others who have double-blobs issues will benefit from having some control over them.

    All the best :)
  • Just wanted to give my personal experience of EVE.

    I'm getting 96% success rate ie. 25k captchas, only 1k were incorrect. That is more than good enough for the price. 

    Very happy with those results and it's why I've been a customer for 15+ months.
  • 1. I added eve in Ser and unchecked recaptcha from Captcha Breaker.
    Ser settings: eve 1 retry, CB 1 retry.
    -> ser sends to eve 2 times a recaptcha and then CB skip the recaptcha 2 times(skipped by settings), so recaptcha is loaded 4 times if it fails first 2 tries.

    I would like to suggest to skip recaptcha from Captcha Breaker if it's unchecked like you 'skip hard to solve captchas' in project options.

    2. The other option is to use eve in Captcha Breaker only and 'toggle use of captcha' for recaptcha, but this way eve can't count incorrect solves.

    @sven Can you solve at least one case?
  • @eve are you aware of the problems I listed above?
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited February 2015

    I mentioned something similar over here:

    I got a indirect answer over here:

    This is the work flow on the moment with GSA SER sending failed results from EVE to GSA CB
    GSA Ser ---> Eve ---> GSA SER ---> to GSA CB ---> GSA SER ---> to GSA CB ---> GSA SER ---> to GSA CB ---> GSA SER ---> to GSA CB ---> GSA SER

    This is how it should be - no wasted resources and computing time ( pointless sending failed eve capchas to GSA CB)
    GSA Ser ---> Eve ---> GSA SER

    I agree with You that it would be best with current way thing work to just add Eve to GSA CB and toggle recapcha, that would look like so, but at least it wont try and forward the failed Recapcha somewhere else:
    GSA SER ---> to GSA CB ---> GSA SER

  • Ok, I'll get an unlimited eve plan and don't worry about this anymore.
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015
    @royalmice thanks for the help :) 
    @ovidius sorry for wait, I just thought that you asked @sven
  • @eve - I do not see the unlimited plan on your site anywhere. I need to order this for six servers. Thanks.
  • eveeve
    edited February 2015
    @coneh34d To buy unlimited plan you need to go on this page
    Then click Login or Sign up. After that, in the dashboard, you can see the large button: UNLIMITED MODE

  • edited February 2015
    100% success rate in the last week, see screenshot  ->

    I honestly can't explain how much awesome EVE Unlimited is. Yes, there are some unsolvable, but they are well...unsolvable, heck I can't read most double blobs most of the time.

    (no, EVE haven't asked me to write this, I just checked the stats and was blown away)
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    @JudderMan Do you use eve in CB or in SER?
  • @Ovidius I do both, not sure if that's right or not but it works for me. I have Spamvilla as well, but might stop it to see if it actually works or not, what I like about EVE is that I can see stats of success/failed captchas, with Spamvilla it seems like it's just a gamble. I know CB shows stats but I would prefer to see if they match up if Spamvilla had stats. 
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