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โ™” reCaptcha OCR - - Unlimited Plans for GSA customers



  • Working great and saving me money. I use it through cap sniper and its giving me great results. Thanks for the continued updates.
  • ?? can somebody confirm my last post or help me understand or make it better?? Thanks.
  • edited October 2014
    @Rocket976 agreed... I have been using Eve for some time now, along with Antigate and some other options, can't; really beat the price.  What other captcha service gives you such unadulterated pleasure when you log into a website and see beautiful Eve?! Just hope she works on solving the new picture-number captcha things :(
  • Hey, can I try out this service?
  • eveeve
    edited October 2014
    CheapcaptchaCS after sign up you will have 100 free credits by default
    Sammy262, I can't help you, sorry, but it seems that your configurtion can not be better 

    Thank you for your feedbacks, guys :)
  • Working great as always, saving some money that went on DBC.
  • Yep everything working fine and that update you have done are really great i get around 60-65 % which is really great.When you put 2-3 attempt you get even more so very satisfied for now untill Google slap as again...
  • I used this service since a couple of months and it works pretty well.
  • life and money saver!
  • Works well & easy to use >>> Solid Recaptcha OCR!
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    This is one of the best captcha services in terms of price and value!
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Is this still pay as u go service?

    Or do you have a set monthly fee now set up?

  • We have only pas-as-you-go, sir 
    0.0005 USD per reCaptcha
  • Your service is down  :((
  • hello, i'm sorry.. server has been rebooted
    Want to prevent this problem in future 
  • guys one of the best service i ever used..i had used captcha tronix and spamvilla but they both sucks..

    i average got 40-50% Success Ratio.

  • WE need unlimited captcha solving, Current package sucks
  • any monthly set price? i just tested out your service the other night, and compared them to 
    2 of the other big ocr competitors, yours EVE, had a big difference in solve rate, sat there for 
    hours and watched the captchas come flying through! trying out different settings and running
    multiple test and EVE was solving ocr captchas at probably double the rate. 

    Even though, i think the service is something i want, and will keep my eye open for a monthly
    unlimited solve rate, you are definitely losing out on my dough, because, i will stay with the lesser
    one because i get unlimited and at a set price, and all in all, for the price, the lesser one will end
    up providing the same amount, or more, compared to your current price. 

    Meaning, if i bought $20 worth, i would run out in 2 weeks tops, verses, unlimited what im paying
    now running the whole month.  Would like to jump ship, but i will wait and see if you ever have a 
    unlimited monthly plan....   
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015

    Hello! :) Unlimited plans would be at the end of january. 
    We have already begun to make the necessary preparations on servers.
    That's why connection with can suddenly disappears for 10-60 minutes next few days

    Everyone can vote for unlimited plans and check future prices on this page 
  • If you go unlimited, most of your customers will be USA based. The exchange rate
    from Moscow Russian Ruble is about half the USA dollar Currency, and Dropping!

    Tell EVE, to stop being so greedy, like a typical white girl in the USA. lol...

    Show us some Russian EVE Love my friend. :)
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015

    I have only 3 active customers from russia even now, hm :) :)

    Of course now I can get 60 russian rubles for every 1 usd, and russian ruble still dropping, yes
    But that's not mean i get much money, because all import prices have been doubled!

    Anyway. i'm planning to use my own dollar exchange rate for russians, which want to buy my
    future unlimited plans. Btw, the exchange rate of current pay-as-you-go plan is very profitable for 
    all of a customers from my country 

    Are you from Russia too?)
  • In the USA. 

    every time i fill up my account, within a few days, i get credited more than 40 percent.

    You should set up a USA address and open up a paypal account, with a USA bank account opened.
    So the funds are deposited in USA funds, because most of your clientele will be USA based.

    Then transfer the USA cash paypal account into Ruble. You will increase your profit margin by
    40 percent, by doing nothing. Which, could result in more servers etc. More cash in your pocket.

    I do have alot of Russian friends here in the USA, from Russia. Love Russian Women!
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015
    Thank you for this advise, sir) but my default paypal currency is USD, as you say.
    There is no need to have USA address or bank for it. 

    So all of my profit's currency is USD, and i can convert it to rubles and send to my russian bank 
    anytime i want (when exchange rate becomes more epic, lol :) )
  • someting that i found,incorrect captcha count on correct captcha
  • Is unlimited plan coming up end of jan?
  • End of Jan already, why still no unlimited plan??
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015
    Hello, my first server with a new plans have been sold out two days ago, and today i'll start to sell my second server.
    Everyone need to understand, that i have lot of customers and before i begin my global promotion,
    i need to serve all of my long-standing users.
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015

    Try out  my new ReCaptcha Solver with Monthly Prices

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