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  • what are the best settings for eve.?? in SER or CB?

    in each project have to uncheck "skip hard to solce captcha"? and "ask all services to fill captcha"?

  • SvenSven
    Add EVE in SER. Uncheck the "skip hard to solve captchas" else it would not send recaptchas and of course enable captcha solving.
  • I am happy with this service so far. The stats and monitoring are very useful. Will it one day be able to solve the double blob/bulletproof/hard recapchas? Or will we always need a dbc type of service as well?
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Samx, thanks for kind words. We are currently working on "bulletproof" images :) 

  • would like to try your service soon.. but i think i wait for a while.. until hard recaptcha being solved very well
    :D.. do you plan to implement other captcha solving as well? mean something like CB cannot solve it properly

  • hi i cant seem to get SER to send captchas to EVE for breaking
  • SvenSven
    what error do you get?
  • Any progress regarding the blobby captchas? 
  • @eve Any word back yet on a monthly subscription service?
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    justAIMe, we have only 'Pay-As-You-Go'
    mmtj, we are currently working on blobby captchas. I will inform everyone by email :)

  • I tested Eve, it works fine but it is too expensive for my needs. I'll use it again if you can offer a subscription based service with thread limits.

    However a good service!
  • donchinodonchino
    I get "Eve error: unknown error" .. what could it be?
  • donchinodonchino
    Now it shows: Eve error: account has zero or negative balance... though i just bought 5000 caps.. and it is showing my balance when i test .. what? :D
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    donchino, how it is now? I have changed nothing on the server.. Maybe just a coincidence
  • @eve I get this error on some of my projects:
    2014-02-02 10:34: Eve Error: account has zero or negative balance
    I do NOT have 0 balance!
  • eveeve
    edited February 2014
    cefege, does this error influenced on a proccess? Does this error stop the proccess ?
    If not,  there is no point in worrying. It is an error of CB I think..   
  • Been using Eve with CB with Magic Submitter and I have to say its pretty good with recaptcha. I love the stats and how you can monitor captchas coming through live. I mean for the money you can't beat it. Hopefully Eve can get blob recaptchas soon.

    Hey Eve, does your service plan on incorporating other captchas too?
  • eveeve
    edited February 2014
    bdang727, thanks for kind words :) 
    But I'm not sure about other captchas.. Time will tell

    One coder working on 'VBulletin' captcha, now. 'Vbulletin' is as difficult as recaptcha) 
  • Hey Eve,

    I use your service with Gsa Search Engine Ranker and it is pretty good...Compare to what we had to deal with Others,Your support is awesome. Here is a quick question though..What is your expiration policy for Captcha Credits or do you have one?

  • alexmale, thanks. We have no expiration policy for credits :) They can be in your acc as long as you want
  • @sven Got a lot of errors from SER "Eve Error: account has zero or negative balance". But the balance is ok when checking in Eve. Is it a bug in the SER?
    Seems like there are more people who have this error message..

  • SvenSven
    thats a reply from there api...I don't think it's a bug in SER really.
  • ok. Then we ask @eve again if they can look at the case.
  • eve I also am getting Error: account has zero or negative balance.... 
  • eveeve
    edited February 2014
    Sorry for this bug, other customers had told about me, too. I will try to locate the problem in a few days.
    This bug does not influence on the process.
  • Error had been fixed.  
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    @eve + Sven Is it okay if set captcha solving in SER: 1. CB 2.EVE 3.SPAMVILA 4.DBC 5.DECAP? or anyone has experience with this?
  • @haryono I have been experimenting with this and trying to find the best setup. I think for what you are suggesting you will be better off putting Eve first since it will only solve recaptcha and CB wont do a good job there. So I think this is faster/better: EVE

    I am finding Eve first is fastest.
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    @Samx thanks for your suggestion
  • Hello, I have a question that is about CB and even. I am using a differnt software to create web 2.0's. So My captchas first go to CB, then to eve, is there a way I can have eve send the ones that it cant solve to DBC?
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