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AutoContentWriter or Wicked Article Creator or anything else?

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Just realizing that with content still king, looking for something more efficient in scraping for content, images and/or videos and working well with GSA.. 

Ozz - how is AutoContentWriter? Curious to see your detailed thoughts on this... 

Anyone else tried other software/services and can comment on them for content creation? Reccomendations, advice, suggestions?



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    I was using Kontent Machine and switched to Wicked Article Creator. So far WAC is a lot faster, better results for articles, and has more features.

    Plus WAC is a one time fee.
  • I did a trial on Kontent Machine as well, and was quite disappointed, but now after i read that will give WAC a shot, thx
  • I'm the developer of AutoContentWriter and also a GSA user, so you can let me know any feature requests you may have (
  • OzzOzz
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    Hi @collywobbles, I just send you a ticket a couple of minutes ago :)

    If you need any help for the template let me know.

    @seo_projects: I really can't give you detailed thoughts about this, because everything you need to know about this tool you get in the threads of the "sick"-forum ( ;) ) and at "seosunite".  Just google for that.
    It does its job OK for me and as I can't compare it to other tools and services I think its a good tool for the price I've paid ($47 - don't know if that offer still exist).
  • Yes, got it Ozz (and replied). The offer still exists (SICK47). We did a soft launch in the Sick/SEOSunite forums to iron out any bugs. About to launch on Warrior Forum.
  • @collywobbles - just purchased, looks like a really useful app :)
  • @Collywobbles - I am a user of your tool and love it.  One thing I would like would be to make a summary / sbmrk snippet.  At the moment I just use 1 paragraph, min words but min word is 100 - 150 and that is far to big for a snippet.  I use it anyway but not sure if it has any effect.

    The ultimate dream I guess is to have a piece for all data boxes (article title, body, summary, sbmrk enteries etc.) but I don't know how easy that is.

    As it is it certainly makes my life a hell of a lot easier!
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    @collywobbles - looks really decent!

    I'm primarily interested in creating articles for submission purposes. I know it's a scraper; could you shed some light on how usable the content is "as-is"? In other words, should I be rewriting the content before submitting it to avoid duplicates on the net and to avoid "plagiarism"?

    Basically, how does it create the end result or each article?
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    @Brumnick we are working on producing GSA template with categories and short summary.

    @Ruggero I don't think the content would pass human review. For other purposes it's fine. This is a comment from another forum on the uniqueness feedback

    "I had a chance to work with collywobbles in sort of a beta mode. He just released a new version today, and I had a chance to give it a whirl. All I have to say is that I am genuinely impressed with this product.

    First, some TBS and copyscape uniqueness stats:

    TBS: Consistently 94 - 96% unique
    - Copyscape: Consistently aove 96% unique
    (These were both using only sentence spin - I didn't see the point on adding word spin).

    The articles actually read well because it's parsing real sentences. I still wouldn't use it for moneysite or to submission to EZA, but for Tier 1, 2, 3, this is as high a quality spin as I have seen with an automated tool.

    This is the tool that replaces Kontent Machine for me. No more $39 monthly fee. I have a real problem with a monthly fee for a service that is a scraper/article spinner. I like KM, but I am sorry, it is not worth $500 per year."

    You can always shoot me an email at if you want a sample sending. Also remember it really does come with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. If it's not for you then no problem!
  • This is good. I'm going to check out Auto Content Writer.

    I'm been using Kontent Machine on trial. It's good and I've been on Skype a lot with the creator coz of my problems with the program and he's been very helpful. That's why I want to support his program but then again the monthly fee is a real killer. Unless it's much better than Auto Content writer and Wicked Article Creator, I would prefer not to pay the monthly fee.

    Could anyone tell me the differences between the three programs, or at least between Kontent Machine and Auto Content Writer (since Mr. Wobbles is here and we're discussing it a lot?).

    Stanger, if KM didn't have the monthly fee, would you still think Wicked Article Creator is better than KM?


  • (sorry I was trying to keep to answering questions and not make it a sales thread)

    I created ACW for myself as i wanted to automate a process I was doing manually (albeit on only 2-3 articles) for content which was painfully slow. I genuinely didn't know about KM or WAC until I started to think about selling. KM advertised on the Sick forum as I was beta testing ACW. I haven't used either sorry :)
  • Mr. Wobbles- thanks for the chime in. Seems like you are actively involved in supporting your userbase and quickly implementing suggestions/feature requests. Besides this, which sites are you actively involved in getting feedback from your customers?

    1. Do you have the ability to insert your own custom anchor-text (with corresponding link url) before creating the articles? Or would you have to go back and just edit them after its been created?

    2. GSA template- i think you mentioned you are working on this- when do you think you might get this done? Will this be integrated with GSA or something to that effect?

    3. Sick47 is still in effect?

  • Yes, I certainly have implemented a lot of suggestions already made. Currently being promoted in the Sick forum, SEOSUnite and now the Warrior Forum.

    1) Yes you can define your own embedded links to be included in the articles (I think this is shown at the end of the video in an older version of the software)
    2) Hopefully within the next few weeks. From what I understand GSA and Sick just let you load an article already in template format (?) which has summary, categories already completed etc
    3) Yes, a few left at that rate, after that it's WARRIOR57 :)
  • @jonathanjon - I would still use WAC over KM with the fee. It's been much easier and faster to use.

    @collywobbles - I hope you get it working with GSA as I would get it and try it out as well.
  • Thanks Stanger, but I am not sure it what way it doesn't work? I just copy and paste the spun article into the project settings in GSA for now. But yes, load from template would be neater.
  • colly, i guess we would like to save that few 30 seconds that we can save through the use of a template :)
  • with WAC, it literally takes less than a minute to setup and export a template for GSA to use. That along with having a template for GSA you can have a campaign running in less than 5 minutes.
  • @collywobbles what I meant was having the ability to export it to GSA.
  • Gotcha :) It's coming...
  • Colly,

    I just got your program. I understand you don't have the template yet for GSA. But is your program able to give us summaries, descriptions, etc. just like Kontent Machine does in one go? Like does it generate categories, description (250,450), Titles, summaries/descriptions, etc., automatically once we put in the keyword?

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    stanger, I checked WAC's webpage and they don't seem to have sentence spinning but only paragraph or word. I guess this is to make the content more readable? Am I right? But I guess it also makes the uniqueness less. I would think they should at least have the option to do sentence spinning for those who wants it.

    Also, does it have export to GSA automatically like in KM?

    You mentioned a one time fee - but I think it's one time fee a year ya?
  • @jonathonjon, no currently we just output a title and article body. We are in the process of grabbing the categories then the summaries are just a matter of a smaller set of sentences. For now I just copy/paste into GSA.
  • @jonathanjon :

    Hi mate, I am the developer of wicked article creator. If you check the change log we have introduced line spinning from version 2.5. It was a user suggestion to add it otherwise your reason was actually correct about readability but some users concentrate on uniqueness so we implemented that.

    I have to create new videos too :)

  • bought a ACW today :)
  • Oil- How is it? Appreciate any detailed thoughts/reviews on it.
  • @seo_projects no idea yet, payment went thru, via paypal, however afterwards no instant download for me

    no response on the email, no response on the IM here to collywobbless, i guess i ll wait 48 more hours then request a refund via paypal, its never good when people disappear after payment LOL

    however i told collywobbles a few thing he should add to the script via IM here, and when they will do it it will be most powerfull script ever imho, and i think its likely they add it cause there still quite a few other crucial things like the GSA exporter to add.

    I ve tried other Content Scraper before, and they all has some stupid limitations, or better put i had the limitations of working with those cause of the fact that i m living in a country where the government believe its good to block half of the internet LOL, I even have a hard time with TBS cause they are blocking some IPs TBS needs to acces.  On ACW thou, it seemed like i can really scrap the net via private proxies, and that is basically something whih is crucial for me, havent seen that on other programs,

    collyweobbles did a tricky content scrape test for me to see if ACW performs well on it, and it did, therefor i bought it, but for now lets see


  • oil, i replied immediately by PM on here. Please check your spam folder for emails from, you should receive 2 emails and one will have your license key and download details.
  • collywobbles thx a lot, got your manual email just right now, however checked the spam folders, nothing there, so might be something wrong with your auto mailer after sale
  • Hi colly,

    I've had time to  check out your software a bit more. Some questions/thoughts:

    1) I think it's definitely good to have a template not just for GSA but also the ability (like Kontent Machine) to churn out straight away summaries/descriptions, etc. for social bookmarking - rather than doing so manually (doing another project with 250 words then 450 words for SB descriptions, etc.)

    2) Can you move the youtube/video embed to other places - right now if you put image and video, the video is placed awkwardly below the first paragraph - awkward because the image comes before the first paragraph and seems to kick the youtube to the centre

    3) I'm not sure how ACW works but if I ask for say 5 articles, it gives 6. The first one is the spintax, while there are 5 more articles. My question is if the 5 articles that are given as output are actually the articles taken from the various places and just put through the best spinner (thus it's quite similar to the article it was originally taken from because it's only gone through word/phrase spinning with the spinner), or are the 5 articles just 5 "UNSPUN" versions of the main spintaxed article?

    4) I realized that when using Best Spinner as the spinner, it doesn't give a very unique Word/Phrase spinning. Lots of words are left untouched. I'm wondering what settings you use in Best Spinner - is it the BEST thesaurus? How many synonyms?

    This is an interesting program. Quite powerful for the price. With ACW, WAC and KM all competing for pretty much the same customers, it's good for the customer.
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