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  • LewisKLewisK sri lanka
    Is this service still up? Any active user comments for this day?
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    Indeed it is.
  • Seems to be down again, i cannot login to the members area and it is giving me errors again in SER like before.
  • I thought I'm the only one who thought that it doesn't work
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    Everything should be up guys but I'll look at it right now and update you shortly thank you for your patience. I'm still in the hospital so I'm not able to stay quiet on the ball as I normally do but I should be home in the next week or two and service won't be so spotty anymore.
  • Can anyone tell me what is captcha thread and software thread?
  • Only thing that is working is subscription -> Your subscription has been renewed.

    But the service is too unreliable with these constant server errors and we cannot even login to our our account to cancel the subscription...

    Fatal error: 

    Script Error

    Error establishing a database connection. Please contact site webmaster if this error does not disappear long time
  • = 550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. 
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    Sorry for the hassle. I will have you sort of briefly. I'm still experiencing severe health problems and then I'm unable to come online everyday right now. Someone seems to be taking that opportunity to attack one capture server rather aggressively. Evaporating our firewall on we keep getting hit harder I know I won't be around and bring things back up when they're done. I'm going to try something new and hopefully it fixes things up this time.
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