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    Hey guys,

    Jordan here. This is just a friendly heads-up that we have been under sustained DDOSS attack for the last 7 hours or so. Mitigation is (And has been) in place, and everything is ok on this end - but if you encounter difficulty accessing or slow responses from the API, this would be why.

    Sorry for the inconvenience - hopefully whoever has decided to pick a fight with us tires out sooner or later. Were spooling up additional nodes in the mean-time, so either way things should be back to normal briefly.

    If you need to get in contact with support, and the site is down, please respond to this message at either or via skype at Epic1links

    Thanks for your time,


    They are; however the API does not work the GSA Ser at this time (Which is dependent on the site-key method).

  • Any discount for GSA users ?
  • is it working, i am seeing solve times upto 34 seconds for 1 captcha

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    edited June 2017
    @ksatul can you let me know your username in our system, and whether this is text captchas, regular captchas, recaptcha, or recaptcha2?

    Its also possible your exceeding your thread limit, so take a look at that in the user area. If your not, Ill look into the node associated with your account/ captcha types and fix you up.

    Thanks for your Patience,

  • mostly not recognized  and some that are recognized are getting wrong solutions
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    edited June 2017
    @ksatul As I asked in my last response, I cant help you out with at least your username in our backend. It would help further to know which captcha-type is giving you issues. Feel free to pm me here, or open a support ticket through normal support channels.
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    Kcaptcha seems to be working. Recaptcha is the one with issues.  I will PM my username.

    I am taking a trial for 2 days and it seems i am getting 149 captcha thread service as it says in dashboard. So the $15 service will be inferior to what i am doing the trial for ?.
  • any solution ?

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    edited June 2017
    Hey Ksatul,

    First: I've fixed the threads display in your account area. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. We've been working on plugging the API into our backend, and it looks like it was not playing nice with a few things. I've went ahead and upped your thread count to the mis-quoted number to thank you for pointing this out to us.


    Recaptcha looks fine on this end. You need to remember that it is usually only necessary to get one of the two words in the classic Recaptcha question correct to bypass the captcha. 

    For technical reasons to long-winded to get into here, there is a very good reason we often only get 1 word exactly correct and not the other. Essentially, were decoding Recaptcha (Almost) as well as Google itself is. (They only know one of those two words as well - usually, but not always, the one on the left).

    We encounter a lot of skepticism whenever we say this, so I encourage you to go try this out yourself and see what we mean.

    Of course we try to get both words right, since we never know for certain which word is the "Bait". But our success rate for this is only around 20-30% at the best of times.

    However, at the end of the day, given that you can send us 2.16 million captchas a month for $15 - or pay upwards of $2100 for the same number of solves with most human services (At around $1 per 1000 captchas) - it makes more sense to just ramp retrys up, and keep on hammering us until we get whatever captcha your trying to solve correct.


    Slow response times ARE a major concern for us, and something were constantly battling as we grow. I've went ahead and brought *more* nodes online, and moved you over to one of the fresh ones - so you shouldnt see any more issues with that.

    IF theres anything else I can help you with, dont hesitate to ask - But if you can, please try to use the support/ticket system in the future; it makes it easier for the rest of the team to keep an eye whats going on as well. You dont *have* to of course, it just makes all of our jobs a little easier.



  • I agree it is still worth $15/month. Ok thanks . Will use support in future after this last message here. I thought it was 1-2 characters than could be wrong in recaptcha and still get ACROSS. I am still getting 33 seconds solve time in certain recaptcha with 1 single try.

    Adding 1captcha to SER with 3 try usually throws this error " Error: undefined error message (probably down)"

    I can see 49 threads now, so if you have increased the thread count than it is again displayed wrong 
    " I've went ahead and upped your thread count to the mis-quoted number to thank you for pointing this out to us."

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Jordan, been waiting for you since 16 June to respond to you about the problem i pointed out to you on Skype about affiliate payments which was never done.  

    Last response i got from you was on 22nd, and then nothing since then.

    On 22-Jun-17, at 2:01 AM, Jordan - 1Linklist Wizard wrote:
    > Hey Asia, looking into this momentarily and I will get you fixed up. Sorry for the slow response; Ive been dealing with a backlog since last week.

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    Your payment should be showing up now.

    It looks like a higher-than average number of clients you referred to us opened unauthorized / stolen credit card cases - so your pending commission of $31.57 (After removing the unauthorized/refunded referrals) was automatically frozen until I had a chance to white-list your payout. 

    Also, the transaction ID for your previous payment (Which you said we did not send) is #Transaction ID: 166926838J298411X

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited June 2017
    Nice of you to finally respond, thank you very much

    As an affiliate i have no control over who orders from you, i only send the traffic and make recommendations.
    And the fact that you have a payout rule of Net30 is to remove any refunds or fraudulent transactions.
    I did receive the manual payment you processed today, thank you.

    I have contacted you several times with regards to irregularities in your affiliate program with regards to payouts stats, recurring commissions, etc, if you want i can list screenshots of our Skype chats here, but i see no need to do so.

    You seem  like a nice guy so i don't think the calculations and irregularities are intentional, i think it is more likely that Amember software you are using , i have seen similar issues on other sites with this software and i used it myself long ago but dumped it dues to all the problems. 

    The only problem i do have is with the lack of timely follow up on your part when issues are reported to you. 
    It is a simple fact that with effective communication one can avoid conflict and problems from arising

  • shaunshaun
    @1linklist Anychance you can manually release the affiliate commissions you owe me? I am sick of having to chase this up with you.
  • @1linklist, I've opened a ticket in my account, please check it asap. I've lost the subscription somehow. Please review it.

    ticket code is TBQ-179220

  • @1linklist, please remember to check my ticket asap, thanks for the great service. 
  • @1linklist man, you never managed to reply. you owe me 1 month of service. 

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    @shaun, @seomarketking and @squidol

    I've answered all of your tickets (And with the exception of Squidol almost a week ago.)

    I suppose you guys know that though - but it looks bad if I never respond here as well :p   


  • chicken2ndchicken2nd Việt Nam
    Failed, failed and... failed. I'm using GSA Ser + CB + GSA Proxy + Indexer and

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    edited July 2017
    Hey Chicken,

    So a few things...

    1. Classic Recaptcha only requires only one of the two words to be correct

    2. Several of the images you've highlighted ARE correctly solved

    3. A sample size of ten is not much to go on. Crank up retrys. Even our base package lets you send something like 250,000 captchas a day.

    4. Your text captcha complaints are completely without merit. Look at the "Captchas" we are not solving. They arent captchas - just gibberish.

    If you could peak behind the solve-records of most competing services, like we openly display here at 1Captchas, you'd see results much-much more abysmal. 

    I suggest you turn up retrys, run a few lists, and let the larger-scale metrics speak for themselves.  The live-display of the last 50 solves it not a big enough metric to base a campaign on; its just there for transparency and fine-tuneing your captcha setup.

    You want something like 10-20,000 captchas to get an accurate idea of our solve rate. The best way to do that is, as I mentioned earlier, by running an actual campaign. 

    IF you want a more detailed look at our solve-rates, send us captchas from CB and not GSA directly. CB will let you log more or less as many solves as you like, and tell you how often we respond. (Though it will not log a captcha as failed unless we cannot recognize it at all. So incorrect solves will still count as successful.)

    If I can help you with anything else, please feel free to open a support ticket in our back-end. Were more than happy to help you tweak your setup to get the most out of our service.


  • chicken2ndchicken2nd Việt Nam
    Hi Jordan,
    1. Ok, nothing to say about that
    2. No, most off all failed. 
    3. You can see me: chicken2nd account in 1captcha backend.
    4. Ok. 
    I am using 19$ package. See captchas from CB as image below

  • Almost all OCR captcha services are shit nowadays. And even on simple captchas like punBB, SMF and vBulletin they solve them completely wrong.

    Your service is great for solving. It solves a lot of "normal captchas" on a very nice rate, much much better than any other captcha service and even GSA CaptchaBreaker (which is shit too, sorry sven)

    But, your service works when it wants. For days your server is totally slow and not even 50 projects of 100 backlinks (which is usually done in a few hours) are complete today (more than 10 hours running). I'm getting A LOT of captcha error on GSA SER.

    Please upgrade your servers, it's the only thing that is completely ruining your excellent captcha OCR service.
  • 1. text captcha api not working now, getting error. I have not changed anything in gsa SER. 
    2.  that 33 second problem is still there and so many recaptcha are getting  no solution after 33 seconds.

    At this rate of 33 seconds response not more than 3k to 4k captchas can be answered in a day. FORGET THE MILLION CAPTHA SOLUTION/ MONTH
  • I'm trying to sign up, but stupid Paypal declines all my credit cards. Can I get a 5 minute trial, please?
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    You should be able to pay via stripe as well, they usually accept people where paypal does not. However if you will PM me your username I'll enable a trial for you manually.

    @ksatul and @lauuuer,

    Thank you for your feedback; response times are definitely something were always working on. They should be back to "Normal" now, (Around 3-8 seconds maximum for Recaptcha and under 4 seconds for everything else).

    We see spikes like this occasionally when we have an influx of new members - it takes a few days to scale everything up to meet the new demand, even with cloud servers and co-location.

    Usually this slow-down only affects certain users, but right now everyone should be seeing roughly the same speeds. Please let me know if you continue to encounter slow response times, and I'll personally take a look at the nodes your OCR is running on.

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Hi!

    I just created a ticket (reference number is #UAT-692693)
    Please check it out for me
    BTW as soon as I updated my captcha plan it got way better
    Thanks for the great service so far!
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    edited August 2017
    Terribly Sorry about the slow reply. I did not see this ticket, someone marked it as already resolved. (We have been training new support staff and have been having.. issues..with them.)
    I've reopened that ticket already, and just need you to reply with a little information to get your issue resolved.
    I've also credited your account with an extra 400 threads to make up for the oversight.
    Again, terribly sorry for the wait. The new staff answers most support inquiry's very quickly, but we're still seeing some mistakes like this. It's taking some time to get everyone trained up just so.
  • hello you re support its open when ? please tutorial for config gsa and 1captcha please j wait for 2 month !!!
  • edited October 2017
    @1linklist please get at my ticket asap, is critical for me, thanks. (ticket is LTU-914841) is just a billing issue on my side. Thanks
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